Saturday, October 15, 2016

Some days you get the bear, most days the bear gets you. Fair and Balanced my butt

Some days you get the bear, some days in fact most days the bear get's you. In my tiny world it usually goes to three things, Computers since I HAVE to use em for the radio thing, the Google apps and all in fact completely freezing on me is becoming a usual rather than occassional situation. If it's not my Google Desktop, its running or as is the case lately not running Google Chrome as my prime browser. Mostly using IE instead. Seems things hold a bit longer. That said, much of what used to run easily doesn't since Google divorced Adobe which means streaming well over Google is a bit of a challenge. Glad I have a geek in the radio op now. 
The next situation that kills me, is rides. It don't matter if its LexiBelle, Lil Wolf or the General, these ultra freezing temps, and all kills vehicles. All the year of 2013 and prior, sure I had the oil leak, plus the battery situation, the oil leak was supposed to have gotten repaired by an asswipe in Heyburn Idaho prior to me getting a shop. Of course same was true here in Evanston. Got charged damn near $500.00 but found not one bolt had been turned on the truck. Still looking into legal action there. LexiBelle, is able just need to find the power drain on the battery and finish the rest of the rewire. Then she's up for service, after new tires. Which is overall why I rent a damn shop. It's not so much to make a buck, its just to service my rides, since few if anyone here is willing or able to work on someone with a military pension plus Social Security. 
The last relates. I reviewed a bunch of things in my files on my laptop relating to life in and near Twin Falls and overall Idaho. Much of the problems there were because of a foundation trustee that was aging rapidly due to type1 diabetes along with other maladies. Then came the melt down of the radio gig in Gooding, due to my cousin as well as a Post Office that somehow lost me right in Gooding Idaho. Same carrier and everything but somewhere between 8th street and my then studio being a mere 8 blocks away, still lost it. How the shit does that happen? Rent payments were due finally old man Strickland booted us out rather sneaky, and confiscated a whole bunch of equipment, music, and so on. Thankfully Erin stuck with me through that ride as well as now. But money has always been a problem. We make tons of the green stuff , but the $600,000.00 investment my cousin Bud made into some annuity, that went nipples up, and all then my pension and SSI being handled by Bud, still it wasn't until I got to Ogden Utah and got a honey there that was a legal shrink to sign the paper saying I was able to handle my own affairs. Had Bud and some quack in Idaho done that a heap of a lot of things would have been different, club money would have flowed better as well. After that it was Utah and yes I'll admit I'm no good at money management which is why I have TinkerBelle here to help with that as well. When it comes to HazzardAyre and all she is the CFO, or Chief Financial Officer for that. I'm stepping back from doing the money handling. I ain't no good at it. 
On the radio thing, good news, got word from the legal Eagles of the organization this morning AM 1240 Evanston Wyoming is ours. Facility number 200208 is ours. Likewise our FM at 105.7 has been approved by the FCC, Both on higher power than currently, just need now to find a studio for it and get new gear, including new computers yes at least 5, to handle what we need, plus new digital gear for the studio. All of that is in the hands of TinkerBelle.
Now then, according to SheWolf, her funds somehow got put on another card or something which plugged up the cash flow. So says SheWolf , money should be recovered by Monday. 
Okay then; the election. Plus politics all around. I was listening in on YouTube on Zeb Bell's show. Zeb is a pretty good feller and very knowledgeable on most things. He acts subdued and meek and mild, but even though he's a cowboy at heart, Zeb is a straight shooter. So he was chatting up on Hilary and her ilk, plus the things that Trump has done, much of which makes my exploits very pale to, if it comes down to it, I'll vote Johnson, until such time a confederate gets put up for a run at the White House,. With that said, Zeb was barking on this BLM or Black Lives Matter junk, and how some school in Oregon is going to have teachers wearing BLM T shirts to classes there. One lady called in and was chatting about what if they wore a American flag T shirt with Americans Matter on it. That's fine and good, but how about us putting up some shirts and give attention to our flag The Flag of Dixie? 
 on a T shirt or openly displayed it, and said this too is not only Southern heritage and history, but American history? Fair and balanced my butt.
Like Liv Maddie says it, " Bam What?" 
 See ya'll tonight maybe on air if the computer don't collapse.