Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When late night TV bores you, tune into HazzardAyre Radio and did you see what happened to Tomi?

It used to be that after the Tonight Show ended it was time for bed. There was no overnight television. Then came the Iran Hostage condition and of course cable TV. During the hostage fiasco, Tedd Koppel of ABC TV took on Nightline and soon after came CNN, FoX News and so on. If you wanted drama, or good movies they could be had, on TBS and TNT. So it went. Today most cable networks and of course satellite networks run 24/7/365. Problem is outside of that rare ratings sweep movie or marathon, or that just got to see news story or news show, the offerings on cable or satellite TV is junk. Heck even the Disney Channel has become a waste dump. Disney has been shooting itself in the foot, for pulling the plug on some image building shows, Disney Channel has been a yawning experience to say the least. Once Disney and Nick competed against each other. However because of the ever increasing costs of providing Viacom channels to local cable systems especially the smaller rural systems, Disney is riding high on a wave of this is it, don't like it? Tough. Then there are the dangers of TV. Just this past week, Glenn Beck, had to suspend his protege Tomi Lahren
 from the schedule on Beck TV for Tomi's stance on Pro Choice. See, too much rope hung her. The young princess got a bit too high on herself and her abilities especially in the popularity department that she opened her mouth in both Public as well as on TV and stepped on a land mine. OOps, bet she now wishes she had signed up with us here at HazzardAyre, huh? Speaking of that; When your viewing and/or listening choices are limited if even there, you have a choice, that IS us, here at HazzardAyre Radio. Speaking of which; Many of you have been going to our old channel looking for us. Which at some point we'll be there again when we start doing TV again. However for what we do on HazzardAyre Radio, which is strictly audio, the bandit called has worked absolutely perfect. Over the last while I have noticed things in my inbox from Livestream of some serious technical problems. Not that can't have tech snafu's but since I signed up with them, my shows get through. I can if I choose upload instantly on YouTube, as well as Mixcloud, post notices instantly on facebook that we're on the air. And if your not wanting to use all of your computer or are on a low bandwidth connection, Spreaker just works still. Dig this; Spreaker only costs $120.00 a month. Plus I get to choose if I run 5 hours, or 24 hours. If I were Livestream, I'd be taking a hard look at their structure because Spreaker, is biting their butts.
The other day, I pulled all the software of Livestream off of our main computer, kept it on my mini computer should we ever use Livestream again for video. but I think for the serious radio broadcaster, Spreaker just makes sense more over saves serious cents and dollars. 
Just tune in at