Thursday, March 30, 2017

After awhile it grows on you then you want to treasure it

Evanston Wyoming, a place not known for its outside strangers hospitality. However over time if you live here it will grow on you. The people can be somewhat stand offish, and they can be overly protective however it is a pleasant place to hang your hat. Now many of you who read my column and so fourth as well as tunes into my radio show has heard me and read that at times I'd just as soon drop a nuke bomb on our Etown. That said waking up here every morning, viewing open spaces, the crisp near unpolluted air the deer frolicking through the meadows and such makes you appreciate this tiny Wyoming rural town. Not so much for the people, but some assemblence of peace and tranquility. Going out to my shop, where Internet and cable TV is near impossible to get out there you get to view the great exapanse of both the dark sky with the stars, over flying airline planes from KSLU and so on. Its that point you think, instead of bitch elect to fix.
When I was a small WolfPup on the farm, doing chores or just meandering, my Dad taught me a saying that stuck. When pointing at someone else to do something there are three fingers pointing back at you. Why not you(meaning myself) fix the malady that is a problem? Whether that's local politics, regulations, or just ultimate stupidity. Yes even Hazzard once had that stupid streak. Over time, that concept has guided much of what we do in the Knytes-of-Dixie/Iron-Knytes Association  Our organization is not just a thrill seeking fun group. We get in and dig. If it can be fixed, corrected, problems solved you can bet you next pint of NoS Gas that it's the Knytes at the core of whatever it is. Thus the same thing we as a organization are known for is not integrated into Etown. We as an organization, including the Hazzard County Chamber of Commerce, are helping to stimulate that growth and infrastructure improvement. Now sure I had and a minor degree still do have thoughts of home to Idaho, yet I saw some of the ugly side of the Gem State, and it was not a picture I wanted to see twice. Uncle Jessie Duke, probably said it best whilest we were at Hazzard Creek once of a Hazzard County Boy Scout troop camp. Uncle Jessie Duke said, " The field across the road is only greener until you have to mow it" Meaning that other place might look sweet, but dig down a bit and that sweet turns sour. So for the time Etown Wyoming is where I reside along with my bride Shelly.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just WHY do you like our page or group? and LyfeLessons 101

This happens every now and then, I'll see a notification from facebook, saying someone likes our page or one of our groups. Like HellBilly Truckers amongst others. To which I always ask why? Why do you like our group? Why do you like our page? And do you even have a clue what it is and what its all about? HellBilly Truckers and the published and now nationally distributed magazine of the same name was built on the idea, of a group, that loved old, worn out but still operational over the road trucks, no matter the configuration, make,model, or intended task it was meant to do, if you like old trucks and snazzy road honeys you were welcome. HellBilly Trucker Magazine was also meant to go head to head, or butt to butt as the case may be, with the likes of EasyRiders, Truck Rod, RatRod and similar publications. Plus HellBilly Truckers was to be an addition to HazzardAyre Gazzette the printed newspaper of the greater Twin Falls/Burley/Hazzard Idaho area. 
This was just before KDXB(now KDXZ)FM 105.7 the original flagship station of HazzardAyre Radio went on the air. HellBilly Trucker was conceived to be a good companion to HazzardAyre Radio.
Yet I still wonder why some people looking or trolling through the rest of the manure of facebook, make a piss stop on our pages and groups. Many have never ever contributed one single penny to the causes behind our organizations, I have yet to get an inquiry from any honey to be a photo pin up or anything similar, so why even take a gander at our pages and groups? I have always wondered if there's a way outside of an ad, that you rather our Club could get paid for every new person that clicked and wanted to join our pages and or one of the organization's groups. Or a way to have a big sign that reads; Serious Inquiries Only!! Then only Club members and Club supporters would go there. Everybody else would have to pay a nominal fee to join up. Of course I also have thought of building a Better than Facebook website, designed to being an anti-social site. 
