Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Truth is out there if you want to find it

The truth is out there if you want to scratch, dig , and claw your way to it. Our entire nation is going through I think, a soul searching. If you talk to the children and even mid century culture of today, few if any of them have a real grip on the need of voting and the fact that two people that should not be in the running for President of this nation are. Sure the concept by many that Donald Trump is the champion of the nations salvation. When he too is about as corrupt as can be. Even some of our southern brethren, are bowing to the Republican party to elect this actor being elected mostly to just fill or play the part of our commander in chief . Our ancestors were mostly Democrat, after just a few years of the war of Northern invasion. Hilary Clinton whom one would think would be one we could trust since her husband was the Governor of Arkansas and all, but that ends at the Brooklin Bridge. She can't be trusted either. The debates both Presidential and Vice Presidential were mokeries of what they should be. Nobody talks issues. But in all honest we have only ourselves to blame. We gave the boot to all the contenders that could have made a difference, From Carson, to Bush. When the 10th of November comes and we all hang our heads wondering how the joker got in the oval office, will we as the Confederate nation, then contribute financially and effort wise to get someone to go to bat and belly up to the bar to run as a Presidential candidate in 2020? 
Been off air, last two days, had a touch of the flu, Shelly's money never got here cause someone hacked her account, and while CL is here, she hasn't been on cyber air yet. That will come Monday or so. Plus last night, had a perfect show all chalked up, but the computer had a shit head attack, so at 02:30 hours, I said piss on it and went to bed.