Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Leaving here going elsewhere for awhile


Just thought you needed to know, I’ll be drifting off to work up another blog page for the club.

Find us on , when there’s something to report on HazzardAyre Radio it’ll be here, the rest of our clubs skuttlebutt will be on Hazzard Journal.

Keep it tween the ditches.

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Don’t web advertisers review who they send spam to?


Those with intelligence need not apply. Must be the keywords of those posting spam and ad’s on the various free email accounts I use. Example, our club’s email addy, must be seen as a person rather than the email of a hot rod, biker, warbird enthusiasts organization. So I’ll get tons of stuff, from advertisers asking questions that would be posed to a person rather than a club, or organization. Same goes for the flash ups I get on Facebook. Most are aimed at me desiring me to subscribe to some online fox hunt or dating site. Really? I ain’t interested. Many of those are just teasers, nobody that looks like those gals on there really are having problems finding male companionship, quite the opposite. Many are getting boned at minimum of 8 times a day, and usually have someone at home by the name of Bubba. In words of the Ace, If the chassis is classy , someone’s keeping it happy. Then I’ll get someone pitching other things usually with a super hottie, as the front or face on the ad.

I’ve learned not to click on those , they usually have an adware or other similar harmware program attached to them. Trouble is one can’t always report these to Facebook, and all of them even as well off as they are, beit, Facebook, Yahoo, or even Google, are hungry for dollars from advertisers, and so they take no time to screen advertisers for authenticity, or being what they say they are, or that its not a front from some damn hacker somewhere. Question is the intelligence quota of any of these firms must be the least of the criteria for hiring. It’d be as if we here at HazzardAyre hired just anyone without our long term prospective trial period. Anyone could get on air that had no allegiance to anything Hazzard , SAMCRO , or warbirds. That will not happen with us, but why don’t these bigger deep pocket companies do that?

Speaking of HazzardAyre, and I’d like to thank the many of you doing the tuning in, as ya’ll have made us proud. Got word yesterday that HazzardAyre Radio took the number one place of overnight on air ratings in both Nielsen and Arbitron, in 8 western states, not too bad for a show that is purely a syndicated satellite fed show. Figure out what happens once we go live over the air come October, on our renewed station license and our own station based out of both Buhl, Idaho, and Wendover Utah.

Again thank you to our fans. According to the ratings 411, 15,million of you tune in nightly and 28,million of you tune in at least once a week. Again thank you.

If that’s good for us , which it is, wait until we go to TV as well as OTA, radio here and still in syndication.

Any flyte, big day Wednesday, catch you in the PM Wed, here on the pages of HazzardAyre.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out.
--Rodney Dangerfield
Proverbs 21:21“Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.”

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do women's feet stink?


short foot 10097284831

The answer to the question of , Do Women’s feet stink? is , it depends on whose sniffing.

If its another woman sniffing yes they’ll stink, like a guy smelling another guy in the gym locker room, you stink to other guys. Why? It’s a mating thing.

Women when they perspire give off pheromones, that tell the male that the particular woman wants to mate. It’s the same thing that our 4 legged Wolf friends give off when a beta female wolf is in heat. The scent is to tell the male, need to have off spring.

Unlike our wyld wolf counterparts, the human female gives off scents that says hey baby I want a baby. Unlike our wyld wolf friends, human females are a bit more picky.

Much of that comes in the form of at least first look, of does the guy have means? Is he endowed with money. You can be an average looking guy, but look like you have money women swarm all over you.

I have an associate, named Jared. He is not by any measure a good looking guy, but through his Dad, has fancy tow trucks, and on the surface money. As a result a great looking wife. Take away the big ass’d tow service , he’d have as much a chance of scoring a super hottie as I do now. In the same lane, I used to not have any trouble, getting babes. Why? Mom & Dad and our big farm operation near Hazzard. In essence we had money. Thought of women in the area, be good to me, you get a great pay day. I’d loose many as fast when they found out, that the very reason the Trusteeship was created was to prevent just that, me being outsmarted by a pair of hot legs and long eye lashes, and loose the estate. I can remember not too long after Mom passed away. Dad was gone 4 years prior. All of a sudden there was a swarm of women teasing the old Wolf here. Thankfully, besides the Trustee , there was Ricky and Allan , as well as the club. One damaging gal, by the name of Sophia Rice was the worst. She nearly got past the front gate into the house, thankfully, Ricky got her out.