Okay then lyfelessons 101. Two things amongst many that I have learned over the years. First when courting a lady to be your wife and life companion, remember your also courting that lady's family. Be it their Aunt Margie, Mother, Brother all of them. Even if you have no intention of ever meeting them, or you shoot a first warning shot that says leave us alone, they'll still stick their nose in. The only woman that I ever connected with that didn't think I was a wyld anti-social, anti-establishment greaser leadfoot, was Suzi. The rest did, but they all liked me anyway. CiCi's Mom became a bestie, (Best-Friend) Jan's entire family thought I was just enough wyld to be groovy, and oh yes Marla's folks were ready to hand me the key to the city. (Irrigon-Oregon) Even so, they didn't spend their entire day or night digging up bad bones on my or the Club. Yet Shelly's Aunt in Colorado seems to get joy, out of mud slinging. Oh well, guess you have to accept what you can't change.
Another LyfeLesson I learned , don't count on nothing until the contract is signed and key in your hand, and additionally go look at a place that your thinking of moving to, before you commit. If I'd have done that nearly 4 years ago, much more progress on many projects would have been done, and mucho money saved. However the other thing I have learned is simply that if your not looking for it, not depending on it and just go about life everyday, things do pop up. Two places that were taken, one in Twin Falls one in Burley Idaho became untook. So am sending in apps on both, and depending on weather venture over to take a look see if nothing else.
Now then; Someone told me that Shelly's Aunt had suggested that all I was after was Shelly's money. Really? Shelly, doesn't have much more money if any at all, than I do. After all, who has a dry, lit, heated, and comfortable place to reside complete with all creature comforts, from cable tv to albeit slow at times, Internet. And who sleeps in a tent, in a backyard and washes clothes in a bucket? Sure Shelly has helped keep the MC shop running over the last year from her contribution, in repayment to the club for some medical bills here that the club paid for. The other half of that Shelly, got a bit of seed money from some court action involving a cat. But that said, I make my own money and I along with the Club, can make our own way without much if any help from anyone. My entire intentions with Shelly is to gain a life's companion and life partner, not just a bed warmer. Sure Shelly is goofier than a rabbit shot in the ear, so am I, together I do think her and I have a real shot of becoming one helluva couple and rebuild one helluva empire. We don't need outside help. Sure there was a short order embroider that nearly took us to the cleaners and all so sweet covey dovey. When it came down to the put up or shut up point, it was a simple adios. That's why there's a long process of having a woman in the organization as a patched member. Women have their place, business ain't one of those places. 
So in closing if you like one of our pages or groups, how about telling us why, you like our page or group. Or don't ask to join.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When late night TV bores you, tune into HazzardAyre Radio and did you see what happened to Tomi?

It used to be that after the Tonight Show ended it was time for bed. There was no overnight television. Then came the Iran Hostage condition and of course cable TV. During the hostage fiasco, Tedd Koppel of ABC TV took on Nightline and soon after came CNN, FoX News and so on. If you wanted drama, or good movies they could be had, on TBS and TNT. So it went. Today most cable networks and of course satellite networks run 24/7/365. Problem is outside of that rare ratings sweep movie or marathon, or that just got to see news story or news show, the offerings on cable or satellite TV is junk. Heck even the Disney Channel has become a waste dump. Disney has been shooting itself in the foot, for pulling the plug on some image building shows, Disney Channel has been a yawning experience to say the least. Once Disney and Nick competed against each other. However because of the ever increasing costs of providing Viacom channels to local cable systems especially the smaller rural systems, Disney is riding high on a wave of this is it, don't like it? Tough. Then there are the dangers of TV. Just this past week, Glenn Beck, had to suspend his protege Tomi Lahren
 from the schedule on Beck TV for Tomi's stance on Pro Choice. See, too much rope hung her. The young princess got a bit too high on herself and her abilities especially in the popularity department that she opened her mouth in both Public as well as on TV and stepped on a land mine. OOps, bet she now wishes she had signed up with us here at HazzardAyre, huh? Speaking of that; When your viewing and/or listening choices are limited if even there, you have a choice, that IS us, here at HazzardAyre Radio. Speaking of which; Many of you have been going to our old channel looking for us. Which at some point we'll be there again when we start doing TV again. However for what we do on HazzardAyre Radio, which is strictly audio, the bandit called has worked absolutely perfect. Over the last while I have noticed things in my inbox from Livestream of some serious technical problems. Not that can't have tech snafu's but since I signed up with them, my shows get through. I can if I choose upload instantly on YouTube, as well as Mixcloud, post notices instantly on facebook that we're on the air. And if your not wanting to use all of your computer or are on a low bandwidth connection, Spreaker just works still. Dig this; Spreaker only costs $120.00 a month. Plus I get to choose if I run 5 hours, or 24 hours. If I were Livestream, I'd be taking a hard look at their structure because Spreaker, is biting their butts.
