Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Moonlight Serenade The Hazzard County Toewing Association

Oh I can remember it like yesterday. Back in mid 1998 a few of the crew that built the disabled vehicle recovery team of the Montgomery Foundation group of companies, a few of the managers of those companies got together for some pie and coffee and a long discussion. At the time the main topic on the table was do we form a huge company with one name? Or a bunch of smaller companies still owned by the Foundation, but ran and managed by individual managers in their respective operational areas. Since we already were on board with everything else we formed the Hazzard County Toewing Association, not as a company, but a trade organization. So in the fall of 2000 the organization was officially gave a state charter by the Idaho State Legislature. The rest is pretty much history. Instead of one huge company under one name even operating in the same bullpen, we opted to have many operating in the same bullpen. Numerous names, more places on area law enforcement call lists or rotation lists. So that opened the door, but did not exclude other things. The new organization needed to have other things going on to be a trade group rather than be seen as a company. So we started doing tow shows, training workshops , WreckMaster classes, and Road Resque Certification classes. And so on. In 2002 I got a recall order back into the USMC to head up a joint services training duty at Hill Air Force Base. The USMC 214 and the USAF 415th squadrons, so the Hazzard County Toewing Association was chaired by a friend of mine Bill Smith and co chaired by Terry Junkert of Jerome Idaho. 
The Hazzard County Toewing Association is today a subsidiary of the Iron Knytes Toewing Association and operates under the protective umbrella of the Knytes-of-Dixie. 
I was asked the other day about all the leggy women on our pages, ads and so on. First of all the leggy thing was created by Cathy Bach aka Daisy Duke , but for us it goes much deeper. Our membership of the entire Knytes-of-Dixie is made up of one time or another military aviators which is why you see the Golden wings on much if not all of our feature art. So in 2003 just before I headed out for the HAFB Joint Training detail, I discovered through a series of events, a place in Jerome Idaho that restored vintage military warbirds. When I approached the person who owned the facility, on how much one of those birds cost, it was revealed they were in the millions of dollars. I said to myself I'm in the wrong main business. So after the HAFB Training detail, I sat on the flight line at the West Bountiful SkyPark, and thought why can't we build old vintage warbirds and include helicopters. So with the last $400k of the Montgomery Foundation we created AyreWolf Aviation, Restoration and Repair. Added crop and insect spraying and shazzam it went. In 2012 My cousin Gordon Sant and I met, and he told me he was getting hitched and moving to Alaska. With that he bought the majority of AyreWolf Aviation. However with all things Hazzard County, I recreated from the name of our radio show, HazzardAyre Aviation Restoration. But I digress here. In most wars many old vintage air craft going into combat, had what was nose art. This was art that adorned a good part of the body of the aircraft, 
 So as an organization we adopted that concept and started using scantly clad women on our trucks , bikes 
 and so on. So we started the task of searching out the hottest honeys, so that airbrush artists could recreate those images on our rigs. And that's how and why of that.
As they always said on the Dukes, Welcome To Our Hazzard County.
Stay tuned

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let's all get naked and somewhere a child or husband is hungry of a liquid meal