So to answer the front line question do women’s feet stink? Depends on whose doing the sniffing, and for the record , despite popular belief, toes in nylon hose smell better simply because the folks who make nylons, put in scent cells in the fabric that remove odor, and release a bit of a pleasant scent, that resembles cinnamon.

More after the show.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
Reason often makes mistakes, but conscience never does.
--Josh Billings
Proverbs 21:21“Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.”

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A burning question that needs answered in the cold of night.


There are hours upon hours I get strange calls from other parts of the Union, from listeners and interested prospective members of the Knytes.

One of those came just a short while ago so I’ll put this out as best as I can.

I would be lying if I said the club was what it was when it started. It isn’t. While nobody has declined to continue their membership, and all there are those many that have distanced themselves, none the same. Either by geographically distance or fear of the club being able to stay glued together.

Most if not all the club has began to swing towards the Winged Warriors and our mission there. The fact that 70% of our current membership is military and as a result in the air flying for defense of our nation in Marine or Naval Aviation, makes the swing towards the Winged Warriors logical. But that said, to forgo what we started with is lost is not realistic. Of the founding 10 that met on that night in Hagerman at the Polish Palace only 5 remain in the Magic Valley. Of those only 3 remain in a station of life to render service to the club. The rest have, wives, children and jobs and business’s of their own and just do not have time to give proper service to the club that they once did. But are faithful to the club should the need arise. I remain as active as I was, because although never given the authority or ability, to being President, I was the one who was at the building of the foundation and became part of the glue that has held the club together , through many years that the club could have broken up all together.

That burning question of is the club still solid and should someone still want to be a member, I say and I might be biased is hell yes. The fact that the current pendulum has swung towards more things ayrecraft rather than our traditional big rig OTR trucks and muscle cars and trucks, might be of concern, thing is we all yearn for fast trick trucks and big block American V-8 rides, the fact that we in some cases would rather take that horsepower to 30,000 feet, on wings is a question every member needs to ask itself.

The fact that the Dukes-of-Hazzard will always be a center focus of what we are is one thing, the fact that there has been made room for Airwolf and the BlackSheep is another.

To answer that burning question, should someone with a Hazzard heart and a hot rod under their britches join the club, I say yes, by all means. But be sure you want to be in the club, do it because you want to be of service to the club, and the communities the club is in as well as your own, and should you gain enough member prospects in a given area, consider setting up a charter of your own. Knowing that the current officers can vote for or against that charter. Voting membership comes only after satisfactory service to the club, swearing in, including the blood oath ceremony, and by obedience to club rules. By deeds not just lip service. Then and only then do you gain voting and full membership. That can take up to three years.

Any mile hope that answers the question.

Now then I must answer this too.

The reason for the urgency of HazzardAyre Radio to go full power, and all is so that many who have fallen off the beaten path or have allowed their membership to become complacent, is this. There are just too many members who don’t know the club is still here, even in the Magic Valley. Considering outside of those in Military service still deployed just have not kept up knowing or knowing where to read what it is I hammer out here every day.

Example; It wasn’t until 2010, two years after I had arrived back in the area, that I made contact with a founding member. I thought he was still in the big house on Gowen field in Boise. Same goes for one I thought still pushing 18 wheels that lived in Bliss even when I lived there. One moved to Nevada, who nobody knows location of, and it’d be hard to get him to return to the valley. Heck many thought I’d died. It wasn’t until I started writing for Monkey Bizzness, that became the Hazzard Gazzette and now HazzardAyre, that anyone knew the club still had a charter here. Most figured the club was transplanted to Utah, and eastern Idaho. As far as Magic Valley Idaho, the club was a mere shadow. I caught wind of a funding source that I’m investigating, but we need to do more. Current thoughts being, keep the studio/office in Buhl, but while I go to Flight School, create or recreate the radio net from Utah and in two years come back and resume here. Can’t say I’m not leaning that way strongly, depends on Sylver and a few willing to start jumping in now. Is HazzardAyre and our radio gig done here? No!! , but we might put it on hiatus and start the fire in Utah first where resources to do it are greater, the retransplant it back here.

Need rest see ya’ll in the PM Tuesday.



Quote of the Day:
Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.
Psalm 33:4-5“For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.”

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Monday, February 4, 2013

So how did the Highway Hooker become Cooter?

