Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let's all get naked and somewhere a child or husband is hungry of a liquid meal

I have an idea. Why don't we all just take off our clothes and run around absolutely naked? We'd save millions of gallons of water on wash, thousands of dollars on laundry soap, and coins at the coin operated wash mat. The reason I say that, is on Sunday nights Screen Actors Guild Awards, Emma Stone wore a near see through gown that had everything showing
 and considering the serious quanity of mama milk in those tanks there's some husband or child very hungry. Not only Emma, but I saw several women on there catching awards, that had their breasts , on very public display. Of course considering that most women and some guy's wear jeans with more holes and and torn fabric than a block of Swiss cheese. So why not just get rid of clothing? Sure in sub Artic weather like here in Wyoming, especially in my home, since one has to crank the damn thermostat up to 90 degrees to get 75 in the 1 bedroom apartment. Sure my rent is cheap, here At the good old Wentworth apartments, thing is , its the utilities like natural gas to heat and power that will kill you. If it weren't for that, lets just run around naked. This is not to say that just Television is at blame either. Nope. Consider your child somehow signs up for a page or group on Facebook on vintage and custom hot rods. When all of a sudden he or she finds this on his or her newsfeed?
 and yet even if say something that is for a page or groups photos are for members only, this get's removed 
 because some body, most likely a feminazi says she's offended by it. In short this is not permitted on Facebook 
 but this is 
 and for TV 
 and people made such a broohaha, over Janet Jackson a few years ago, during the halftime of that years Super Bowl. Really friends. , Okay then France won the Miss Universe Contest Sunday Evening, and getting back on the SAG awards , did you notice that most of the winners were African American? Most that competed against one of us Anglo's that were black the Blacks won. Then I watched and cringed at Smantha Bee's show on TBS, when it got down to several people on there but especially the Justice Sec that happens to be from Alabama being raked over the coals. Did Turner's networks already get bought or is that still in the works, because it would seem that TBS and TNT, is not being loyal, to its southern roots in Atlanta GEORGIA, that is a Southern State. Then saw on our Texas Angel's post of Princess Diana, and I suggested wouldn't it be nice if, one of the three wives of Robert E Lee, be pictured in such a tribute pic as the one of Princess Diana. I don't want to say much about Princess Diana, the few times I got to meet and talk with the Princess were okay. My only gripe is that the night of her death, the event pre-emted my radio show on KSL-AM 1160 that night. But here's my other bounce around on the decency issue. Yes even in Idaho. Back in late 2012 just as we were about to open the Twin Falls' shop of HCC, I went to Cable-One's Ad department there to buy time on the final season of SOA. Thought was a hot redhead on a customized scoot, with her in very tight leathers pitching the praises of HCC. HCC BTW is short for 
 but I got the no way are we going to run that on Cable-One they said. Supposedly its okay to run super trash on the air than and scrub a local advertiser. Mainly us at HCC. 
 it might be interesting to you to note that it was that same year that Miley Citrus, decided to dress up as a huge Band Aid, on the MTV Music Awards. But hey scrubbing us was okay. Things are a bit more open minded there, but not much. As I said it then and I'll say now, Decency on TV is those who pay huge amounts of money can show everything on and of their bodies right down to their pubic hairs. However one who just wants to show off a custom bike is told no. Decency is blind as to how much one is spending.