I have an idea. Why don't we all just take off our clothes and run around absolutely naked? We'd save millions of gallons of water on wash, thousands of dollars on laundry soap, and coins at the coin operated wash mat. The reason I say that, is on Sunday nights Screen Actors Guild Awards, Emma Stone wore a near see through gown that had everything showing
 and considering the serious quanity of mama milk in those tanks there's some husband or child very hungry. Not only Emma, but I saw several women on there catching awards, that had their breasts , on very public display. Of course considering that most women and some guy's wear jeans with more holes and and torn fabric than a block of Swiss cheese. So why not just get rid of clothing? Sure in sub Artic weather like here in Wyoming, especially in my home, since one has to crank the damn thermostat up to 90 degrees to get 75 in the 1 bedroom apartment. Sure my rent is cheap, here At the good old Wentworth apartments, thing is , its the utilities like natural gas to heat and power that will kill you. If it weren't for that, lets just run around naked. This is not to say that just Television is at blame either. Nope. Consider your child somehow signs up for a page or group on Facebook on vintage and custom hot rods. When all of a sudden he or she finds this on his or her newsfeed?
 and yet even if say something that is for a page or groups photos are for members only, this get's removed 
 because some body, most likely a feminazi says she's offended by it. In short this is not permitted on Facebook 
 but this is 
 and for TV 
 and people made such a broohaha, over Janet Jackson a few years ago, during the halftime of that years Super Bowl. Really friends. , Okay then France won the Miss Universe Contest Sunday Evening, and getting back on the SAG awards , did you notice that most of the winners were African American? Most that competed against one of us Anglo's that were black the Blacks won. Then I watched and cringed at Smantha Bee's show on TBS, when it got down to several people on there but especially the Justice Sec that happens to be from Alabama being raked over the coals. Did Turner's networks already get bought or is that still in the works, because it would seem that TBS and TNT, is not being loyal, to its southern roots in Atlanta GEORGIA, that is a Southern State. Then saw on our Texas Angel's post of Princess Diana, and I suggested wouldn't it be nice if, one of the three wives of Robert E Lee, be pictured in such a tribute pic as the one of Princess Diana. I don't want to say much about Princess Diana, the few times I got to meet and talk with the Princess were okay. My only gripe is that the night of her death, the event pre-emted my radio show on KSL-AM 1160 that night. But here's my other bounce around on the decency issue. Yes even in Idaho. Back in late 2012 just as we were about to open the Twin Falls' shop of HCC, I went to Cable-One's Ad department there to buy time on the final season of SOA. Thought was a hot redhead on a customized scoot, with her in very tight leathers pitching the praises of HCC. HCC BTW is short for 
 but I got the no way are we going to run that on Cable-One they said. Supposedly its okay to run super trash on the air than and scrub a local advertiser. Mainly us at HCC. 
 it might be interesting to you to note that it was that same year that Miley Citrus, decided to dress up as a huge Band Aid, on the MTV Music Awards. But hey scrubbing us was okay. Things are a bit more open minded there, but not much. As I said it then and I'll say now, Decency on TV is those who pay huge amounts of money can show everything on and of their bodies right down to their pubic hairs. However one who just wants to show off a custom bike is told no. Decency is blind as to how much one is spending.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

