Sunday, September 18, 2016

Due to problems of a computer problem, all things HazzardAyre Radio will be off line until the first week of October

It was obviously unexpected and caught me fully unaware but the big bad cyber crook took me by the pubic hairs. For some odd unknown reason all my Google Chrome apps from Blogger to some things YouTube has been going through hell. First started when I noticed my url address bar had narrowed to a just barely noticeable . Postings were not going direct to phone or email as usual and that's the short story. While I'll attempt a on air and online show Monday morning tomorrow still the amount of air time is going to be limited. Codi will be here on the 30th to attempt to rectify the maladies involving Chrome, on our main brain, still until then , I'm going to the shop more than being on air.
We regret this problem beyond our control but its the modern techno world we live in.