Tuesday, February 28, 2017

So what I changed from Skoal to Copenhagen, things change nothing remains the same

So what I decided to switch from my trusty good old Skoal smokeless to Copenhagen. As a famous philosepher once said, Everything changes, nothing remains the same. Or does it? I can say that the Knytes have changed a lot, we have went through 4 name swaps and renovations since 1990. While the Hazzard County Knytes remained steady, we added for market testing several handles to light our organizations candles. The Rode Knytes in 2004, the Knytes-of-Anarchy in 2008 arriving at the Knytes-of-Dixie, in 2015. However even with that, there are still many including Mirinda saying retro back to just the Hazzard County Knytes and leave it alone. So the decision to retain that and make the Hazzard County Knytes as a charter for the greater Twin Falls, including Hazzard and much of Gooding and Gooding County, is going on. However the Knytes-of-Dixie will remain as the umbrella organization. The only subsidiary that has not changed is the AyreWolvez. Founded in 1999 in Jerome Idaho as then the BlackSheep Aviation Association, the AyreWolvez has remained strong. In fact if truth be known the AyreWolvez has been the Fathership of the entire organization since 2004. The other part of that was the increased need for bringing on ladies as models for military aircraft nose art as well as old style military pin up girls. 
As for me since I have resided here in Etown Wyoming, I have changed. Not always for the better, but changed I have. I'm no longer as trusting as I used to be, If someone wants to do business with me or for that matter the organization, its show me the money first. Or at least a sample of product or whatever it might be. I'm no longer just trusting in saying lets try this. As far as people, I only trust three(3) here in Etown. One is my road brother Rick, my go to tech Nate, and my Bishop. Past that I don't trust no body. Likewise on line I only trust my SheWolf and our Texas Angel, past that I don't trust no one online. Either on Facebook, or Twitter or any of them. Trusting anybody or offer on Grand old Facebook, is like bending over, pulling down your jeans and saying take your best shot, and them giving it to you right up your hiney hole. I've got more to share with you here, later in the day, but know this, if you want to get into or be close to me, best show me the green, or do something for the Knytes, I'm tired of getting bitten by the ass. 
L8R Ya'll