The other day, I pulled all the software of Livestream off of our main computer, kept it on my mini computer should we ever use Livestream again for video. but I think for the serious radio broadcaster, Spreaker just makes sense more over saves serious cents and dollars. 
Just tune in at 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

America please for our sakes GROW THE F*** UP plus if your going to do it, do it right.

Well here it is Monday morning as you read this and it marks the near to last week of my residency in Evansgone Wyoming. Yes it'll be gone, in my rear view mirror and I am not looking back. Except maybe during a bad dream outside of that, a gigantic A-bomb could drop on this shitty town and I really don't think, anyone would care.
Okay then, been reading a bunch of crap on facebook lately, and much of the cesspool that facebook has become, is from the fact that America needs to grow the f*** up. There was this thing put up on there from some guy named Bob, asking is it better to date and establish a relationship older or younger. I always say older. Even to the degree of cougar status. Older women have fortunes or near fortunes, all ready established, which means she's not going to be after YOU to be a sugar Daddy. Unlike ones that are 10 to 20 years younger than you. The girls or women younger than 30 years old have many problems, first one , even though the law says its okay, a womans emotional stability isn't in her deep mind she's still a little girl, or very least late teen mentally. Meaning her mind is on fashion, not keeping a home. The second one is simple, financial need. The younger ones only want a guy to pay her bills, buy rides and get ridden. Past that there is no , nor can there be and degree of companionship. How can there be? Much of what you know and have experienced , she was just barely a toddler at that time and can not comprehend those ideas. I usually go for women that are within 10 years of mine either older or younger. 
Okay then CopenhagenSKOAL has this contest going on, at least on the sides of their product cans. Problem is, if you log onto their contest websites, the websites have no clue as to what the offer is. If ya'll can't do it, don't. 
Didn't go to Church this past Sunday, by the time I got off air, at 06:00 hours, I was ready only for slumber. But guess what? 13:00 came and who finally calls? Sidney. Now she wants the car. Problem is that offer expired. Since my plans on it are to fix it up and for the short time let my Shelly drive it. Then gut it and race it. Maybe in Pony Stocks? No word from Amber, and then there's this cat who lives next to me that said he and/or his old lady would be interested in the radio gig. Said he'd be over Saturday night. Of course he didn't come over. Problem is going to become, end of next month all remains of my , the Knytes and the WolfPack will be gone. And the only person to kick in the ass will be themselves. I think many of these younger fillies think that either I was offering or were hoping to jump the old Wolf. Maybe by doing so entrap the old wolf in a hey you got me knocked up scenario. Except; the old Wolf outside of the I do's in May, I'm already hitched. 
Yep I grew up, and rather rapidly. I never knew a so called childhood, I was working darn near out of the womb, and been doing business since age 6. Maybe the rest of our nation just has to grow the f*** up.
Radio in the morning.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Can we be a bit naughty without being trashy?

One of the things I really like to do, is hover over some of these sites on Facebook. Especially the so called naughty and erotic ones. It's in a way like I used to do when I resided in Twin Falls. I'd go to the Mall, and just sit there and watch as well as listen to the people. I was able to glean so much content to use on air as well as in print that it made some day time drama's look pale. I call it the study of human nature and if you observe it, it can be rather comical as well as saddening all at the same time.
