Sunday, March 19, 2017

America please for our sakes GROW THE F*** UP plus if your going to do it, do it right.

Well here it is Monday morning as you read this and it marks the near to last week of my residency in Evansgone Wyoming. Yes it'll be gone, in my rear view mirror and I am not looking back. Except maybe during a bad dream outside of that, a gigantic A-bomb could drop on this shitty town and I really don't think, anyone would care.
Okay then, been reading a bunch of crap on facebook lately, and much of the cesspool that facebook has become, is from the fact that America needs to grow the f*** up. There was this thing put up on there from some guy named Bob, asking is it better to date and establish a relationship older or younger. I always say older. Even to the degree of cougar status. Older women have fortunes or near fortunes, all ready established, which means she's not going to be after YOU to be a sugar Daddy. Unlike ones that are 10 to 20 years younger than you. The girls or women younger than 30 years old have many problems, first one , even though the law says its okay, a womans emotional stability isn't in her deep mind she's still a little girl, or very least late teen mentally. Meaning her mind is on fashion, not keeping a home. The second one is simple, financial need. The younger ones only want a guy to pay her bills, buy rides and get ridden. Past that there is no , nor can there be and degree of companionship. How can there be? Much of what you know and have experienced , she was just barely a toddler at that time and can not comprehend those ideas. I usually go for women that are within 10 years of mine either older or younger. 
Okay then CopenhagenSKOAL has this contest going on, at least on the sides of their product cans. Problem is, if you log onto their contest websites, the websites have no clue as to what the offer is. If ya'll can't do it, don't. 
Didn't go to Church this past Sunday, by the time I got off air, at 06:00 hours, I was ready only for slumber. But guess what? 13:00 came and who finally calls? Sidney. Now she wants the car. Problem is that offer expired. Since my plans on it are to fix it up and for the short time let my Shelly drive it. Then gut it and race it. Maybe in Pony Stocks? No word from Amber, and then there's this cat who lives next to me that said he and/or his old lady would be interested in the radio gig. Said he'd be over Saturday night. Of course he didn't come over. Problem is going to become, end of next month all remains of my , the Knytes and the WolfPack will be gone. And the only person to kick in the ass will be themselves. I think many of these younger fillies think that either I was offering or were hoping to jump the old Wolf. Maybe by doing so entrap the old wolf in a hey you got me knocked up scenario. Except; the old Wolf outside of the I do's in May, I'm already hitched. 
Yep I grew up, and rather rapidly. I never knew a so called childhood, I was working darn near out of the womb, and been doing business since age 6. Maybe the rest of our nation just has to grow the f*** up.
Radio in the morning.