But do you really? and observations from the road

When I hear from others that they support our armed forces and all I wonder, is it just lip or keyboard lip service? Or do they really support our military? Recently a friend of ours had another friend that was diagnosed with a severe case of lung cancer. With an impending termination of life, requests of prayers and all went out. Of course we in the Knytes were all doing that. But I thought to, who would our Texas Angel's friend turn to for help on burial costs and such? One of the reasons here lately that we in the ayre(air) wing of the Knytes-of-Dixie , aka AyreWolvez, 
 are seeking donations, from those who care, is to establish a health and benefits fund for all military aviators as well as all armed forces veterans. Sure the power bill thing, and the radio station is important, but what about a aid fund for military Vets? What about those who have served from all wars and conflicts that are not looking for a hand out , but a helping hand up? I remember at the conclusion of my last tour of duty for the UCMC , I came home to a community that was not all like I left it. There were bills that I knew I owed and ones that I didn't know I still owed. It takes time to get paychecks from the UCMC and VA to get flowing, but I needed a phone, and I needed my computer. Cable-One, nope not until I paid the bill, same think with CenturyLink and Verizon. It was very lucky that I had a caring neighbor next door to me that kept me fed and wired plus was there for a friendly pep talk each morning. That stopped those hours of thinking why didn't I just get shot down or blown away serving my country? After a time the Knytes got reunited and I had someone to call on when shit hit the fan, such as this last bout of corporate greed of Rocky Mountain power. But it would have been great if all of that could have happened back in 2009 when I first got back home to Gooding. At that point, it was AyreWolfFM, that got the word out that the Knytes and Wolf-Pack was back together and thus grew even stronger since, this is one of the great parts of HazzardAyre Radio. Sure our Texas Angel has been howling at her followers to donate and the main reason behind her pillows and such for us to sell. To keep HazzardAyre on the air, even if it is right now only heard online and through Armed Forces Radio. So in closing on that when you say you support and honor our discharged military warriors , the question I have for you, is, "Do you really?" 
Okay then onto Club Business.
Overnight the Knytes and I got a hand up on my power bill from one of our Club Members, who I thank very much, although its going to be just a jump help since I'll have to pay the same thing next month. However, due to that, I withdrew my nomination to be President of the Knytes. I'm just not ready to handle that stress any more, however the Original President of the Club Jonny Muir of Utah, has accepted the nomination for that office, while I will remain executive Vice President of the Club. 
Here's some observations from the road/.
Never ever roll down your mirror when it's wet on a 15 degree day outside. Reason the damn thing freezes and you can't get it back up. Kind of like going to bed with a large woman that looked good at the bar, but when morning arrives and you see it in the light, you just can't get it up. Have you ever noticed ? That when deer season is over, the damn 4 legged critters are all over the place, but hide during season? Deer have calendars and secret trap doors in the fields that they go hide in, I am convinced of that. Wouldn't it be great if all business's answered their phones within an hour like we in Toewing do? While voice mail and all is great, you can bet your next box of donuts , that when you call me, or my company, someone will get back to you within an hour or less. Or how about these people that never return a phone call, or have never set up their voice mail? Example; While I love my SheWolf seriously, still to date she never has set up her voice mail. Her best means of communication is text, if I'm parked I can answer and only if its short since texting runs my cell phone battery down really quick, or via Facebook, which is great if I'm near or on my computer, then I get bitched at for not calling, answer there is simple honey, want me to call? Then answer your damn phone!! Last but not least, found my problem, on my marker lights for LexiBelle, bad ground. Just need to strip some wire and fix the ground. It warmed up here in western Wyoming today. Enough to where I could get into the shop. It's a fact, that the drinking straws at Arby's for their larger drinks are longer than the ones at McDonalds for the same sized drinks. The one from Arby's is long enough to fit in a bottle of my DewShine, where as the one from Mcdonalds isn't. Oh and on the subject of my DewShine, DewShine comes in a glass bottle, not plastic, thus in sub zero temps a partly drank bottle of DewShine in your trucks cup holder left overnight will break and create a terrible mess. Which is what happened to me in the General. Fun, Fun. fun, cleaning that up.
Its my dinner time so see ya'll on the bounce around. Good numbers to Ya'll , I'm 10-10 , on the side.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Going to try and do some damage control, and mend a fence here.

What I'm going to try and do here is attempt to mend a fence and calm some waters. 
A few ago in an entry in another section of this online publication, I said and its a fact, that I dearly appreciate and am all time grateful to our Texas Angel, and my SheWolf for attempting to cure a crisis of mine, that of a possible power shut off. 
My post was not against either of them, as I love both dearly one as a soon to be wife, SheWolf, and the other as a dear Sister. My post was directed towards all the followers and pledged supporters of what the Knytes are, what we are all about, and the fact we are the ONLY ones as a collective, raising the spirit and culture that is Dixie. More over there when wynged Veterans need a help up. No My post was towards all those people who are supposedly Confederates, who couldn't care enough to lift a finger for the Club, nor me. When 2 people who are piecing together paychecks to paychecks just to survive, can help the Knytes, where was all those supposedly eager supporters? 
I had two other people who jumped in to help the Club, and me . Both in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The first is our 1st ever patched lady Knyte, who when my butt was in deep after returning from combat tour and trying to adjust to civilian life, gave me access to her wifi, next door to where I lived in Gooding Idaho. Plus fed me while I was working on getting things straightened out with the USMC and so on. Then came that night at AyreWolfFm in Gooding as well. Due to some knot heads at the post office there, my government checks were never arriving. As such, after having work done on LexiBelle, had a $700.00 bill against her. What did Nurse GoodBody do? Made out a check for the $700.00 plus a little on the side. As such LexiBelle was saved and to this day, Nurse GoodBody and I are very deep friends and yes even soul mates. My closing here goes like this, if these ladies can help out the Club, as they did, where are all those lazy bums on Facebook that say they care, but comes up short every time? Makes ya'll think don't it?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Swearing in day on Robert E Lee's Birthday and other political things