I also like these erotic so called Naughty sites, barking about how much sex they are getting or not getting , mostly not getting that I have to ask the questions of, does any of these people really know how to please the other? Now to be honest, my sexual education arrived a bit late at around 13 or so. Sure I had grade school crush's especially Peggy and Dawn, One is no longer living, the other no one knows where she went. However to me they were like missions impossible, great to dream about, but never able to acquire. It wasn't until I just got legal to drive my mini bike that I got to learn about the real thing. 
Anyone or most anyone, over the age of 45, had to have had to read the book and see the movie Summer of 42. As for me her name wasn't Dorothy, it was Kathy, but the story was similar. Kathy was the wife of one of the guys that taught me how to turn a wrench, it was one very hot summer in more ways than one. I was out in Less's junk yard looking for a brake master cylinder, I was drenched in sweat, Kathy came out, offered me some lemonade, I went in, and she excused herself to her hideaway bedroom, soon after out came the hot go-go boots, purple nylons, white hot shorts(we didn't call em, Daisy Dukes then) She invited me into her boredoh, and I'll let you figure out what happened after. Dig this; I was 14, she was 28, now days she'dve been arrested, my Dad and mom just chalked it up to sewing wild oats. What I learned that day from her was priceless.
Shortly after, I snagged the book of Ruth's Guide to Great Sex, which I read from cover to cover. But I learned what I needed to know at least to function in the minor leagues . The next step, was a farm hand that Mom hired to take me down to the Sugar Shack in Wells Nevada, taught me the rest to where I could play in the major leagues of human sexual activities. The women in this nation like Kathy or the ones that get paid for it at the Sugar Shack are rare. Few in real life do what they say they want to do. Most of the time a guy has to get most women so drunk, that the women disguard their Victorian inhibitions, that to get one to do as many on those erotic and so called naughty groups on facebook, that you wonder how serious are they? Would even half of them do as they say they want to? 
The women and its mostly few of them that are either hired or will jump on those facebook groups, just to keep the group going and create content. Mostly its guys that are at minimum sinister just to start. The disrespect of these guys on there that I see talking like they do to younger women, just makes my stomach churn. Even the women at the Sugar Shack or say Kathy, or any I have know would slam the door on  a guy that talked like that to them in the real world. The act of slamming the sasuage is one thing, if its preceded by and followed up by lots of foreplay. I call it setting the stage. Doing things like taking a bath with her, and shaving her legs for her, and being every so sensual, is the way to a hot night, not just jabbing it in there, rolling over and falling to sleep. I also am one of the few men that loves lots of cuddling. Just being with her, holding her tight and watching a movie on the couch, gets you points, that will not be forgotten. There are some puritists out there in religious arenas but in reality, Heavenly Father meant for all humans to enjoy and treasure their mating rituals. The thing is, and I've seen it so many times especially at Church. You'll have the so well not so women that dress rather conservatively , then you'll have those, you know are raking it in, that are not so conservative. When I brought up the point to our Bishop, you'dve thought I'd committed an act of treason on the church Ward. There was one young lady there that had no problem dressing in such a way that you'dve thought she was much older. When I brought that idea forward, and it wasn't from the point that I was interested in that way, it was I thought it was a lot of disrespect of our Heavenly Father. The Ward has albeit they say they do, but has never forgave me for that. Seems a bit contradictory don't it. I fully believe that one no matter the gender , but be very much on display and fully interested in sensual mating, not just porn sex, but really intimate threads, why pull off the cover until you test the engine? The big taboos in my world are two. I will not mate with a woman who is a different race than me, and two I absolutely distaine anything of the gay, transgender etc movement. Its a thing of if it ain't for the sex its like hanging with your guy pals, except when he starts eyeing you in a certain way is when I'm out of there. Just like the other day at Jodi's Diner here. just in the bigger table next to me there were these two guys, helping this rather elderly couple with designs on their kitchen. But you could tell these two queers were just that queers. I finished my dinner and got my behind out of there. 
