Sunday, June 29, 2014

For the love of Ayre


As many of you know, Hill Air Force Base threw open its gates this past weekend to host another Air Force based airshow.

While my health did not allow me to go, from those of the Wolf-Pack that went told me I didn’t miss much if anything at all.

While it was a good crowd and loud, the exhibits of military warbirds of yesteryear was near none existent. Many displays were static, and the few new aged warbirds, had ladders, locked and covered canopies and no real access to anything.

Maj. Mason told me that it cost near $8.00 just for a soda , small soda at that.

Snow cones and the like were selling at $5.00 . Forget about eating.

The interesting thing will be to see the real admission numbers. I’ll bet it wasn’t what the USAF had expected.

On the flip wyng, The Wolf-Pack has on its bulletin board an AyreShow of epic proportions. With REAL vintage warbirds, helicopters and some serious air aerobatics not to mention a few air races. Of course there will be educational booths and four warbird new aged simulators to give attendees of all ages a taste of what it really is like to fly combat as well as 9 G take off’s, stalls and more.

Two concerts in the Bandstands, and of course food from Southern fried, to country pride grub. Even an original powdered egg, and Vienna Sausage breakfast, on day two.

Of Course day three will have in the evening the 2016 SheWolves Pin Up girl contest, where audience cheers and voting will determine the first 12 of the 24 gals for the 2016 AyreWolvez Calendar. If you haven’t pre ordered your tickets yet, I’d do so. Its free of course, but you’ll need the ticket to get in.

The new website that will run separate from the Knytes’ will have the 411 on the ayreWolvez AyreShow 2015.

On the subject of the new site, there is talk of re-establishing AyreWolf Radio under AyreWolfFM, we’ll let you know, but it could be a great side.



Quote of the Day:
The depth and the willingness with which we serve is a direct reflection of our gratitude.
--Gordon T. Watts
Psalm 138:8“The LORD will vindicate me; your love, LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.”

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Milk and Beer don’t mix


It’s a pretty much a given that milk and beer, especially cheap beer do not mix well.

Yesterday eve, was doing some scripting here and neighbor Dave comes over. So I meander over yonder and drank a Coors Light. First I’m not a Coors guy in any way, give me ye ole Budweiser and time, but considering I had just had a pie and big glass of milk, was a disaster looking for a happening.

About mid eve came my ex roomy (sooner the better) and so I had another brew to be sociable. Except between the lawn chair that has seen better days, and some more conversation with bile in my esophagus I trotted home here, and unloaded first from behind, then from the front. After hurling I cleaned up, went back over. Soon the carport party was over, but this is not the end of it.

I was in partial REM sleep, when I felt that wrenching feeling in my throat at about 04:30 hours.

So went in, hurled again.

Normally I have a gut that will take anything, since I take meds for that, but Friday wanted to go refill that particular med. Except the idiots at Weber Health Services hadn’t called Wal-Mart to authorize a refill. Had all the rest except Lithium, which partially explains Friday mornings outburst, I have to wait until the 31st of July to get that reauthorized. Really friends? I can get my Metformin, okay, and my thyroid meds okay, but the other two, getting anything at Weber Health Services is like putting sox on a rooster.

So early this morning while sipping some flat ginger ale I looked up malpractice attorneys. Found one not too far from me with a live call taker. Told her what was up, she said she’ll get the word to some attorney and I plan to sue.

Now its not, for looking for a big pay off, since any attorney is going to take at least 30 to 40% off any monetary award. But if taking Weber Human Services to court wakes someone up at Weber Human Services as well as giving them a kick in their complacency so be it.

On another legal situation partly connected.

As you know I was a patient at Provo Canyon School, more like captive there, during the late mid 1970’s.

In 2008 I got a letter at first from some gal in Oregon working with a organization advocacy group called HEAL, that was looking forward to suing PCS. This Angela gave me a phone number to some gal in San Francisco or thereabouts, that turned into a gal looking for a new home, with privileges. But I then got the number to and call from some attorney here in Utah working with this Angela. Said he was going to send some documents and all, I never got. So it went. Kept in contact, but never heard from em again.

