Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ah oh

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So there was cruising the Cyber Highway, but it seemed the road closed. The normal 5 bar connection quit. So had to switch to an alternate that runs at merely 2 bars.

Seems if you drive the Lincoln when you have to drive the Toyota, ya’ll really miss the Lincoln.

Not crabbing here as this beats the alternative. I even die nearly when I go into the shop . Been sleeping there for a month, between dead mice, and having to squirt in a bucket, there albeit I emptied it daily made the place stink. So moving slowly. After November 1st will have the main shop, but not the little one.

The only reason I kept that one is a few club members were in gear to contribute to the rent on the place they didn’t, so I had to do what I had to do. Thank goodness I got back into a place , at the hardest time of the year when most bundle up for the winter.

Now to a quandary that I’m dealing with. I reported this in last nights entry, but I’ll say it here. There is a super hottie, that lives here, used to live where I used to up over on the east side of Main street, in 13. She is so steamy. But to keep from getting into a mess I’m not saying anything, but would like to find a way to say hello without it becoming awkward.

Any mile HazzardAyre is off because of the Internet being only 2 bars, so will close for now.

Remember SOA at 2300 , see ya’ll Thursday. Hopefully the Internet here will be up to speed by then.


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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Presidential Debate and oops on Cassia County Idaho’s P&Z

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Well that’s it for the Presidential Debates for this election.

I heard little, except that even though I’m not a big fan of Obama, I’ll vote him in as I do not think Romney, even though Romney, by marriage is a shirt tail kin folk. I just don’t think Romney has the experience . Libya was not mentioned enough and specific statements on just what both would do to get our economy going again.

While our economy sucks big time, its not entirely government’s fault. It’s more to do with a very uneducated and uncaring people as to low job numbers.

Hell how can you hire those that will not get off their ass to work? Case-n-Point, been sitting in our studios of HazzardAyre Radio for nearly 3 years looking for female on air as well as on camera employees. There are none. Even if you do pay twice the normal going rate, for entry level broadcasters and even mid level broadcasters of all genders.

Don’t blame Government when you the public are so stubborn and bullheaded.  there were many issues, but lets look at the good, bad and fugdugly of the two candidates. Today, Obama signed an order to allow Military personnel to get their CDL’s while still serving so one can get a job driving a rig when they get home. However , Obama’s FCC Chairman allowed the wide range radio and TV spectrum to be gobbled up , like the old Federal land grabs that caused many Native Americans on reservations.  No mention or damn little of it was ever mentioned in the campaigns either one. What it did do is force many who are on low and fixed incomes to find housing near where cable is available, or get satellite or convert to digital. Also mandating that many senior citizens to buy new TV’s, there is no yet nationwide broadband computer access, more like more ability for mobile apps on cell phones.

The list goes on and on, but why not drop this message out there? Neither did.

Commerce is stumbling, but its gaining traction by its own efforts. Communities are saying to the old farts running things Phooey, its time we do our parts, and that means more hearing, less speaking. I talk and hear from our youth saying that the ideas put forth by SAMCRO MC, and the Knytes-of-Anarchy are smart, what I hear too , is from some of our law enforcement community is, that will not be allowed here.

Bullsbreath, this reminds me when I tried in gest to run for Sheriff of Power County one year. Hell I got put in the klink, until after the election. Was let out long before, but it’s the same idea. Thing is, don’t cover it up, listen up, shut up and get out of the way.

I saw stupid in government here, in Cassia County a week or so ago. Moved out to the shop, tried to get mail flowing there, did the change of address, shuffle, but got informed that oops not right the number my landlord said it was did not align with the 911 grid so the Post Office said no delivery. Get told by some guy in the P&Z office, a absolute address would be out on Friday. Go in no number or addy yet. Really? To date the entire ordeal cost me $5,500.00 , think I could get our local P&Z or the Post Office to pay me because they did not have it together?

I saw on an email from a Dukes of Hazzard fan who said, he’d not be paid enough to watch a Presidential Debate. My question is can anyone afford not to give attention to these debates and election. This year the leader that with form and shape this nation and indeed the world will be chosen. There is not enuff in Idaho to make much of an impact there, but this nation needs to be knowledgeable.

Bottom line do you REALL WANT a Mormon in the White House? If you didn’t pay your tithing, the IRS would come after you.

The way an LDS Bishop says F.O. is he puts his arm around you and says, “Trust me son, trust me”.

Haven’t you heard that from Romney?

L8R Ya’ll

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally out of the pit

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Finally back in the clutches of something of kin from the Powers, place has flies, a bath tub that ain’t no longer a bath tub, but after nearly 6 weeks with out a bath or shower its good. Have cable TV on , internet flowing life getting better.

Okay then I have seen screw ups before but the one involving something as simple as mail delivery showed me why so many don’t make Burley or the mini cassia area their home, or headquarters.

Put up a mail box, with the address told to me by the landlord, but two days after the forwarding commencement, got a note to see the postmaster. Did so, apparently in the process of Burley annexing the area where the shop is, forgot its county not city. So the address designation was not right. Have to get new numbers? So get instructed to go to the County P&Z to get a proper address to get mail.

Now here’s the deal seems as though the dillweeds needed to do this since my address could not be linked to the 911 computer grid.

Couldn’t they have done this a long time ago? Ever get the feeling like no matter how you try, that somebody is trying to keep SAMCRO MC or any part of the club, including HCC from getting a foot in the door? Watch what happens in weeks to come.

Speaking of mail after going through 2,000 emails , guess what? Finally.

My only solace and ability to survive these last weeks, was my Marine training. The fact is though, TV was not live. Thank goodness I had enough videos recorded to watch.

Speaking of TV, funny, Cable One as absurd as they are , they found the address of the shop. CenturyLink found the address. Interstate Batteries found the address. Even Google Earth could find it.

So what’s the big deal?

I’m tired need sleep, where I don’t have to go outside to pee, have heat, and not having to fight mice all night. Trust me its not in my best happenings to see a mouse on my chest when I look up over my covers.

L8R Ya’ll

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