So the question is; does these people on these Naughty sites on facebook, really know what they are talking about? Are the women on there just prick teasers? Or would they really go the distance? Would the women really go out with these guys they chat with? Things, we'll be chatting about overnight on HazzardAyre-Overnight , heard online at 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Is Idaho richer in money than Wyoming? And if that's all you have to do on Saturday your in poor shape

Sorry there friends, I had to go choke the chicken some hot gals at Jody's Diner got Herman all excited. Which if it's not chowing down at Jody's its nearly getting drunk at the Legal Tender Lounge, which leave a bunch for improvement. Add to that the place we as a Club were looking at here in Etown, should just be a bar , as the food needs lotsa improvement. 
So I came home and considered the Saturday nights in Hazzard. Now true things have changed there, but Hazzard of a population of the town itself has only 900 people in it. Yet on a Saturday, the Angler and Wilson's bar is open, Snake River Grill(Polish Palace where the Knytes were formed) is sizzling, with good eats, and oh yes cruising in our rods and bikes. During winter or fall, there's home town sports, b-ball and f-ball, summer there are dances at Prince Memorial Gym, (where yours truly set off a can of tear gas in school of which you can still smell it in the heat when its on) plus over at the American Legion Gym, there's also community fairs, dances and concerts. Here in Etown Wyoming, with a registered population but I'll bet that , that's shrinking, only two things open, something is wrong. So I researched and while no conclusive information can be found, I'll bet my next tire change that Idaho is better off in many ways than Wyoming. Yet I can't figure out why. Etown is only 100 miles and an hour good weather hour and 30 minutes in bad. There is a old railroad roundhouse that could handle car shows, and community fairs and festivals, even during the winter, yet no one attempts this. Of course one could argue why don't the Knytes do that, hell the Knytes have gotten our faces slammed into and the door slammed in our faces so much, the effort exceeds the return, even the damn Chamber of Conference CEO won't even come over for a chat. Oh BTW, Hazzard County Chamber of Commerce dues? $100.00 a year, in a population again of 900. CofC dues in Etown $400.00 a year and what do you get for that $400.00? A pat on the head and a dog biscuit. However as I looked over Facebook, saw a group called Naughty Facebook singles. So for shits and giggles signed up just to see who and what was on there. There were a few one from California that looked kinda hot, but more over I ask, if your on Facebook on a Saturday night and your a hottie, what the hell are you doing on Facebook looking for a squeeze? Must be something very seriously wrong with you. Both genders. You must have crawly things coming out of your crevices, and as smelly as Nancy Pelosi after doing Barrack Obama. Thank God above I have my Shelly. 
Now then last week and I need to bring this up, as it relates to my next segment here. Last week strictly business I had to she the lead of the gal from Texas. This is strictly business. As a person, I'm sure that the gal from Texas is a good person and her heart was in it, but like many on facebook, when it comes to donating money, or effort she just doesn't have the human or financial resources. Now then; there has been a bunch here lately blowing the horn of restoration of southern heritage historical monuments, and such. Even to the point of seccession. I say great, but I think too if the south is going to seceed from the union, why not the west seceed from the union? If anything the west, including the Mountain West has been forgotten by much of the rest of the nation. This so called United States(no United about it) only recognizes California, some of Oregon, and Washington State. From there in Nevada to Washington DC, its like there's just a huge land mass that the Government is trying to seize. Example the Bears Ears Monument in southern Utah. Its now a national park. Sure I'm all for preservation of historical burial sites of Native American's but what about the oil and coal under much of that ground, not to mention grazing rights for ranchers and farmers, remember the Bundy's? One man is killed for that in Oregon, only for reaching for his phone to call his attorney. Has that family been compensated by Trump or former Obama? Nope, granted I was sad about the Seal that was executed , but what about the Bundy's?  Not even a fart of noise about that was uddered during the election. Maybe its time the west, drew a line and said Uncle Sam kiss my ass. While I love and forever will love my south and southern heritage, and will continue to be dedicated to this flag 
 I still will be in love with the nation I defended while serving with the Marines, more over its time to start a new movement, the Western States Confederacy. 
