Thursday, January 28, 2016

From the WTF Files prt2 Makes ya'll wonder don't it?

Makes you wonder don't it? If you have soft mittens and you forget which is right or left, all you need to do is turn over the mitten and it'll fit either hand. Same goes with socks. Socks don't care which foot you put em on, since they fit either foot equally. Shoes are more picky. Then there is toilet paper, no matter how you unroll it off the spool, it works the same way no matter which side you use. Or if your watching a murder mystery. Example the movie on LMN called ," The Boy Next Door", the deputy committed the crime, had a portable two way strapped to his butt, and unless the Sheriff hadn't used his radio, wouldn't the deputy know the Sheriff was coming? Anyone who has experienced the phenom of mobile two way communications through or around a cop knows, those radios monitor every dang cop in the city, county and surrounding area. So why wouldn't this deputy on that TV Movie know the Sheriff was coming? There is troubles in continuity, in TV productions and movies. Or product placement from donors in films and TV, if there's a financial contributor to the production there's a Box of Kellogs on the counter. I noticed that this morning on the B&W version of the Beverley HillBillies that's on METV from Salt Lake City. There was Jethro scarffing down the Frosted Flakes and there was the box on the counter, and I thought , my even then. Or the cable or other utility tech that comes to your home, with muddy or snowy boots, that drills holes in the wall, but does not clean up after? Some service shops do that too, the wrench in there does the work, but never cleans up the grease, oil and all off the steering wheel or the floor. BTW Hazzard County Choppers/Rowley's Garage never leaves a project messy, we vaccum out the car, clean up stains and in the summer BoB details the inside of the car with a full service or repair. It's called attention to details, and while its old skool we still have pride and make sure your satisfied. Maybe that's why we are the busiest little shop in Evanston . But getting back don't these people producing films and TV dramas pay attention? I used to wonder about that even on our beloved Dukes, and I wondered about this on set when I worked there summers, but first you'd see Roscoe in a Plymouth Fury 3 , but as it jumped or did the stunt, you saw one of three makes, first the Plymouth, then to a Ford Torino, then a AMC Ambasador then back to the Plymouth. Or the episode that Daisy fought in the mud with a historical librarian that Daisy's nylons had a run, in em on one part of the scene, but disappeared in the next scene, guess couldn't have Daisy's nylons showing a run in em now could we? Still working on getting the $5k from the Montgomery Foundation's recovery, with rent and a ton of bills about to hit next week, along with shop rent and all, I'm sweating bullits. Thing holding it back is proving to the bank, and legal entities, that 2nd Cousin Shari has power of attorney to sign documents relating to the Foundation(Trust) . So I'm looking at going down there come Monday, if we can't get this wrapped. But ya'll got to hand it to my second cousin Shari, here she is with 4 kids, a husband , she's working 2 jobs, and yet she's doing her best to get this Money direct to me. So to Mr. Voss and all rent for the shop, and to AllWest, things may get to you all late, but they'll get there, its just red tape. Some things just take longer than you expect, and its called Murphy's Law, Murphy must have lived in Hazzard County.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

From the WTF Files

By now you've heard or seen this, if you haven't well that's okay. The preacher that was in Iranian custody who had ties in Idaho, comes home to find his xyl, wants a divorce. Really? Nothing new there though, how many times have you seen that? Guy gets out of jail or custody and finds his old lady gave him the boot? Happens all the time. Fidelity is not guarenteed , when hubby away, xyl's love to play then shit hits the skid, she loves all the new attention then leaves the guy. Wonder if in fact if its her that gets locked up if he goes out and shows off his manhood and lusts, then gives her the boot? I don't think so, since most guys I know are loyal, but then what would you expect from the WolfPack? 
As you may know or have seen, the stand off in Oregon near Burns, has taken a turn for the worst. Reports are that two got shot, even after the two perps showed they were not armed. Seems as though a few law keepers including a couple of FBI guys are going to have to answer to that. Noticed that Kim Fields was there doing field reporting as well as recently getting bumped up to an anchors seat. Too bad we don't have someone here at HazzardAyre Radio that dedicated. Maybe we need to have our HQ in Boise? Male or female, we'd welcome that kind of media person here.
Want to make nutrition bars? Well Twin Falls is gaining a plant to make them. The company is going to hire an estimated 200 full time workers, and a few part timers. Meaning jobs and scratch cash. And then people wonder why I'm sniffing around thinking of moving back there. You go where the money is.
Finally, HazzardAyre's show SpeedWrench Radio will air at 20:00 hours, maybe by then Livestream can correct the problem with archiving the show, last nights didn't. Watch and see if that's not upgraded soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Having a prescrip narcotics hangover

