Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Moonlight Serenade The Hazzard County Toewing Association

Oh I can remember it like yesterday. Back in mid 1998 a few of the crew that built the disabled vehicle recovery team of the Montgomery Foundation group of companies, a few of the managers of those companies got together for some pie and coffee and a long discussion. At the time the main topic on the table was do we form a huge company with one name? Or a bunch of smaller companies still owned by the Foundation, but ran and managed by individual managers in their respective operational areas. Since we already were on board with everything else we formed the Hazzard County Toewing Association, not as a company, but a trade organization. So in the fall of 2000 the organization was officially gave a state charter by the Idaho State Legislature. The rest is pretty much history. Instead of one huge company under one name even operating in the same bullpen, we opted to have many operating in the same bullpen. Numerous names, more places on area law enforcement call lists or rotation lists. So that opened the door, but did not exclude other things. The new organization needed to have other things going on to be a trade group rather than be seen as a company. So we started doing tow shows, training workshops , WreckMaster classes, and Road Resque Certification classes. And so on. In 2002 I got a recall order back into the USMC to head up a joint services training duty at Hill Air Force Base. The USMC 214 and the USAF 415th squadrons, so the Hazzard County Toewing Association was chaired by a friend of mine Bill Smith and co chaired by Terry Junkert of Jerome Idaho. 
The Hazzard County Toewing Association is today a subsidiary of the Iron Knytes Toewing Association and operates under the protective umbrella of the Knytes-of-Dixie. 
I was asked the other day about all the leggy women on our pages, ads and so on. First of all the leggy thing was created by Cathy Bach aka Daisy Duke , but for us it goes much deeper. Our membership of the entire Knytes-of-Dixie is made up of one time or another military aviators which is why you see the Golden wings on much if not all of our feature art. So in 2003 just before I headed out for the HAFB Joint Training detail, I discovered through a series of events, a place in Jerome Idaho that restored vintage military warbirds. When I approached the person who owned the facility, on how much one of those birds cost, it was revealed they were in the millions of dollars. I said to myself I'm in the wrong main business. So after the HAFB Training detail, I sat on the flight line at the West Bountiful SkyPark, and thought why can't we build old vintage warbirds and include helicopters. So with the last $400k of the Montgomery Foundation we created AyreWolf Aviation, Restoration and Repair. Added crop and insect spraying and shazzam it went. In 2012 My cousin Gordon Sant and I met, and he told me he was getting hitched and moving to Alaska. With that he bought the majority of AyreWolf Aviation. However with all things Hazzard County, I recreated from the name of our radio show, HazzardAyre Aviation Restoration. But I digress here. In most wars many old vintage air craft going into combat, had what was nose art. This was art that adorned a good part of the body of the aircraft, 
 So as an organization we adopted that concept and started using scantly clad women on our trucks , bikes 
 and so on. So we started the task of searching out the hottest honeys, so that airbrush artists could recreate those images on our rigs. And that's how and why of that.
As they always said on the Dukes, Welcome To Our Hazzard County.
Stay tuned