In closing , question needs to be asked, is Idaho richer than Wyoming? And why the hell are you cruising Facebook on a Saturday night? If your a hottie, and your looking for love on Facebook, you must have a bunch of things wrong with you and a herd of youngn's at home. Thank God I have my Shelly/SheWolf.
See ya'll on the radio in the morning.

Friday, March 3, 2017

If your an Icon or Maverick you better be real or you will get busted

It's a frozen 16 degrees outside here near Etown Wyoming, and not only is the weather cold but there's has been a bunch of a kicking butt overnight. The first one is that nightmare from Texas is now history. Not saying she's a bad people, but the real chemistry and ability just was not nor would be her with the Knytes. Just isn't. Kinda like  two coon hounds,. You can try to train a canine to chase down a coon and tree it, then there are those hounds that just get it and instinctivly get after it. The gal from Texas just didn't get it. Okay then, and I'll keep saying this for a time, thanks to Quik Draw Embroidery for stepping up to help us. 
Okay then; those that are total and complete mavericks like Pappy Boyington, and such like WolfMan Jack, likewise Howard Stern and even to a smaller degree Tomi Laren and yes even our radio associate Beth-Ann from CSC TalkRadio are real mavericks. These people become and became icons because they did the impossible on their own, no matter who said no, and no matter the resistance . The Knytes-of-Dixie as a small collective, are both mavericks and are becoming icons. The reasons are simple. We as an organization took the idea of what the story lines of the Dukes-of-Hazzard was, stripped away the celebrity actor thing and built albeit heckled reall strongly, but built a medium sized empire. 
There are many I see on such places as Facebook, that are trying to become icons. Many doing podcasts etc, placing ads on Facebook, which does nothing, since fewer people are trolling facebook any more. I yearn for the older sites like Lycos and such. 
I'm proud of ours, mostly because the Knytes gave me the funding to enable me to build my own ambitions and vocations. HazzardAyre Radio, amongst others. This has came through sticking with it, no matter what others said, could not be done. I'm still working on other things, like through the AyreWolvez developing a mach plus speed helicopter, yes Airwolf. The questions are two. First is can it really be built? Back in 1985 maybe not, in 2017 I say yes. Taking from another TV show, we can build it, make it faster and more able. The other question is; why? I say why not? You can try to be a phony, and online its pretty easy to do. How many times have you looked at a picture of someone say on a popular social site, and thought that's hot, but when you really see the person you say ," Whew that'd be a Coyote Ugly moment". 
Answering the questions nobody else dares to, or for that matter asking the questions others feel too taboo to ask. 
To paraphraze comic George Carlin, " Start a path. We don't mind using the ones that are there, but it takes more courage to start your own path." I agree, that's what makes a maverick and an Icon.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

One can't be honest any more and some people shouldn't be patched members when they call bikers spoiled children

No matter how much your told to be honest and all by your parents, all being honest will do is cause you pain and loss. Not to mention, more paper work. Example, recert for my EBT card. No big, I thought, fill it out, came to a question of do you own a business, I said yes. Don't make much money but I own one. Guess what? Now need to make out more paperwork and go through more bullshit just to get that $200.00 a month in food aid. I've always ran  my end of the Knytes company extremely up front and honest. Yet when it came to my grub stake, I inadvertantly shot myself in the foot. Okay moving on.
Went to Cazzin's TrueValue hardware store. Not only did I already pay for this screwed up vaccum's tiny drive belt once, I had to pay twice. I'm honest they aren't, guess who isn't? And figure out who just lost 1,000 customers? Yep Cazzin's . Glad I'm soon out of here.
