Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Going to try and do some damage control, and mend a fence here.

What I'm going to try and do here is attempt to mend a fence and calm some waters. 
A few ago in an entry in another section of this online publication, I said and its a fact, that I dearly appreciate and am all time grateful to our Texas Angel, and my SheWolf for attempting to cure a crisis of mine, that of a possible power shut off. 
My post was not against either of them, as I love both dearly one as a soon to be wife, SheWolf, and the other as a dear Sister. My post was directed towards all the followers and pledged supporters of what the Knytes are, what we are all about, and the fact we are the ONLY ones as a collective, raising the spirit and culture that is Dixie. More over there when wynged Veterans need a help up. No My post was towards all those people who are supposedly Confederates, who couldn't care enough to lift a finger for the Club, nor me. When 2 people who are piecing together paychecks to paychecks just to survive, can help the Knytes, where was all those supposedly eager supporters? 
I had two other people who jumped in to help the Club, and me . Both in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The first is our 1st ever patched lady Knyte, who when my butt was in deep after returning from combat tour and trying to adjust to civilian life, gave me access to her wifi, next door to where I lived in Gooding Idaho. Plus fed me while I was working on getting things straightened out with the USMC and so on. Then came that night at AyreWolfFm in Gooding as well. Due to some knot heads at the post office there, my government checks were never arriving. As such, after having work done on LexiBelle, had a $700.00 bill against her. What did Nurse GoodBody do? Made out a check for the $700.00 plus a little on the side. As such LexiBelle was saved and to this day, Nurse GoodBody and I are very deep friends and yes even soul mates. My closing here goes like this, if these ladies can help out the Club, as they did, where are all those lazy bums on Facebook that say they care, but comes up short every time? Makes ya'll think don't it?