So mid April got a email from HEAL, on would I be willing to do a sit down interview for some TV documentary on PCS. Sure. So I sat all day waiting for this guy that I thought was from NBC. Turns out it was some intern level, college kid doing a project. Still they came, this guys assistant looked hot, in more ways than others, and we set here for two and a half hours. They did this thing , and gone they were.

How does my upset tummy last night into early morning get together. I believe and I’m not counting it out that the injuries, from being kicked in the stomach, multiple times, being held down and having brussle sprouts stuffed down my throat, getting hit in the back side of my knees multiple times and still having to stand up for 300 hours, started at 260, but every time I’d fall down from strain here came the ball bat. The ultimate, was just slightly after I had transferred from Orientation to Phase 1, I was on the couch first watching American Bandstand and then Gilligans Island. I made some remark as to how hot Dawn Wells(Mary Ann ) looked, and got peened in the head with a ball peen hammer. Just above my ear. Even though they knew at PCS I had suffered a head injury through a car accident there, and just as some bone began to grow back in just over my right ear, PCS had to smack me with a hammer there. Meaning no bone only skin there. Which nearly prevented me from going into the USMC, but some quick talking by my dad to DoD and I went anyway.

Bottom line this attorney from HEAL was supposed to get back to me and as of yet, it’s a month and yet no response.

Thing is many of my health problems are a result of injury that I took there at PCS, again not looking for a big money thing, just looking for justice. But as my Cousin Claude said once , “ Wish in one hand, want in the other, see which one fills faster”

The only way I’d ever get justice from PCS would be for me to personally hire my own attorney and hit em up their head, but I haven’t got all that paper work, and what is , is in one of four refrigerator sized file cabinets at Cousin Bud’s now deceased that is at second cousin Shars.

So remember fellow aviators and road rescue technicians, milk and beer, don’t mix.



Quote of the Day:
Encouragement is like a premium gasoline - it helps to take knocks out of living.
Psalm 138:8“The LORD will vindicate me; your love, LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.”

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Out of Anarchy comes order-AyreWolf


Saturday, June 28, 2014

It’s a Love, not just a job

A HOOKER TOW BLOG HEADER_thumbanew phootenotes

To be fair I can understand some of the reasons why, I seldom if I ever see a check even a collective check in my mail box or the clubs, wishing to contribute to the Move It Over for Tow Trucks Campaign. However outside of the very close knit band of us in the Toew Bros Club, its like much of the towing industry anymore. Used to be, that if one tow company had a rig go down, or had a problem, the whole industry once we all knew would rally around to see how we could help, even rent or lease a truck so at least the needing tow person could eat. That’s not quite the way it is anymore, and one of the reasons, the towing associations don’t work anymore, nor are as honored as they were once.

There are a few that are still dedicated as a whole to the industry, more over this profession we are all in. Towing, or Toewing as I spell it, is a love, an affection, addiction. Its not just another job. The very reason I stepped back into radio in 1978, was even though I heard many over the road trucker radio shows,NOBODY was doing anything radio or TV on Towing, or for us in this profession. Whether it’s the Move it Over project, or re teaching younger drivers how to use a sling. Yes there are tow jockeys that have no idea how to go old skool.  As for me, long before I owned LexiBelle>lexi in green mini I had to learn the hard way , more over I was lucky, I trained under some of the best in our area, from Steve Crossley of Steve’s Towing of Ogden Utah, to John Nausbaum of Johnny’s Towing Twin Falls Idaho, to Tommy N Thompson of TNT Boise. To Bob at B&W Wrecker Service of Boise. Lets face it, unless you’re a kin to someone running a tow company , getting your foot in the door takes a lot of bribing and ass kissing. Putting a 16 year old greenhorn in a truck, (back then it was legal as long as you stayed local) and say go tow, requires earning trust, and a lot of it. But I was damn determined to own my own company. And while the first truck I chose was one of Steve’s rather than LexiBelle, once I saw LexiBelle for the first time, it was at first feel. I knew then that, that truck and I would be together for eternity. So I read every towing publication out there. From American Towman to Tow Times, to PhooteNotes. I devoured every word. I took up the cause to quit calling tow trucks Wreckers, just because a industry publication editor told me to. I even started although little credit has even been gave outside of the organization, but I started the first useful towing association in both Idaho and Northern Utah that wasn’t so stuck up looking at how many trucks you had , how many calls you got, we joined together and even at the modest number of members, the Toew Bro’s Club, has 5000 nationwide.

