Sunday, September 18, 2016

Due to problems of a computer problem, all things HazzardAyre Radio will be off line until the first week of October

It was obviously unexpected and caught me fully unaware but the big bad cyber crook took me by the pubic hairs. For some odd unknown reason all my Google Chrome apps from Blogger to some things YouTube has been going through hell. First started when I noticed my url address bar had narrowed to a just barely noticeable . Postings were not going direct to phone or email as usual and that's the short story. While I'll attempt a on air and online show Monday morning tomorrow still the amount of air time is going to be limited. Codi will be here on the 30th to attempt to rectify the maladies involving Chrome, on our main brain, still until then , I'm going to the shop more than being on air.
We regret this problem beyond our control but its the modern techno world we live in.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dr. Lisk on MANswers - Binge Drinking

Maybe by the year 2535 Computers will not be full of crap and Introducing Hazzard County University

I always dream of the Star Trek Computers, that except in a short time, but always fixes itself and never screws up. Data entry is by voice command, there are no browser malfunctions and it seems universal translation to all computers. No virus', no malware nothing like that. However have been going through hell this evening trying to get things in line to attempt to do a radio show here in about two hours. Or is my problems just that of giant Google and good old Google's  Blogger program? Would be the first time. The only damn reason I use Google Chrome as well as blogger, is that my posts are instantly posted to my gmail inbox. If it were not for that, I'd dump both, but maybe by 2535 if man is still around, things like this won't be a problem any more.

Okay then , questions abound all over the place, from which state has the largest population of native born blonde women, to which state has the largest amount of absolutely stupid people. To how to know if the gal your drueling over is really a guy. Think of it as the series on Spike TV a few years ago called Manswers, only done Hazzard County Style. On the Facebook page, on HazzardAyre Radio and in the HazzardAyre Gazzette printed version, we'll attempt to answer or really research the subjects, many search for but rarely find. And in most cases its not going to be on either Google, Yahoo, or Bing. 
See ya'll on the radio later on 

Friday, September 9, 2016

At least we are transparent and not afraid of fall out, we still deliver

So in an effort to snoop out how to get in touch with Tomi, from BlazeTV I found that there is a sneaky virus on there that makes sending a email or even making a phone call near impossible. Because of that for nearly 48 hours now been going through fits and virus scans on ye ole Betsy our trusty computer and I think we're flowing again. Thing is does Glen or his tech gurus even know there's a clog in the drain? The other question is why doesn't Tomi have her own radio show on Glen, Beck's network? Like I have said its not in the condition, of a lucious blonde thing, its that I respect her as the lady of a Navy Seal, as a broadcaster, and how she gets it done. I watch her at 4:00PM MST, on Blaze(CH-228) here and at 9:00PM MST time here. Once she done, I flat turn the channel. This young filly could be a new upcoming news media star. And demands ones attention.
But I also see a bunch of lets hide behind a cloaking shield to make sure no one can contact us. 
In the situation of HazzardAyre/DixieDiesel, Radio and upcoming HazzardAyre TV, but from our founding in 1983 and even as a syndicated program delivered over a ISDN line, We have trucked the radio highways with many of you out heavy and light hauling, and always, I mean ALWAYS have been able for you to get in touch with us. Whether to tell us we are doing good, or that we are doing not so good. Plus outside of times when our systems go down and that's to be expected, after all they are, albeit electronic, but still mechanical. stuff wears out and needs replaced and/or adjustment. Yet the rest of the time we still deliver our shows.
Our new hire didn't show up yet today, there could be a number of reasons, from she changed her mind, caught the bad rumors of us here in ETown, hey can't help it, when your the Wolf in amongst the sheep, your bound to not be the first recommendation of the locals. Our topics are a bit brash, our music more edgy, and we operate just on the fringe of being legal, but we still get it done. But the option is hers, and no one is going to hold a gun to her head. But we are deadly style radio, and we must be doing something right for lasting this long.
Hitting the rack until late this afternoon.
See ya'll on the radio.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Can you legally not hire Millenials? But more mature employees?

In today's era, the likely hood of you having to hire a under 40 something employee is more probable than winning the lottery.  You no longer can be complimentry  or kind to anyone, nor overly friendly. Doing so will cause you pain. Both in legal problems as well as sleepless nights. Case n point; March of this year, went into a local bar here in Etown, and complimented one who works there in doing a fine job with extreme precision. So was chatting with a associate about the bar the Knytes had in mind here. So this gal named Lexi overhears it, and gives me her phone number. When I followed up on that as well as mentioned other projects the club was into, she pretty much divorced both the Club and I from herself. No big, who cared? Pretty much forgot about her in view of everything else, that was going on. So a few weeks ago, was at the Legal again, chatting with one of the security guards there, and the conversation led to the discovery that Lexi, had a S-10 Blazer she might want to sell. Contacted her, never heard from her and disguarded that. So a few days ago, Church had some picinic going on at one of the local parks. With some reluctance I went. As the evening progressed one of the kids from our ward went to the swings, well guess who was there? Yep Lexi and her brood. One of many of these, but a seasoned person, might have just shrugged it all off as a teasing at the bar, and moved on. This is not the first time. Remember the little twit, at NGL a wireless internet company here in Etown? When I first got here and needed to both get online and all went to NGL since AllWest don't serve where  I hung my hat at the time. Told the little twit there that she was bright and knowledgeable. As a result of im maturity, can't get service from NGL if my life depended upon it. 
When , I'm interviewing for new hires, either for my company or the Club's radio gig, I try very hard to find the over 30 somethings preferably the mid 40's to late 50's demographic to hire from. After all, with no real knowledge of the era of which much of our programming is based the mid 70's to mid 80's, how is one going to perform or do a radio much less a TV show based on those platforms? Of course there are exceptions, I see on BlazeTV Tomi on there 22 years old, engaged to a Navy Seal currently deployed who does on helluva show. Maybe my friend Beth Ann of CSC Talk Radio ought to have her on her daily talk show and vice versa, that'd be on helluva show as well. That said, are exceptions, older women as well as men who are older, perform better, are not as jittery about off the wall humor, and have greater follow through than younger potential new hires. 
We'll be chatting on this, on today's show.