Lack of fuel and a reduction of patience is plaguing me this evening. At a time I should be up and happy as the club and I celebrate the birthday of our beloved Dukes-of-Hazzard my head is in my hands and although I had respid of brain drain, I'm tensing up a bit,, since the Trust/Foundation money is being delayed due to some red tape bullshit. You'd think that if someone tells ya'll got money coming, it be that they'd have cut away the weeds of red tape legal shit, but oh well it'll get here when it gets here. Even though i have no fuel money I'm marching ahead. Thing I have been telling my Reaper crew here is that this tiny uplift money wise from the Montgomery Foundation is a once in the last of much of it. $5k is a one time until the $50 mill, catches mid year next year, meaning just because we get $5k now we ought not flaunt it. Pay bills, get things done and get me moved so I don't have to sit around waiting for a drink from the hind teat of the Foundation. 
So If I'm a bit off here tonight on the air, its because I'm having a Prescription narcotics hangover. Tune in at midnight for Hazzard Speed Radio on 
See you on the air.

Deception from within that few knew, eventually they do listen to me.

Things that second cousin Shari didn't know, and many didn't. Since 1991 when Cousin Bud took over the Montgomery Foundation's money from former keeper of the funds Skip Goddard, deceased from Boise. Still Bud and I started off wrong and it continued right up to his death. There were things bought and sold of Trust assets and mine that I never knew was there, forgetting about others, like the old General Lee, that would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars today, and several relationships that were torpedoed because of fund mismanagement, that would choke a mule. While deep down I think overall, Bud tried his best, and while honesty was preached it wasn't always practiced by Bud, and yet his daughters never knew one iota of anything going on. Not only financially but infidelity was rampant, the entire thing of it all if it could be written as a screenplay would rival the best motion pictures of our time. While Heavenly Father tells us to forgive, I don't think he wants us to forget. I think Heavenly Father makes us remember to learn from the causes of the bruises of our lives. Over time in such circumstances you learn as Bud said it, to work the angles, simply because if you didn't and went at it full charge Bud would just say no and I'd be there holding the bag in the getaway car. But and this is important if this was all for chump change, I'd not even bother, and just gobble it up once it got here, but we're talking some mediocure large $'s here, so I'm staying in the fight, as the end goal here is and I've made up my mind, pretty much, that its refurbish LexiBelle and LiL Wolf, get some minor problems on General JaXson, done then its go to Charlie hire A1 to haul LexiBelle and LiL Wolf back to western Idaho, and me follow in a Uhaul with a car trailer, and forget Evansgone is even here. There just is no future here. Maybe in time there might be, but by the time there is economic improvement here, I'll be too old if I'm still alive to utilize it. So the money coming from the remains of the Montgomery Foundation will be used to retransplant me back to Idaho and forget Utah and Wyoming even exists. I have no family here, only 3 real friends two of which are club members, one is my partner at the shop, but hell no chances of any kind or romantic breeding stock available, not even one that I can visually dream about to get a stiffy or a wet dream. And never even one female that I can say I have been tight with since I arrived. 10 Years ago I got laid on a regular basis, but that stock left years ago. But with some of the funds recovery money, I can fully pay off my bill to AllWest, which is high on my priority list, pay my side of shop rent, and the rest outside of utility bills, and vehicle repair bills, the rest is being set aside for vacating this place come May/June 2016. Maybe sooner. 
Any mile headed for bed, see ya'll here later today.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