When we thought since no one else was on the air either TV or radio we built our own station licensed and all, all of a sudden our industry got noticed.

There is even talk about us forming the first XM/Sirius Satellite network for the toewing industry.

Just once though, it would be nice to be spoke of, it would be nice to be seen with a message from someone else on their Proud to Be A towing Professional Facebook page.

With all too many of getting killed, out on the open road, hooking up and all, just once I’d like to see a check for $50.00 or $100.00 not to me or for me, but to the Toew Bro’s, so we could get a PSA TV Ad produced. We’re doing it anyway, but it would be nice to see some of the rest of the industry help. The life our ad saves might be yours or mine.

I love this profession, I love what I do, and I’ll always keep fighting for the industry I’m part of. Because like many, I’m proud to be a Towing Professional, even if I only have 3 trucks.


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Quote of the Day:
Hit any user to continue.
--Fuzzel Fish Administration Page
Psalm 138:8“The LORD will vindicate me; your love, LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.”

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Another TV Show that shouldn’t haver aired


Let’s face it, Reality TV is more than likely is here to stay.

Face it Reality TV, is easy and cheap to produce, no scripts, moderate monetary outlay, and a

modest payout, either in an entry job or a modest scholarship at some firm somewhere.

Last week I saw a show on TruTV just b4 South Beach Tow that while interesting and entertaining does little to represent the industry. I’d much rather see a show like WRECKED like what was on the old SpeedTV network.

A subject for a different time. I had thought by now TV would have strained the milk a bit more and gotten away from trying to do more for less. Thing is now days few things coming out of Hollywood or for that matter NYC is dull and not even worth watching more than a few times if more than once.

When it comes to TV shows of or directed towards gearheads like you and I they fall far short.

I remember the first shows that TNN started in about 1992/93 somewhere that evolved into PowerBlock then becoming PowerNation. The shows that made that up were good, really informative. Manufacturers had more space financially to provide product in return for being mentioned on those shows.

As the trend went away from street muscle cars, to muscle trucks, RTM Productions was there with Truckin USA. A spin off of NHRA TODAY amongst a couple of others. Ed Bruce did a Great job with that. If they’d have stayed with the basic concept the show would have made it. But then they started doing bit and segments that made it go sour. The idea was nearly dropped until the found Stacey David and just called the show Trucks. Stacey did a helluva job, building some sweet eyecandy. Problem is much of those builds were well beyond the casual enthusiast or person in a driveway with usual tools. Few people have shops, much less floor lifts. Of course the 4X4 community wanted to do something so came out 4X4 Xtreme. The show fell on its butt. The only thing holding that up was a hot honey that could turn a wrench. She wanted more money, so the punk haired kid became the host. As usual the show lost luster.

As a backdrop they ran through a bunch of intro poster girls to intro the show and fill gaps between advertising and the half hour how to shows. However over time, a few lawsuits over not completely disclosing all that would be needed to do such builds, looking for the danger areas and removing smog equipment, made RTM put disclosures at the end of the shows.

But alas so it went.

Then came SpeedVision, then to be retitled SpeedTV. Finally a full time TV channel for gearheads. There was at the very liftoff of the big custom bike craze, American Thunder with female host Michele Smith, who knew her subject well. What made that go sour is it had a co-anchor/host from Hot Rod TV on it that didn’t transfer well.

Now we have a show that TNT just had to rerun before Saturday’s NASCAR Race called MotorCity Master. This should have been killed by now. It just sucks. There is no reality to this REALITY show.

Gearhead aimed TV has had some of the common elements. First its always hosted by a hot babe, good. Next the shows are always now at least more reality TV or drama soap TV than anything entertaining. Its difficult of course. Like I said with a ailing economy and a hurting Joe Lunchbucket not being able to afford to build anything much these days. Manufacturers, dealers and retailers are not rushing to the front of the bar to pour the parts into these shows like they used to .

