Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just WHY do you like our page or group? and LyfeLessons 101

This happens every now and then, I'll see a notification from facebook, saying someone likes our page or one of our groups. Like HellBilly Truckers amongst others. To which I always ask why? Why do you like our group? Why do you like our page? And do you even have a clue what it is and what its all about? HellBilly Truckers and the published and now nationally distributed magazine of the same name was built on the idea, of a group, that loved old, worn out but still operational over the road trucks, no matter the configuration, make,model, or intended task it was meant to do, if you like old trucks and snazzy road honeys you were welcome. HellBilly Trucker Magazine was also meant to go head to head, or butt to butt as the case may be, with the likes of EasyRiders, Truck Rod, RatRod and similar publications. Plus HellBilly Truckers was to be an addition to HazzardAyre Gazzette the printed newspaper of the greater Twin Falls/Burley/Hazzard Idaho area. 
This was just before KDXB(now KDXZ)FM 105.7 the original flagship station of HazzardAyre Radio went on the air. HellBilly Trucker was conceived to be a good companion to HazzardAyre Radio.
Yet I still wonder why some people looking or trolling through the rest of the manure of facebook, make a piss stop on our pages and groups. Many have never ever contributed one single penny to the causes behind our organizations, I have yet to get an inquiry from any honey to be a photo pin up or anything similar, so why even take a gander at our pages and groups? I have always wondered if there's a way outside of an ad, that you rather our Club could get paid for every new person that clicked and wanted to join our pages and or one of the organization's groups. Or a way to have a big sign that reads; Serious Inquiries Only!! Then only Club members and Club supporters would go there. Everybody else would have to pay a nominal fee to join up. Of course I also have thought of building a Better than Facebook website, designed to being an anti-social site. 
Okay then lyfelessons 101. Two things amongst many that I have learned over the years. First when courting a lady to be your wife and life companion, remember your also courting that lady's family. Be it their Aunt Margie, Mother, Brother all of them. Even if you have no intention of ever meeting them, or you shoot a first warning shot that says leave us alone, they'll still stick their nose in. The only woman that I ever connected with that didn't think I was a wyld anti-social, anti-establishment greaser leadfoot, was Suzi. The rest did, but they all liked me anyway. CiCi's Mom became a bestie, (Best-Friend) Jan's entire family thought I was just enough wyld to be groovy, and oh yes Marla's folks were ready to hand me the key to the city. (Irrigon-Oregon) Even so, they didn't spend their entire day or night digging up bad bones on my or the Club. Yet Shelly's Aunt in Colorado seems to get joy, out of mud slinging. Oh well, guess you have to accept what you can't change.
Another LyfeLesson I learned , don't count on nothing until the contract is signed and key in your hand, and additionally go look at a place that your thinking of moving to, before you commit. If I'd have done that nearly 4 years ago, much more progress on many projects would have been done, and mucho money saved. However the other thing I have learned is simply that if your not looking for it, not depending on it and just go about life everyday, things do pop up. Two places that were taken, one in Twin Falls one in Burley Idaho became untook. So am sending in apps on both, and depending on weather venture over to take a look see if nothing else.
Now then; Someone told me that Shelly's Aunt had suggested that all I was after was Shelly's money. Really? Shelly, doesn't have much more money if any at all, than I do. After all, who has a dry, lit, heated, and comfortable place to reside complete with all creature comforts, from cable tv to albeit slow at times, Internet. And who sleeps in a tent, in a backyard and washes clothes in a bucket? Sure Shelly has helped keep the MC shop running over the last year from her contribution, in repayment to the club for some medical bills here that the club paid for. The other half of that Shelly, got a bit of seed money from some court action involving a cat. But that said, I make my own money and I along with the Club, can make our own way without much if any help from anyone. My entire intentions with Shelly is to gain a life's companion and life partner, not just a bed warmer. Sure Shelly is goofier than a rabbit shot in the ear, so am I, together I do think her and I have a real shot of becoming one helluva couple and rebuild one helluva empire. We don't need outside help. Sure there was a short order embroider that nearly took us to the cleaners and all so sweet covey dovey. When it came down to the put up or shut up point, it was a simple adios. That's why there's a long process of having a woman in the organization as a patched member. Women have their place, business ain't one of those places. 
So in closing if you like one of our pages or groups, how about telling us why, you like our page or group. Or don't ask to join.