Saturday, January 2, 2016

Can we be civil here don't want to be racist, but a whole Mexican family invaded Jodies Diner

It was 14:30 hours, woke up to see the world and decided breakfast out. So went to Jodies Diner here in Evanston, the only place to eat a fair tasting meal. So after I filtered into a table where it wasn't so cold that the food didn't freeze before you ate it, and where the gas fumes coming from my hoodie from a service call night before dang it I do need a washer and dryer, so there twuzz, and I think there is a drastic decline of the population of the nation of Mexico was sat at a coupling of tables. There was this one mid twenties aged taco male there that couldn't be ignored. Now as to that . I'm not saying that I'm being bigoted or racist, and there are tasks and vocations that could not function, if it were not for Mexican workers, ever try to get a White teen or person to go pick rock, move sprinkler pipe, or any of those kinds of jobs? But when the entire food supply at Jodies is being consumed, and I'm nearly being ignored , it begs the question , couldn't Jodies, hire more back up employees? There is Becky, who lives down in Echo, Utah that treks up here on the weekends to slave at Jodies, but the weather was such that she had to thaw a bit, so here was the afternoon rush, and no Becky, and the weekend service crew there at Jodies needs to be improved a bit. 
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