I’d be lieing if I did not say that there’s not something in the works here at Confederate Steele Media, but I can’t say, but I can tell you, not only will the show be entertaining, but will have plenty of GearHeaded eyecandy that WILL KNOW something.

Finally on this entry on TruTV on both TruTV and TNT, they decided to put the poster girl, Brooke Burns>brooke_burnsWho you know , knows little in the way of what gets greasy and what makes a ride run.

Ours wont be that way, with the help of TMG in Salt Lake City, and our crew here in the Knytes-of-Anarchy, running Confederate Steele Media, our new super rig TV show, become beyond anything previous will amaze, inform and yes even entertain you.

Stay tuned.

NASCAR is on, more on that l8r.



Quote of the Day:
By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.
--George Carlin
2 Peter 3:9“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

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If it’s built for Business, it needs a serious Rebuild


If the new tag of Comcast Business services, is and IT is; that Comcast Business Built For Business, then that tag or at least some of it needs to be rebuilt.

Outside of the fact the company has charged me at least one months of service as a hidden deposit, the fact that my phone number is the same as someone else’s. Which makes me wonder why ? In fact why couldn’t they do like 3 other providers and give me the last 4 digits that matches the word WOLF? My Production Assistant got me the last 4 digits, from then Qwest, now CenturyLink, Century matched em up twice, and Syringa matched the numbers. But for some odd reason, grand and glorious Comcast, can’t seem to find those last four numbers(digits) in their data base to match to me. Normally this would not be a problem, but some Photography and photo restoration service called Goss Photo here in Ogden Utah has the number that Comcast issued me after a change over. How can this happen here? Now I fully understand population density, phones, and all that but if it could be done 4 times in Idaho why can’t the powers of Comcast get me the requested 4 digits, that match WOLF which is the same as my cell number in Idaho? Why? I hate having to remap my phone number again, but it might need to be done, checking that on Monday.


I did a review on TMG’s Facebook page, got a few thank you’s but my thing is this. For all that TMG is and means to us by being our go to people for visual talent, I would think that a hand off here might be kuel. Dig this idea, Vickie from TMG sends up a few of their talent that does voiceovers to polish or hone their skills, by doing some voiceovers for us here at HazzardAyre. More over we could teach some skills to them(not those kinds of skills, don’t be dirty) that could enhance their abilities. After all what better way to learn to manipulate ones voice for voiceovers and radio bits than to do radio on air on live on air radio? Would be a keen thing will explore that next week with Vickie and let ya’ll know what I sniff out.

In closing just want to say to Comcast, if your going to tout yourselves as the go to place in Utah for business phone, maybe you could do more research and correction into assigning phone numbers that way people don’t call the wrong business for the wrong kind of product.

If those who care here, 801-605-3902 belongs TO: HAZZARDAYRE RADIO, nobody else.



Quote of the Day:
All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten
--Robert Fulghum
2 Peter 3:9“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

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It is Morning Wood, that first cup that first glimpse of light that brings the dark into dawn to, today.

I first woke up with a vision that has yet to pass from my mind of a talent I discovered at TMG a few weeks ago, in casting for the cover pin up for the radio site of HazzardAyre as well as the formal Knytes site. Her name is Michele, and yes it was that kind of dream. I thought how she captivated my dream and mind, what little of it there is still left. I think too, if she can captivate my thoughts , that I had so long ago abandoned, thinking she just might be the one to focus attention on. So will be calling Vickie at TMG to explore that more next week.

Okay , plans were to truck over to HAFB for the Airshow there today, but on several levels from we haven’t a thing entered to a headache that is dispersing from playing some Floyd decided against the huge crowd, so will venture forth there Sunday while the rest of the Utah population is in church, I’ll go see what I need to see.

So then went to Dee’s for breakfast. It is one thing to try to deny that one is getting older, its another to take advantage of it. More in the Senior discount. Which leaves some green left over although not much but getting out of a cafĂ© under $10.00 is a relief.

