Thursday, January 28, 2016

From the WTF Files prt2 Makes ya'll wonder don't it?

Makes you wonder don't it? If you have soft mittens and you forget which is right or left, all you need to do is turn over the mitten and it'll fit either hand. Same goes with socks. Socks don't care which foot you put em on, since they fit either foot equally. Shoes are more picky. Then there is toilet paper, no matter how you unroll it off the spool, it works the same way no matter which side you use. Or if your watching a murder mystery. Example the movie on LMN called ," The Boy Next Door", the deputy committed the crime, had a portable two way strapped to his butt, and unless the Sheriff hadn't used his radio, wouldn't the deputy know the Sheriff was coming? Anyone who has experienced the phenom of mobile two way communications through or around a cop knows, those radios monitor every dang cop in the city, county and surrounding area. So why wouldn't this deputy on that TV Movie know the Sheriff was coming? There is troubles in continuity, in TV productions and movies. Or product placement from donors in films and TV, if there's a financial contributor to the production there's a Box of Kellogs on the counter. I noticed that this morning on the B&W version of the Beverley HillBillies that's on METV from Salt Lake City. There was Jethro scarffing down the Frosted Flakes and there was the box on the counter, and I thought , my even then. Or the cable or other utility tech that comes to your home, with muddy or snowy boots, that drills holes in the wall, but does not clean up after? Some service shops do that too, the wrench in there does the work, but never cleans up the grease, oil and all off the steering wheel or the floor. BTW Hazzard County Choppers/Rowley's Garage never leaves a project messy, we vaccum out the car, clean up stains and in the summer BoB details the inside of the car with a full service or repair. It's called attention to details, and while its old skool we still have pride and make sure your satisfied. Maybe that's why we are the busiest little shop in Evanston . But getting back don't these people producing films and TV dramas pay attention? I used to wonder about that even on our beloved Dukes, and I wondered about this on set when I worked there summers, but first you'd see Roscoe in a Plymouth Fury 3 , but as it jumped or did the stunt, you saw one of three makes, first the Plymouth, then to a Ford Torino, then a AMC Ambasador then back to the Plymouth. Or the episode that Daisy fought in the mud with a historical librarian that Daisy's nylons had a run, in em on one part of the scene, but disappeared in the next scene, guess couldn't have Daisy's nylons showing a run in em now could we? Still working on getting the $5k from the Montgomery Foundation's recovery, with rent and a ton of bills about to hit next week, along with shop rent and all, I'm sweating bullits. Thing holding it back is proving to the bank, and legal entities, that 2nd Cousin Shari has power of attorney to sign documents relating to the Foundation(Trust) . So I'm looking at going down there come Monday, if we can't get this wrapped. But ya'll got to hand it to my second cousin Shari, here she is with 4 kids, a husband , she's working 2 jobs, and yet she's doing her best to get this Money direct to me. So to Mr. Voss and all rent for the shop, and to AllWest, things may get to you all late, but they'll get there, its just red tape. Some things just take longer than you expect, and its called Murphy's Law, Murphy must have lived in Hazzard County.