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It was 1981, Salt Lake City AutoRama, after months of 25 hour days getting our General Lee together to go to that illustrious custom show, of which many thought was more real than the hollowed out one Hollywierd had brought, I was in our provided motel room, thinking one night. Neither myself nor Bro looked anything like Bo or Luke Duke, and although was a force to be reckoned with, Dukes we weren’t, but I did resemble Cooter (Ben Jones) of the show at least the image on TV. Both Cooter and I looked alike, drove a tow truck in a tiny farm town, built hot rods in a small farm town and in reality the General Lee was always parked at the shop, well together made the real honest to goodness Hazzard County Garage in Hazzard(Hagerman) Idaho, well , REAL. So I put the Highway Hooker label away on a back shelf, took on the handle of Dixie Toewing coupled with the Hazzard County Garage, and that was the foundation for the creation of the Hazzard County Knytes, that today hails as the Knytes-of-Anarchy.

The club changed names in 2008, as many of the members wanted to lift the club out of so much rural, into more urban/rural. Which I and a few others thought was dumb , but hey we were the minority of the club. The majority ruled and change was made.

After that the similarities between us and the Sons of Anarchy came. We stated in numerous blog entries and media blasts, that we were more OTR truckers than bikers, but like bikers, loved an open road, few Smokies(cops) and good fast food. Most liked hotter women , and so on.

But then a thing happened, the real, SAMCRO MC contacted me, from reading the blogs, we made a agreement, and HCC and a small part of the Knytes became part of SAMCRO MC , and became the Idaho Charter, thereof. In exchange we got some financial help which we needed and still enjoy.

However we have not forgotten our Hazzard roots, nor gave up on what we are truly about.

So to answer , where , or how I became Cooter of Idaho. Now you know.

In light of that however I must say, that as of this year I gave up that title. Ben Jones deserves that handle and I give that up, but not my love for all things Hazzard. I will carry two, namesakes, AyreWolf and Highway Hooker. But Dixie Toewing and the Hazzard County Garage still are alive.

Bed time, more again in the PM, but this was a question asked on the radio show Monday night so I thought I’d tell you.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
True friends stay friends.
Psalm 33:4-5“For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.”

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Us and RFDTV plus where do they find these women?

HAZZARDAYRE TAG 1after the show hedder

In 2008 I was introduced to RFDTV through a mash up of channels on a satellite system out of Glenn’s Ferry. (Lots happened there, some good mostly bad,) so I began watching. Patrick and his crew there did a fantastic job, and in many cases still do. Although there are certain hosts of programs that should have stayed silent from the day’s of U.S. Farm Report, by and large I loved RFDTV. I still like it, and although when they took over Family Net and my one program Movin On here got axed I still love the majority of the programs. Especially the kountry music block on Sunday’s. With A Look Back, HeeHaw, Country Diner, and all I really love RFDTV. So in fever , I sent I don’t know how many requests to their ad sales department, and got pretty much the same reply, that they felt we were not a good match for RFDTV. What? Not a good match, really? An organization founded on the image and beliefs of the Dukes-of-Hazzard, tell me a show or group more matched to rural USA than the Knytes? Proud of our rural roots, and wanting and working to bring a few of the enjoyments of urban life to rural Idaho, like faster broadband Internet to areas not able, but was it that we got into hot women that made the decision makers at RFDTV not want to take us on as a advertiser? After all, there is HeeHaw, and that’s about as hot a women as I want to see.

How about one of those farm shows , doing a bit or article story on us who do farm aviation? From crop dusting to what is termed precision agriculture. It takes real skill, flying those fields between fence rows, power lines and roads putting down those chemicals that keep those fields producing a crop.

What about us kountry guys, who on a Saturday night gather at a dirt 1/8th mile track and race for points and a trophy, the real beginnings of what we call NASCAR, beyond the shine runners. By now you all get the idea.

Seems as though RFDTV avoided being cut off at CoX Cable except in a few markets. Maybe those markets that were thinking about it, know something we all don’t. But whatever. I truly think Patrick and RFDTV have a good network in all of them, and we’d like to be part of it. Maybe if we keep poking Patrick, he’ll get his people to at least give us a call back, and talk on it some more.

Okay then, speaking of hot gals and rides.

If you look at most performance automotive publications, one will find gals with a featured ride. Many of these gals are from an agency, the rest is the question I always ask, where do they find these gals?

295435_331589320284210_254286893_n481067_336314746478334_599077965_n819279_335519796557829_1544627984_o528907_331562116953597_470309988_nIt ain’t from our area. If there are some here that are that daring I ain’t finding em.