Next, got a clip from the lady in Texas, notice I'm not saying Angel, any more. On her ability on doing up the pillows and wearables for the Knytes/AyreWolvez. Her supplier can't supply, she can't do it, so we have two choices sell the embroidery equipment or do something interesting, train a Club sister or two how to use them and make a revenue stream for the Club. 
Then the gal from Texas , when I mentioned the former Governor Perry is now Energy Sec, I said this guy is the same guy who is now in charge of Energy and of course soon the EPA will now outlaw things like NASCAR. If it smokes they'll ban it. Perry is the same guy that started profiling bikers for wearing patches and club colors. Guess what Texas, Idaho just past a law stopping that practice. Ask yourself who is biker or for that matter Confederate friendly, if they start with profiling bikers, how long until they continue profiling those who are loyal to southern heritage and liberty. If a political party or official starts in one place, they are like cockroaches, once in a corner they breed and spread everywhere. And so now we move on. Thank you Quik Draw Embroidery of Kimberly Idaho stepping up to the plate to finish the work we need done.
Some states need to travel and visit Idaho, see what Idaho's government is doing right. As Idaho is doing a lot right.
Then went to pay my rent, our complex manager punches it in the computer but the new format of their record keeping came up with me owning money really? Do I need to go fetch my rent receipts ? The pricks she works for was trying to double my rent. Our complex manager, which is number 3 reason I'm still in Etown, but not for long, discovered that a former property firm, who knows my rent and all is good each month, called said they have a place, so checking into it Friday. Could make a slightly sooner than later departure.
Then my Bishop called last night concerning Dave's car. If I'm going to fix the blooming car, I should not be expected to haul it out to my shop and bust my knuckles for near nothing, it's like when my Bishop helped with utilities a few times. We went halves. I'd pay part they'd pay the other half. Again another reason , going home to Idaho is looking warmer and not just 20 degrees warmer than Etown Wyoming. Question of why I left there in the first place, a lady who would not leave me alone. Loved to create drama, and thought that the Club, owed her money from something she did for us years ago, but never did in reality. 
On the EBT thing, because of 5 divorces , including, child support of $750.00($150.00 a month times 5) is where the other $750.00 of my monthly income goes. Your supposed to only have to pay until the kid turns 22(Idaho minimum age) yet if the state has to pay for a few months while your in the Marines serving your nation, and you come home, you got to pay the state back. I do it, but it causes a serious bite into my food supply chain. With Idaho however if I had to update my 411, I'd go to one office, sit down at a counselors desk, she'd enter the deets in the computer and two or three days after the food supply flow would be in place once again. Not in Wyoming. Now its not that I lied to Idaho about our MC or my company 90% of most of Idaho knows its there anyway, nobody there cares. Must be Idaho has more money to dispense than Wyoming does. But hey all too many Yankees voted for Trump. See what ya'll got? Trump ain't going to stop there. Entitlement spending is going to get cut soon, That $800.00 or so a month is going to be whittled down to just about $500.00 or so, then how will ya'll live? But hey you voted for him, when you go to the Doctor, and find that medicine or treatment that was covered on Medicaid, is no longer covered or YOU have to pay more out of pocket for co-pay's , because Trump cut back on that piece of Fed government spending, then is like our gal from Texas going to be waving that banner saying I love Trump?
On that if ya'll notice The gal from Texas is no longer on my friends list on Facebook, but at least now you know why MC's have prospects, long before they fully patch a member. Enuff said there.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Does some freight haulers not use their brains, or are they just used to driving in Muslim nations?

I ran a call just a few ago, that made me an easy $380.00 which I'm happy about, since now I can pay my power bill, but I also wonder why theses turbin hat wearing freight haulers don't use their minds. Since this truck had twin screw axles why didn't he just flip the switch and drive out of the small snow bank? It's like some calling me at early morning hours to go out to the chicken coop, just to chain up some of these rigs. I make $40.00 doing that per call, but I think, would it be better for SWIFT, and other such company's to teach their drivers how to chain up, when hauling through Wyoming here. 
