Friday, January 15, 2016

Why is it nobody ever imported this show and the Dukes Ride again in western Wyoming

Have you ever gandered at a imported TV show say on Hulu or another streaming TV network and asked , " Why hasn't or didn't one of the content hungry TV networks in America import this series? Why is it that it seems the most creative TV shows and music seem to gain its roots in the UK, and only on occassion migrate or get transplanted in the U.S. ?
Such a show that I have been watching for at least a year now, is such a show. The series is called Fresh Meat, and follows a group of misfits and illadjusted college youth in Manchester England, through the trials of college life. 
Not only is this series, well written, properly cast and extremely well acted, it is timely and beyond much of what we see on any domestic network. Okay so is it the money, the content or is there another reason this hit TV series from London, has not been brought over here in rerun, but brought over and done in new here? With FoX trying to locate a series to replace American Idol, for next season as American Idol is no longer the big gig it once was, as the WB only having maybe one or two hit series and looking for new programs, and as Disney/ABC rebranded ABC Family, into Freedom TV, Fresh Meat is of the similar demographic, but being ignored. Makes you wonder is TV execs doing anything more than a snore? 
Speaking of domestic TV and reruns, today marks the day when tiny and I mean tiny and a bit snowy, LPTV station KDXZ signed on the air and being true to its nature, began running the reruns of the Dukes-of-Hazzard. Yes , Confederate Star Television Network signed on its over the air flagship station here and with it brought back the old series reruns. However CST isn't leaving it at that. CST is script writing some new content to create a show called(what else?) The Hazzard County Knytes, its more of a not so centered on the Dukes but more on the rural southern feeling and the rest of Hazzard County. So while the rest of Dukes fans can't watch anything Dukes at least we can. Shows that if you grease the wheels a bit with ad money, you get what you enjoy.