Which brings us to this; Although late getting going here, the Knytes-of-Anarchy is once again searching for a Miss Hazzard County 2013/14. GP, is a $150K modeling contract, and prize package. Miss Hazzard County will be featured of course of our website, that is ready to launch except for the female eye candy. So if there are any of you so daring, email, a pic or two of you, to and tell us your story. I’ll tell you more on where the big beauty contest will be held in March.

See ya’ll in the PM Tuesday, and congrats to RFDTV you won again, and hope to see more in 2013. Good job Patrick.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
--Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Psalm 33:4-5“For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.”

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toew dreams

Monday in Hazzard is not like Monday elsewhere

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Life in Hazzard is unlike anywhere else. Maybe a bit more high octane, but better organized I think.

You go to what food store we have in Hazzard , and things are in the right place, mayo is near ketchup and mustard, next to the pickles, next to the bread , cheese and salami. But not in nearby Twin Falls. Stopped in the Fred Myers there and came away without the cheese, pickles, and unless I got the help I got, might have dumped the concept of the salami. Freddies might be part of the Kroger family, but their kissing cousins Smith’s at least put things in a place you can find em. And oh yes, the Smiths in Burley is a better store as well.

So came home here to the house, and put in an old video of my old TV shows in Pocatello. The time frame may have changed but the content and the projects ain’t changed much. Looking back , when that peanut brained bikini bouncer and I got into a penus swinging contest fight, the smarter thing then would have been go back into Utah or Wyoming, not west to Glenn's Ferry.

Which brings me to the paranoia subject I mentioned yesterday on WyldAyre.

The synopsis here was , I was there in the new house, finally relaxing from the stress in Pocatello. This young gal who lived next door, was outside on this pogo stick. She was in the dumps, I simply asked what’s wrong? She responded that she needed money for school supplies. Now photographing a tween for anything is not the number one thing on our list, but we as a club thought hey when we have the air show there in GF, shoot some shots of her in a flight suit, give her some extra cash, and that be that.

Whoa , there was this stuck up city council dude that made that concept out to being everything it wasn’t, and ultimately we dumped not only the air show but the renovation of that communities airport that it truly needed. Now added to that, besides the damn airport, but the Knytes had eyes on what was the Trophy club, and putting the media HQ upstairs, the Boars Nest Bada Bing bar restaurant downstairs. In essence putting the flavors of the Soprano’s and Hazzard in one place. But piss us off in one place, don’t expect us to branch out and extend our kindness’s elsewhere. The Knytes have became very cynical and choosy any more.

Example, before 2007 , putting our Hazzard flavor radio on with hiring female co-hosts was a pay gig. We paid every week. Problem was after a few gals made $2,500.00 every week, many gals split. There went the money, the costs of training everything. So that’s why we said nope. If some skirt wants in , responds to a help wanted ad, have be here for a time usually 30 to 60 days, and if they stay, pay em for the past 60 days, and have em sign the contract. But at least you knew by then, you had someone you could count on. Those number 8 that live elsewhere, now, but fact is, a phone call or plane trip away they’re here.

It’s a shame our society has gotten this way, used to be you spit and shook someone's hand that deal whatever it was , was done. You kept your word. But today seems everything has to be on paper.

There are tons of things that I wish we as a club, or our population as a society could return to.

When I sit having coffee and Mary’s and Larry’s in Hazzard and look upon the hardly changed main street and see a vision of a Norman Rockwell painting, I think have we really progressed in our world? The thing is sadly I think we haven’t. We’re more bitter, untrusting and way too critical of our neighbors.

If you go investigating why someone is at your farm neighbors house that you figure ought not to be there, its you that will get cited for trespassing. There are exceptions, but it’s a shame.

The Knytes-of-Anarchy never pledges or thinks of ourselves as superior to anyone. Fact is its in our core to not make a member or anyone more important than another as everyone is equal. We are creations of God above and all have our frailties. We all make mistakes, and we all have our limitations. In the same lane and I wish my parents hadn’t instilled this in me, as a kid, my Dad always said, don’t bitch , fix. In essence don’t complain , do something about it. Example; when we used to gripe that the only TV in Hazzard was from the restrictive KMVT 11 then, it was the club, that got money together and erected that translator on Bell Rapids, to bring in the channels from Boise. When cable was merely a thing of our bigger cities like Twin falls and Jerome, it was the inventive bunch partly the Knytes, with some help from some undergraduates, Karl Upiono and a few others that built a small dish, with some rework on cable scramblers that created a thing called PrimeStar that became Dish Network. But we really never got credit for that, all too bad, but we made a difference. This is what the Knytes do. Find problems and put the bur under the saddle of community leaders to solve infrastructure problems.