Speaking of which. I have nearly decided that for the next few months just to stay put here in Etown. I was going over finances and came to the conclusion that relocating(moving) right now to Twin Falls Idaho, is just too expensive. Plus I'd be loosing the traction for my action right now. After all while HazzardAyre Radio isn't making big bucks both Highway Hooker and Cooter's A1 Toewing is. Not big bucks, but at least a steady income that doesn't mess with my SSI. Not a bad thing. Sure its cold and snowy here, but snow and all keeps toew trucks moving, so here I remain. Which means next month gotta go exchange my dl from Idaho to Wyoming. Not a bad trade, at least for now.
Okay then, can somebody make a portable coffee cup that does not leak around the lid? Seems no matter which kind I buy, the damn things always leaks when a finagle around a corner trying to hold my coffee urn and master the steering wheel with one hand it always leaks. 
Whith that; do you start to think that the Disney Channel is pulling back from its program offerings? I begin to wonder that and maybe that's the goal that the Disney Channel is working to get rid if the mid teen demo targeted audience and shooting for the more tween and preteen demographic . Consider a Decendants 2  will hit screen this May, and this month a rework into a slight upgraded version of Repunsile with her golden blonde hair in animated form . I think too that and many reports indicate this; that Disney parent of ABC and ESPN, started loosing ratings numbers as it killed many good series style shows. It started when Disney killed Wizards of Waverly Place, then Shake-it-Up, the Good Luck Charlie, then Austin and Ally and the list goes on. They just killed two of the last survivors, Liv And Maddie and Girl Meets World. Killing Jessie was a  bad move on Disney's part. Bottom line Disney is degrading quick, and I'd hate to see Uncle Walt's company and dream, suffer to its death. After all who would buy Disney? Fox? I could just see what would happen if NBCUniversal, aka Comcast, bought Disney . Most of the major media firms especially cable networks are batteling a situation of people cutting the cord and watching video via streaming. The days of curling around the TV with a jigger of pop corn,(lotsa butter on mine please) are gone. Networks want to bundle everything but consumers want to select their own channels and get rid of what they never watch. Sling TV is such a company, that is in part owned by Dish Network, which talking is with Comcast. Want to see how fast Sling TV, gets bundled? As for me, I'm a TV junkie. I love to sit in front of my TV and absorb every bit of content. From Fox News Channle to LAFFTV running the older TV series's that I grew up with. From Cybil to Night Court. METV and of course Cozi, these channels have what I want to watch. Wholesome with just a pinch of nasty to make it interesting, but not harm anyone. Bo Duke, Roscoe and even Uncle Jessie long had the thought of putting a Hazzard style TV channel together that focused on the rural lifestyle. Sure RFDTV does do that up to a point, but they lost the concept of less old series and more AG news. Not bad, but how about getting to the nature of small town rural USA? Lets include TV series of and about truckers, Rodeo, and yes put the Dukes-of-Hazzard back on TV. If you wanted to dig deeper, one could air Baa-Baa Blacksheep, the series featuring the VMF 214. as well as Combat, 12-o-clock High, and such. then run movies of the same tastes. Then doing shows on the weekends of real farm based folks building hot rods and tricked out trucks. Sure Velocity, and the old Viacom, did PowerBlock, but how many rural people have shops with all that fancy equipment? Not many. So lets show how to build hot rides on a budget with limited tools. This is what SouthernSteele/HazzardAyre TV is all about. we will launch this in 2018, based in Randolph Utah and serving all of Southwestern Wyoming and the Wasatch Back of Utah. Eventually we will be a satellite/cable channel. 
So closing here, its time that some of these Turbin heads driving trucks learned how to drive in and around snow.
I'm not moving for at least 6 to 8 months due to financial limitations and hurting growth of my company, and last
A TV channel worth watching with a lot of Southern fried content.
Headed to food,