I'm here to testify God does do miracles even today

I want to tell you something this evening that I have been having trouble in my mind for a few days to relate to ya'll.
First a tiny bit of background, over the month of January and all money has been a trickle compared to the gusher it should have been for a tow service this time of year and why as soon as I'm able moving back to Idaho is high on my priorities list. But thing is to further the cause of the radio station and all, the reason God I'm sure and all moved me from Woods Cross Utah to Wyoming to do, that being this online radio gig. See I just didn't have the $800.00 to completely pay off the AllWest bill. So I made arrangements with a sweet lady named Mindy at AllWest. But every time I thought I had the money something would happen that prevented me from paying it. So last Wednesday, I went in to see my Bishop. Thinking although not normal protocol, I could get the church to help with at least $200.00 of what I needed. Answer was a no but heck no. Feeling dejected and all I came home and prayed. I needed a real miracle, so what happens Thursday evening I get this message on my Facebook, that says I'm Tiffany your second cousin , telling me there was a bit of money due me from some of the remains of the Montgomery Foundation. So after two days and a call yesterday to Rick, from my cousin Shari, its a fact that in fact that there's a grand or two coming to me. Not a windfall or anything, but at least enough to set things right with AllWest and have maybe enough to finish or at least bringing my equipment at the shop, mainly LexiBelle and LiL Wolf into shape for the move come August from Evanston to western Idaho. But it's not the amount. I found that when your butt is so against the wall, that you can feel the rocks of the concrete rubbing against your skin, that Heavenly Father will move forces to help you or in this case me. The Bishop said no, which made me a bit upset, guess he does not and some Stake Presidency leaders don't understand that the benefit money the church takes in is to help you in your vocation so you can keep earning on your own, its not just about charity food boxes. It's about helping you buy the plow so you can plant a crop so you can feed you and your family on your own. In my case keep on the air helping Veterans and the southern movement, but here I was, ready to throw it up, fix the trucks and just leave, and through prayer I have my problem fixed. 
Now I haven't spoken or text chatted with my kin folk for at least 4 years. Since Bud died, the Trustee of the Montgomery Foundation, his family and all haven't spoke to me at least that long, the thought that if I were to die there is only two maybe three people, in and out of the Knytes that knows who to get in touch with. Yet my butt was burning against the burning wall, and I felt heat, yet Heavenly Father through mine, and I'm sure my Bishop, Vern, and Dave' prayers I got relief. In closing God does hear, God does answer prayer. 
While I should have went to Church today,. I just overslept. But I have been studying scripture and praying all day, in both thanks and all for this. Now if God will just increase the Bandwidth I get from AllWest, here to the Wyoming HQ of HazzardAyre Radio.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Then of course there is Digital Trends and other publications