The Knytes are not just a bunch of over sexed, radical rebels, on two, four and six wheels, or flying vintage warbirds. We use what simple means we have to help the communities we live in, and maybe yes in the eye of TV , we like good TV too, as long as it does not cost the price of a tank of fuel. If you’re a working person, you have a choice, buy gas to go to work, or pay for the cable bill. This is why Southern Steele Tech was created, that gave birth in 1998 to Confederate Star Media, that goes to Confederate Star TV, and is the parent of both HazzardAyre and WyldAyre Radio. We are constantly urging and prompting the people of RFDTV to join forces but those talks are mildly warm. I couldn’t even watch the Super Bowl , why? I can’t afford cable TV. Without cable, no other TV except KCTF 45. Too bad. But what about the rest of you? This opens a door. How about a OTA(Over The Air) TV channel, that can bring modern mixed urban and rural programming, of cable quality. That’s the goal of Confederate Star TV.

Yesterday, and I saw a few clips of it, of an ad on the Super Bowl, done by Ram(Dodge) Trucks, saluting the farmer. The Kountry way of life the way we lived and live is to be treasured, not dismissed. The roots of the Knytes is in rural America, and yes rural Magic Valley Idaho.

So to those many people that love to give the middle finger to the Knytes, and those that balk at the Dukes-of-Hazzard, Both were born on the thresholds of rural America, and its rural America that we work for.

Both the Knytes and The Dukes-of-Hazzard may not be on TV right now, but both of us are not going anywhere. And maybe somebody at Cable One will decide that having us as a partner is not as bad as having us as an advisory. More over maybe Cable-One could look past , past due bills, and put cable back into the studio of HazzardAyre, as a help, so we can help the valley.

Nope Monday in Hazzard County, but then I’d not want to be anywhere else than Hazzard. Although for my own company survival I may have to.

That in Tuesday’s edition.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
Dishonesty, cowardice and duplicity are never impulsive.
--George A. Knight
Psalm 18:1-2“[Psalm 18] For the director of music. Of David the servant of the LORD. He sang to the LORD the words of this song when the LORD delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul. He said: I love you, LORD, my strength. The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Even when the show ends the work don’t stop

EWJ HEDDERafter the show hedder

Even when I go off air the studio work continues. From researching material for the next show, to writing copy, to screening music to editing tape, and playlists it’s a constant rumble. I’m lucky if I see my bed by 07:00 hours. Even then I have to wake out of a solid sleep to swap tapes, or correct a computer glitch, Hey it happens.

The trouble I’m looking at directly in the nose is trying to do this when we lay the last ounce of carpet and all at the Buhl studio. How do I keep track of it all from the house in Twin? I know hire someone. Right? Nope tried that. Only one stepped forward and is staying in step, but she lives in Filer and has childrens. How about someone that’s preferably female stepping up and going to work at the new studio. If nothing else as the stations tender. I would say baby sitter, but its more to make sure all is running okay, late at night or in an emergency. Why a woman? To deal with the 3 women that will be on air RIO’s or second seats or co-anchors, depending on how you want to label it. The fact that women deal with other women better than some guy or the rest of our male crew who are more ruff around the edges more so than even I. If I spook some of these women who have applied , can you imagine some of the club showing up in club vests or cuts as we call em? Plus having a gal to recruit other feminitiles to enter the Wolf’s Den there to do radio or photo shots for promo projects.

October is a distance away, but we as a club , need to have our game on long before then, or no new FCC tag, and we’ll loose it all.

Picked a new spot for the Western version of the infamous Boars Nest, near OUR Hazzard, Idaho.

Watch here for deets.

So in summary why don’t I give up and sell out? If a 14 year old girl in the desert of New Mexico, can create and run a station and syndicated show, likewise if a blind man in a wheel chair can create a station , then we damn well can take HazzardAyre radio to the altitude we need it to be and what our public demands.

Talking of sleep,

Nyte Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
For Sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.
--William Shakespeare
1 Corinthians 2:9“However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”— the things God has prepared for those who love him—”

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