Saturday, January 9, 2016

So you win $800 million?

So you win $800 million big ones then what? Nearly half of that or so will head to DC to be wasted by the DC occupiers, but that doesn't mean half or better of Utah's population including LDS migrated to the fair village of Evanston today, and most likely Sunday. The thing is you'd think that both the Church, as well as Utah legislation types would give way, and allow the Lottery in Utah. The tax revenue would out pace current income to the state. Yet that tax money comes to Wyoming as well as Idaho. Malad's diners and quik stores were packed. Preston and Franklin Idaho were bumper to bumper. It was nearly reservation standing room at Jodies Diner here in Evanston, where our sweet Charlie was working today, my what a bright light she shines, no matter when , but still shines when she's there. 
Went over to the shop , looks as though there's bare space in the shop. The ton and a half that needed brakes looks as though its done, but maybe not. At least I can sneak General JaXson in for a quick bit of fixin. 
Getting the final pieces produced for tonight's SpeedWrench Radio Show , as these may be the only ones I get for a few, unless I'm able to snag $200.00 from Rick, by Monday. Like I said Pocatello is not an if, its just a when, likewise looking very bright . 
TTYLY See ya'll on the Radio.
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