Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Does some freight haulers not use their brains, or are they just used to driving in Muslim nations?

I ran a call just a few ago, that made me an easy $380.00 which I'm happy about, since now I can pay my power bill, but I also wonder why theses turbin hat wearing freight haulers don't use their minds. Since this truck had twin screw axles why didn't he just flip the switch and drive out of the small snow bank? It's like some calling me at early morning hours to go out to the chicken coop, just to chain up some of these rigs. I make $40.00 doing that per call, but I think, would it be better for SWIFT, and other such company's to teach their drivers how to chain up, when hauling through Wyoming here. 
Speaking of which. I have nearly decided that for the next few months just to stay put here in Etown. I was going over finances and came to the conclusion that relocating(moving) right now to Twin Falls Idaho, is just too expensive. Plus I'd be loosing the traction for my action right now. After all while HazzardAyre Radio isn't making big bucks both Highway Hooker and Cooter's A1 Toewing is. Not big bucks, but at least a steady income that doesn't mess with my SSI. Not a bad thing. Sure its cold and snowy here, but snow and all keeps toew trucks moving, so here I remain. Which means next month gotta go exchange my dl from Idaho to Wyoming. Not a bad trade, at least for now.
Okay then, can somebody make a portable coffee cup that does not leak around the lid? Seems no matter which kind I buy, the damn things always leaks when a finagle around a corner trying to hold my coffee urn and master the steering wheel with one hand it always leaks. 
Whith that; do you start to think that the Disney Channel is pulling back from its program offerings? I begin to wonder that and maybe that's the goal that the Disney Channel is working to get rid if the mid teen demo targeted audience and shooting for the more tween and preteen demographic . Consider a Decendants 2  will hit screen this May, and this month a rework into a slight upgraded version of Repunsile with her golden blonde hair in animated form . I think too that and many reports indicate this; that Disney parent of ABC and ESPN, started loosing ratings numbers as it killed many good series style shows. It started when Disney killed Wizards of Waverly Place, then Shake-it-Up, the Good Luck Charlie, then Austin and Ally and the list goes on. They just killed two of the last survivors, Liv And Maddie and Girl Meets World. Killing Jessie was a  bad move on Disney's part. Bottom line Disney is degrading quick, and I'd hate to see Uncle Walt's company and dream, suffer to its death. After all who would buy Disney? Fox? I could just see what would happen if NBCUniversal, aka Comcast, bought Disney . Most of the major media firms especially cable networks are batteling a situation of people cutting the cord and watching video via streaming. The days of curling around the TV with a jigger of pop corn,(lotsa butter on mine please) are gone. Networks want to bundle everything but consumers want to select their own channels and get rid of what they never watch. Sling TV is such a company, that is in part owned by Dish Network, which talking is with Comcast. Want to see how fast Sling TV, gets bundled? As for me, I'm a TV junkie. I love to sit in front of my TV and absorb every bit of content. From Fox News Channle to LAFFTV running the older TV series's that I grew up with. From Cybil to Night Court. METV and of course Cozi, these channels have what I want to watch. Wholesome with just a pinch of nasty to make it interesting, but not harm anyone. Bo Duke, Roscoe and even Uncle Jessie long had the thought of putting a Hazzard style TV channel together that focused on the rural lifestyle. Sure RFDTV does do that up to a point, but they lost the concept of less old series and more AG news. Not bad, but how about getting to the nature of small town rural USA? Lets include TV series of and about truckers, Rodeo, and yes put the Dukes-of-Hazzard back on TV. If you wanted to dig deeper, one could air Baa-Baa Blacksheep, the series featuring the VMF 214. as well as Combat, 12-o-clock High, and such. then run movies of the same tastes. Then doing shows on the weekends of real farm based folks building hot rods and tricked out trucks. Sure Velocity, and the old Viacom, did PowerBlock, but how many rural people have shops with all that fancy equipment? Not many. So lets show how to build hot rides on a budget with limited tools. This is what SouthernSteele/HazzardAyre TV is all about. we will launch this in 2018, based in Randolph Utah and serving all of Southwestern Wyoming and the Wasatch Back of Utah. Eventually we will be a satellite/cable channel. 
So closing here, its time that some of these Turbin heads driving trucks learned how to drive in and around snow.
I'm not moving for at least 6 to 8 months due to financial limitations and hurting growth of my company, and last
A TV channel worth watching with a lot of Southern fried content.
Headed to food,