I was going to title this report, the Limited View from the Cubical, but decided to dance on the idea that such online publications such as Digital Trends and so on, follow me on Twitter. Before I get into that and I knew that this was in the works years ago, but congrats to Kim Fields of KTVB 7 out of Boise for attaining the anchors chair at KTVB 7 News. I always said that she had it in her, and was one of the reasons I watched Channel 7's news anyway, Although Dee Sarton who I met back in 1974 when I with our high school journalism class of Hazzard High , Dee was just a rookie there, and we had I think her first sit down soda pop talk, as I was already on the air at then KEEP AM 1450 (now KEZJ AM) out of Twin Falls. Even then and I can't figure out why, but even then and hey we were as far as it counted a 4H truckers Club, with a educational radio station on the air for truckers, hence KDSL FM 89.1 / Long Haul Radio/Diesel-Kid(me) then. But few people looked on the Magic Valley and especially tiny Hazzard, for any kind of inspiration as to commerce, e-Commerce was then just a embryo. Yet we made headlines. At the time nobody had anything on the air west of Mississippi for truckers. At least on radio based out here. Sure the legends the Truckin Bozo, Melody Mike, Bill Mack and others were there, but if you made a request or had news, by the time it aired was at least 3 hours advanced so it, whatever it was , was no longer news. The then TeenAge Truckers Association that grew into the United American Independent Truckers Association the parent organization of the Hazzard County Knytes, Knytes-of-Dixie as well as the Knytes-of-Anarchy, together with the AyreWolvez , found by sheer accident a defaulting operation based out of Utah called Joc Radio, that rebroadcasted out of AM 77 KKOB out of Alberquacky New Mexico. We thought we can do this; so with the purchase of some rather well worn, and some we still use, radio gear, KDSL or KAY/DIESEL went on the air, in 1976. Through a helluvalot of lobbying, Overdrive Magazine in 1978 just before We discovered Hazzard County or vice versa, we gained some national recognition, and the rest as some say is history. But a bunch of thanks needs to go out to Mike Parkhurst, the original Overdrive Magazine and the original staff, of that publication, the Original ITA(Independent Truckers Association) for getting our foot in the door. But here's the thing, daily I get tons of invites to go to seminars, trade fairs, and the like to group mind share ideas etc. All have ridiculous high fees to attend and rarely if ever occur in Salt Lake City or Boise. It's always San Francisco, Los Angeles, SanDieago or some other long distant location. Just like towing fairs and jamborees and such. Its either Reno, or Florida and occasional midwest , but never here. One happened several years ago, in a medium sized town in Oregon. I got the money together and me and my mini Kenworth went. Only to find not only did you have to pay for lodging, food etc, but also the dang seminars those were extra. Couldn't they just put that together in a package? Fortunately I was residing in Eagle a part of Boise at the time so not a long drive, but long enough. Thing is back then Boise was maybe 75k in population, Salt Lake City was inching up to 150k population but large enough to be a great spot that most everybody in the business could get to. Same thing for IT and electronic media firms. There is a helluvalot of activity in these Mountains if only these major publications and all would just get out of their cubicals open their eyes and minds, and sniff around a bit, they'd find all kinds of hidden bones and industry bubbling to the degree that their limited focus hinders them from inside the Las Vegas, and NYC offices . 
The other day, when I told my majority partner at the shop, about the club, since he has not taken the time to come out and really look or meet, but he said what the Mystery club? Thing is there are all too many members in both traditional mechanical and related roles as well as those from Law enforcement, government, and yes military arenas that wear the patch of the Hazzard Knytes. All rural gearheads, but two are even FBI agents, two are NCIS agents and two are former County Sheriffs, as well as two former police chiefs. One is a farm equipment dealership owner, and the list goes on, yea some mystery club. Ain't no mystery. Its like the folks at CenturyLink, both from Twin Falls as well as here now in Evanston Wyoming. They have people sitting in call centers taking orders from people both enterprise as well as standard consumers. Yet these people are limited in what they know. Or who. Surely there is someone in Salt Lake City and I know there is a major executive bunch in Boise that know the economic expansion of these areas as well as Utah, yet, the people taking the orders can't escalate or know who to escalate a concern to . Official census numbers of Twin Falls, not taking into consideration places as Hazzard, Gooding, Wendell, Jerome, Kimberly, Burley etc is at 44k. However in reality the real population numbers of Twin Falls Idaho is near 80K . You'd think the visionaries at CenturyLink, would think lets fiber optic the entire city, and increase bandwidth now. Now will tiny Evanston Wyoming achieve that number of people? Hard to say, but at the rate that commuters and all from Metro Utah, are migrating to Evanston, which is still confused as to being either Utah or Wyoming, but this tiny town is about to explode. Just like Twin Falls 15 to 20 years ago, was caught between outdated thinking by an outdated Planning and Zoning Commission, and old money of voters saying no grow here, died and got voted out of office. After which up went property values and increased incomes. Same thing is happening here in Evanston, Randolph, Woodruff , and immediate areas. What was sanctuaries are looking at becoming economic hubs, its tuning up and the band is getting ready to play. While construction costs are low, it'd be my thinking that CenturyLink would want to join the band and at least be a part of the concert, rather than just a lounge act observer and spectator. As for the Knytes? Hey we are writing the music here, and are the conductor. SpeedWrench Radio at 10:00AM to 13:00 on 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Them ain't Fritos corn chips your smelling

