Sunday, January 10, 2016

No matter how cute it is, her bumm still do poop

The one thing I am reltively sure of is, no matter how sweet and firm and purtty her bumm is, its a definitive that the same bumm still do poop. Now there are many men , although I wouldn't , thing is many guys love golden showers , yet few of us would enjoy a dung bath, yet many noses and fingers hover around her tiny in some cases anus. Question is why. I cringe if I leave the latrine, with a not quite properly clean rump, or that I see skid stains in my shorts, and yet the concept of sticking my finger up her bum hole, is one of those things I don't relish, yet some guys will do everything including licking that crack, like an ice cream cone. Even anal intercourse, going where few have went before, is at the bottom of the list of items on the sexual, repitrore. I can only remember twice when the agenda was so low, that I entered the anal passage. Once was with an escort that shouldn't have been an escort in Boise on the final TTA convention, and the other was with Monkee. Now many of us love dining at the Y cafe, and this must be entered into here, as great as the Lord is, God really would not be a great city infrastructure, planner. After all would you put a trash can or a purifying plant next to a adult playground? Okay then how about the popularity and I'm a real fan of this, but there has become a fever of nylon hosiery on hot women fans. Now I can say I have been a fan of this since I started doing the parady of we love Toews. I will not say I'm the originator of such customs, but I can't say that I and our efforts weren't an accellerator of the attraction. I can go on Facebook many times and see a plethora of sites and postings to keep that fire burning if not turn up the fire a bit. In years gone by the idea of putting a womans foot on camera was taboo. It just was not done, except for a few beach movies in the early 1960's you rarely saw a live lady's foot. Put those feet or that foot in nylons, and you just did not see the foot. You most likely and its prevelant today to see the foot or feet in heels. You just did not see feet, and toes, in or out of nylon hose. To fully describe, the feel and scent sense of being engulfed in kissing or tasting, smelling and all of feet or toes in nylon hose, is difficult since the aroma, and flavor can vary on the day, how much physical activity, she's been involved in and factors of her ph levels and such which will go to the smell and the flavor or taste. Yet its a fancy candy that many men just can't get enough of. Of course butterfly kisses just behind her knees, and just on the sides and backsides of her thighs will drive her to highs never imagined. Many women will tell you they don't want their feet massaged and toyed with. Yet its a antonomical fact the feet, toes especially the bottoms of her feet and between her toes are some of the most erogenouse zones on her body. 
However just like toes, breasts and noses every woman has one, and sometimes two. And assuredly, even though her bumm looks tight and fun, remember she poops through and out of that bumm.
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