Of course I wouldn’t so mindless on money flow except, Government check comes in a day or two, and chew and all wise am good, since one of the club members dropped by to spot me a $20.00 so I’m good for a few days.

The old adage of Early to bed early to rise, is paying off. The overnight hauls on HazzardAyre will still go on, but its nice to drop into deep sleep just as the dusk sinks into dark again is long nights of restful sleep, then arising as the sun crests the Wasatch Mountains, this old city seems in a mystified sense of brushing the dust from its eyes, is refreshing. Traffic is low, mother nature renewing itself, from a old day that was yesterday into the busy day its about to come. This is when I feel nearly mostly alive. Going to food at this time of day means you see people in a much better mood, since its feeding and they haven’t met the intrepid stupid of much of what is Metro Utah yet.

So tuned into one of my fave outside stations , caught this notice on 103.5, that Pink Floyd Australia is coming to Utah. Great, so in writing this entry snagged em up on YouTube to see if the name met with the legend. In some respects yes, in many no. But the one factor that I most took notice of and its one I ALWAYS notice, is the backup female singers all of them wearing? Yes , Nylons. This is not a big mystery. Just as it is with us, when you consider that 80% of your target demo is male, it’s a simple fact , that guys dig babes in nylons. From the many web sites that are devoted to the fashion to the fashion teasing of events that could just happen, to just the silkiness of the look, when I hear auditioning talent say they either don’t wear them or wont wear them, it makes me wonder.

That’s one of the many attributes that Michele at TMG there in SLC made me sit up and look. Of all that auditioned that day she heard the dress code and adhered to it. It made a positive and yes educated look and impression. Which is one of the things I most remember.

Few things can make a real HE Man sit up and take notice is these>il_570xN.259357040to put it blunty these>imagesin these>il_570xN.259357040gets this>title strip and appears on the site>HAZZARDAYRE RADIO and the upcoming full site for both us in and of:SAMCRO-droidand;WOLVEZ PATCH.

Now before Morning Wood turns into afternoon sweat, I’m outta here.

Tune in tonight, you’ll like the show.



Quote of the Day:
A rumor is one thing that gets thicker instead of thinner as it is spread.
--Richard Armour
2 Peter 3:9“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Friday, June 27, 2014

When Shit hits the fan


The Rules are different for the victim than for those committing an offense. Example , former roomy sooner him being former the better started in on me again. Now the pee picker has been okay for the last few weeks, but he’s been gone for most of that time, being with some gal in Kearns, what he does out of my sight and hearing I don’t care.

Through My recommendation my landlord is renting him a place within too close for a restraining order, but I really don’t think that situation will last long since he’ll come up short on rent or something and be booted quite quickly.

I really don’t care. His BS is out of here by this time next week. For me its no cable for a few weeks but I have VCR tapes plus Internet so who cares.

I have came to the conclusion that getting HazzardAyre in other quarters and my butt back in Idaho is best off. It means paying less to Dan in Twin Falls on the tow truck, but it’ll get done, he ain’t really worried. Its called he knows me all too well.

But it came down to me having to call 911 this morning, 3 officers responded. No physical but it was getting there. I with held my urge to kick ass, as I knew if I did smack my ex roomy it’d be getting hauled off. As it is it’s a short term until the first, and after that the dork from Texas is outta here.

So called the shrink, he couldn’t do anything so gotta wait until Monday on that.

I can’t just throw the guy out according to the local law, he has to hit me or worse for me to give him the boot. Wednesday I’m having one helluva party.

Had a friend at A1 who said I’d be sorry , coming here. I’m already sorry. The old adage if it smells too good, its mostly sour underneath. The time for some serious reflecting is required here.

Utah has some of the greatest looking backdrops in America. There are great people here. And for the most part I get along very well. Even to the degree, of local officials and some government revenuer types, but this former roomy is a real piece of work.

I don’t think the court, the judge who is granting visitation without supervision for his newly born daughter knows of my ex-roomy’ temper. I can just see the thing, but at least it’ll not be under my roof.



Quote of the Day:
When it is a question of money, everyone is of the same religion.
--Francois Marie Arouet de Voltaire, 18th-century French author, wit and philosopher
Matthew 16:25“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”

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