It's that time of the year again when both the Wolf-Pack aka the AyreWolvez and the Hazzard County Knytes start to recruit, audition and train the new candidates and/or applicants for our years promotional projects. Along with that goes the ad projects for Hazzard County Choppers/SpeedWrench Toewing. More so this year as we're going to do a media blitz for SpeedWrench Toewing and select a Miss SpeedWrench. That involves of course the infamous We Luv Toewz toe kiss. The other day a candidate showed up, and I suppose there was exceptional circumstances involving her footwear since it was snowing and wet out, thing is even with the nylons and all, when she took off her black dress boots, it smelled like a Mexican resturaunt in here. I thought to myself , Them ain't no Fritos Corn chips your smelling. Fortunately she came here to the roadhouse where there is a shower, and aftr and changing into clean hose, it wasn't all that bad, but I got to thinking about all the reality talent shows and musicals where there is combo of men and women talent, where they have to work in proximity to each other, where sweat and nerves create both  hormonally and pheremonally scents, who really smells the worst? Men always smell, as we somewhat sweat more, but is there a worse odor between women and men, or is it equal, just slightly off plumb due to PH levels and chemistry? I often think about these things, simply out of curiosity in having to interact with the female talent we work with here. Some both guys and gals say or ask, "don't her feet smell?" The thing is, and maybe I turned nose blind to it, but for some reason, women in nylons don't smell. Just a touch of a attractive musky scent. In the same lane, and it'd be cool if we could decipher and decode this, but canines especially smell everything, both us humans as well as food, and just things involved in the common practice of mating and determining on their part what is friendly or sinister. You will see a dog smell just about every part of the body, of say a human. From the anus to their feet to arm pits. Question do  these parts  produce odors that determine availability say for breeding, and or danger or pleasure? So does it then require additional reasearch? In deed. What scents do our canine counterparts smell? Likewise what do they smell for? Fear, they say there's a difference in that scent, that from standard or usual sweat, If the female canine is in heat, just as women are getting invaded by mother nature, is there the scent of blood like that of potent iron smell or iodine? Or is there another smell they're looking for? Did we do that in practice before the advent of social protocols? Did the human male corpuscle inch up to a woman and sniff her behind, or crotch or other areas? Or is this behavior exclusive to canines ? Cat's or felines while they smell, for things depend more on eye site, although research has shown that cats are color blind. 
The question remains, who smells the worst? Women or men, and what about those feet, do nylons make a difference?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Why is it nobody ever imported this show and the Dukes Ride again in western Wyoming

Have you ever gandered at a imported TV show say on Hulu or another streaming TV network and asked , " Why hasn't or didn't one of the content hungry TV networks in America import this series? Why is it that it seems the most creative TV shows and music seem to gain its roots in the UK, and only on occassion migrate or get transplanted in the U.S. ?
Such a show that I have been watching for at least a year now, is such a show. The series is called Fresh Meat, and follows a group of misfits and illadjusted college youth in Manchester England, through the trials of college life. 
Not only is this series, well written, properly cast and extremely well acted, it is timely and beyond much of what we see on any domestic network. Okay so is it the money, the content or is there another reason this hit TV series from London, has not been brought over here in rerun, but brought over and done in new here? With FoX trying to locate a series to replace American Idol, for next season as American Idol is no longer the big gig it once was, as the WB only having maybe one or two hit series and looking for new programs, and as Disney/ABC rebranded ABC Family, into Freedom TV, Fresh Meat is of the similar demographic, but being ignored. Makes you wonder is TV execs doing anything more than a snore? 
Speaking of domestic TV and reruns, today marks the day when tiny and I mean tiny and a bit snowy, LPTV station KDXZ signed on the air and being true to its nature, began running the reruns of the Dukes-of-Hazzard. Yes , Confederate Star Television Network signed on its over the air flagship station here and with it brought back the old series reruns. However CST isn't leaving it at that. CST is script writing some new content to create a show called(what else?) The Hazzard County Knytes, its more of a not so centered on the Dukes but more on the rural southern feeling and the rest of Hazzard County. So while the rest of Dukes fans can't watch anything Dukes at least we can. Shows that if you grease the wheels a bit with ad money, you get what you enjoy. 

I've asked this before, many times, but is Stupid or diminished intelligence epidemic?