Good morning. There are times when you truly need to unplug, get off Facebook and other Internet crap, and just relax your brain, so I did. Slept, got me snooze time all damn day. Considering that I spent much of the previous afternoon, and most of the night doing damage control on a Dorky Facebook page called Wrecker . Once I got that done to a point, did a local LIVE radio show and hit the rack. 
Okay this morning at 07:00 hours Hazzard County Time, good old Donald Trump will be sworn into office. Now is the time to make sure you have clean diapers and your passifier because your going to need it. The last 3 Presidents that we have elected to office to lead this nation out of bondage have been outright idiots, on every point, from foreign policy to domestic economics  to housing, and domestic prosperity. Since Slick Willy was given the boot from DC our nation has been holding onto its balls trying to stay afloat, not prosper, just hold onto your balls to prayerfully make it from Paycheck to Paycheck. Like Clinton, Obama might have been crooked but you have to give him credit. Social Security benefits were not only raised , but at every turn that Congress was about to slash benefits it was Obama protecting those Benefits, Obamacare was and is a mishandled joke, but those who never had medical coverage, finally have some. Trump want to kill that. Thank goodness for Medicare and Medicaid you say? Give Trump time those benefits will be slashed. If not given the axe of death. and the fact that will happen, there will be panic in the street. Watch and see if Trump isn't impeached about mid term. Is or was there an alternative to Trump and Clinton during this past election? Yes Ray McBerry founder of Dixie Broadcasting . com, and of course Ben Jones, aka on TV Cooter, who is the press secretary of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. In mid 2010 the Knytes of Dixie(aka Hazzard County Knytes ) established a Facebook Page and group called the United Confederate States of America. Its goal was to stimulate some rather short memory minds to their Southern heritage, to maybe put a platform and all together to elect a true Confederate to being President. Did any of those so called Confederate Patriots listen? The answer is no. Not one grunt, no donations, no nothing, but the Knytes was diligent and was able to get at least one small rural town city council member in Idaho elected on the Confederate National Party which the Knytes had already established in 2008. If you think Trump hasn't slapped the Confederate publics face, consider that Trump will be sworn in using Lincolns bible. On Robert E Lee's birthday. When Bush was elected, I said there's bad wind in the air, sure enough the Twin Towers was ripped by terrorists, supposedly from Iraq. So Bush threw us into a long drawn out war, continuing his Dad's plans and once the desired result was achieved guess what he exited office. Obama was elected, I said then that Robert E and Jefferson Davis amongst others would be rolling over in their graves knowing a African American was President. On all counts I said this is trouble. Guess what few listened. Face it to conquer the poison in Washington DC, takes money to get today's Confederacy in front of the American public. The atrocities that Obama's leadership and his agencies Put upon American's is not only wrong but on the side of out right treason. While Trump is in power its time as it has been written , For every Confederate to come to the aid of our nation. Its time for those dedicated to the cause of Liberty and Freedom, to get our issues in front of the American public like on CNN and FoX News. To do that takes MONEY doing advertising in the form of infomercials. Network executives know one color , that is green. So I urge all of you, dig into your jeans lets stop the mean in DC. 
If my better half who only makes $735.00 a month or our Texas Sister who only makes slightly more than that. Can contribute, certainly many of you who would spend that much at the bar on a Saturday, can donate $100.00 to our cause. 
I got to get back on the air now but contribute and take heed to my words. 
Stay Tuned

HazzardAyre Coast2CoastFM 7.2