I know that I'm not perfect, and the fact that I now reside in Evanston Wyoming and have been entrapped here for a year despite all the evils and all, but I wonder is this era of diminished intelligence is it epidemic? Or a wave that's creeping up on us faster than a panther on a hare? Is this lack of brain power due to birth defects, pollution , or narcotics or is it just there? The idea of the fact that us rural kountry folks are not too swift, is just wrong. Since we operate on things of common sense. Just because the numbers say it isn't so, or shouldn't be does not mean someone shouldn't try. 
I remember when I was younger, there were these Public Service Announcements,(PSA's) that showed an egg being fried , with just the graphic of a human brain, they would say, " This is your brain, This is your brain on drugs, any questions?" Thing is it wasn't just the damn drugs. They warn mothers expecting, to rest and not drink, smoke or being around things that are of a chemical nature. Nor to work. Now dig this; My mom, drove 18 wheels, did farm work, including milking cows, pitched hay, drove hay truck, tractor, and hand irrigated with plastic dams and a shovel, 300 acres of farm ground. Yet carried me around in her pouch for all 9 months, smoked, drank, and worked, and hey I turned out okay. While I'll be the first to say I have my limitations, can't manage money well, ain't book smart, nor can I bust a move on the dance floor. I can't make a successful pancake, nor upload videos on YouTube, but I can repair nearly any aircraft engine ever made, including turbines and jets, I can drive better than most, I can fly, and I can be in the media better than many even more experienced but not more knowledgeable . I'm not successful with women, mostly because I'm not the GQ model that many women are looking for, but Hazzard County Choppers and all parts thereof, have weathered more storms, both economically as well as endurance and political, yet I have phone company people that can't get directions straight that the big service is at the shop, the small version as a backup here at the Wolf's Den aka HazzardAyre Radio's HQ, or owners of rides, who cut big holes in truck beds just to get at the filler neck, to change the in tank fuel filter. Or people that remove you from their FB friends list, when your busting ass to help them. Then and only then you need to look at the floor or the Heavens and ask , this is what you created? Do I as only a mere man need to hold your hand and walk you through to the task, then be there as you complete the task? Must I think of the Federation's Prime Directive not to interfere in the lives and times of primitive cultures or retarded intelligence? Or at least pre light speed technology. 
It's like TV network and TV news network executives, the idea that a rerun of last nights GOP debate, during mid morning on at least one of the cable news networks, beit, CNN or FoX News. Understand that some people work overnight, but would appreciate seeing the debate so we know how to select our nations CEO? Could computer or Technology publications like Digital Trends, write about why telecoms are slow to advance web intelligence and build advanced communications infrastructure? Or the fact that small town USA or CSA if you want, is the foundation of the major metro areas like NYC or Los Angeles? Of course there's those that ask the question does anyone proof read what they write? Granted run on sentences and basic grammar aside, using words, like pleaded? Really? It's Plead or Pled, Not Pleaded, or awesome, or more awesome, not awesomer. And then they claim, that us one room or three room school kountry(Kountry mis-spelled on purpose), students are slow, yet we can use a pencil and paper, to figure out how much change to give back to a customer. 
To sum, is stupid or diminished intelligence epidemic? Or is it just starting to become that way. More research at Hazzard County University needs to be done. See you this evening on the radio. 

I think a bigger company willing to take risks needs to buy CenturyLink

Several things came to light over the last few days yesterday more than most. First called CenturyLink, is anybody doing anything there for rural America? More over the rural and small town areas of the rural Mountain West? I'm not talking about big city Salt Lake City , I'm talking about small town Evanston Wyoming or Morgan Utah? I thought what a jerk, the guy could not give me a number or a person there to call to help engineer a higher in the command chain of someone who could really get in the dirt and tell me exactly what it would or will take to get me here in Evanston the bandwidth and all that our counterparts in both Ogden as well as Salt Lake City. I mean there's got to be at least somebody on the looking in spot in CenturyLink's infrastructure people that is in charge of what it would really take to give me what I want. But not only could this guy help, his attitude was that of a person who did not even care. After all he's in Las Vegas Nevada, not here in Evanston Wyoming. I thought when the Bell System aka the break up of At&T took place that the baby bells, like CenturyLink that has swapped out names faster than I change shorts, might become innovative and ambitious to compete in a free market. Yet in many rural parts of the Mountain West, telecoms don't care in many cases as its them or nothing. But I got better bandwidth in Bliss Idaho of a population of 240. So for a back up and for the shop, its CenturyLink, for all parts and the main HazzardAyre Radio, its still AllWest. Maybe someday, yet all of this is making Pocatello even brighter. Then I noticed that Shawn, took me off his friends list on FaceBook. What's up with that? Did he make a mistake, or is he upset? Maybe I been backing the wrong horse here? Last here this morning, the GOP Debates. Why wasn't there a repeat or two of the broadcast? Is anyone in Network news in the know here, that there are still people in this nation that have jobs, albeit some slinging boxes at night to stock the shelves at Wal-Mart, that might want to see the debates, even if it is a repeat telecast? There are people especially executuves in just about every industry, who think that as long as it does not involve, or affect them directly why bother? Too many Chiefs not enough Braves, This nation needs more people in the trenches making decisions and rebuilding core infrastructures rather than the bunch in DC and even Denver, Las Vegas or even Salt Lake City, sitting back barking like hounds drinking cocktails and taking all too much credit, yet will not do anything, or get people off their butts to do anything. That's why there is the United Confederate States of America organization, the Knytes-of-Dixie, and especially true, HazzardAyre Radio and soon to be HazzardAyre TV, simply we are not rude, we just have the balls to say what no one else dares to say. 
See you on the radio this afternoon. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Just cuzz she has breasts and a vagina don't mean you can't just be pals

Why is it that in today's open minded society, that if a guy hangs around a gal, that "They must be sleeping together" Or that there is intent on one side of another. Can't a guy and gal just hang together cause they have a common interest? Or work together? Shhessh. 
Erin and I didn't have that idea, in fact for me to even remotely think that of any gal would be stupid, first it'd be over in less than a second due to not having any for nearly 5 years, two because I really don't want that mor any kind of ball and chain on my ankles,. Bullsbreath. Yet I caught this thing from Facebook that said I was some kind of evil shit, looking for a private party. Again bullsbreath. I guess only Erin , Emme, and Robin had the conoles to hang in there to build something and not be thinking just of a pay check, nor below the belt and under her underwear. Through Erin, I got this 
 that gave me this:
 that gave me this
 so that stupid people could discern between the word toe
and tow

 Nope we gotta be kinky. Bullstuff. Of course there is this one here in Evansgone that is singing like a magpie that we never paid her, hey, Brittany, if you don't show up to pick up your paycheck it ain't like I'm going to track you down to give it to you, same goes for quite a few. Just because your not mature enough or have had something tragic happen in your life by some riff raff that you can't be around rebel gearheads/bikers/truckers, pilots. Don't blame us if you were too ignorant and arrogant to come to chow when the dinner bell rang.  It's like this cat who was one of my initial partners in the shop, he introduced me to this one gal who drove this mini Chevy car that was white. Now he was pissed when I paid her although not that much, but I paid her, why? Because without talking or anything, she went down to the dollar store after seeing the latrine here at the house, bought cleaning supplies and cleaned the latrine, toilet everything. In essence did something for me. She wanted a job and I'd hire her in a NYC second, if the situation came up again. Why not some of the rest at the shop and otherwise? Because nobody except my current partner, ever gave a damn about what I who is the lessor of the shop and senior partner asked someone to do for me. Not them, not having parties and so on, really working on my rides. If Rick and I are to have a crew, there at the shop, how about a few of that crew working on LexiBelle, LiL Wolf? It's always somebody elses shit in there and then some say, and wonder why I'm a bit shy when it comes to rent payments on the 1st of the month, hey treat me as an equal, I'll pay as an equal. That simple. But I'm getting off track a bit here. Thing is why is it that a guy or male corpuscle can't just have a lady friend, and that be it, she being just a good hang around pal, and just buds. Nope opinion says they're sleeping with each other. Like Charli over at Jody's, never in one millisecond have I thought of doing the wyld thing there and I mention it because the notion came up again today down there, Charli is just a bud, or pal, that serves me food and coffee. She's at least 20 or better years younger than me, she's hitched, and in our Southern minds a ring says don't go there. See there is a difference between being a southern rebel and a Yankee. 
This town wonders why it can't move forward, the reason? Its head is up its ass, can't keep its mouth shut, and can't go one day allowing their imagination run rampant. Just counting my days until I get to go home. To Idaho. I'm done here.