Friday, January 15, 2016

I think a bigger company willing to take risks needs to buy CenturyLink

Several things came to light over the last few days yesterday more than most. First called CenturyLink, is anybody doing anything there for rural America? More over the rural and small town areas of the rural Mountain West? I'm not talking about big city Salt Lake City , I'm talking about small town Evanston Wyoming or Morgan Utah? I thought what a jerk, the guy could not give me a number or a person there to call to help engineer a higher in the command chain of someone who could really get in the dirt and tell me exactly what it would or will take to get me here in Evanston the bandwidth and all that our counterparts in both Ogden as well as Salt Lake City. I mean there's got to be at least somebody on the looking in spot in CenturyLink's infrastructure people that is in charge of what it would really take to give me what I want. But not only could this guy help, his attitude was that of a person who did not even care. After all he's in Las Vegas Nevada, not here in Evanston Wyoming. I thought when the Bell System aka the break up of At&T took place that the baby bells, like CenturyLink that has swapped out names faster than I change shorts, might become innovative and ambitious to compete in a free market. Yet in many rural parts of the Mountain West, telecoms don't care in many cases as its them or nothing. But I got better bandwidth in Bliss Idaho of a population of 240. So for a back up and for the shop, its CenturyLink, for all parts and the main HazzardAyre Radio, its still AllWest. Maybe someday, yet all of this is making Pocatello even brighter. Then I noticed that Shawn, took me off his friends list on FaceBook. What's up with that? Did he make a mistake, or is he upset? Maybe I been backing the wrong horse here? Last here this morning, the GOP Debates. Why wasn't there a repeat or two of the broadcast? Is anyone in Network news in the know here, that there are still people in this nation that have jobs, albeit some slinging boxes at night to stock the shelves at Wal-Mart, that might want to see the debates, even if it is a repeat telecast? There are people especially executuves in just about every industry, who think that as long as it does not involve, or affect them directly why bother? Too many Chiefs not enough Braves, This nation needs more people in the trenches making decisions and rebuilding core infrastructures rather than the bunch in DC and even Denver, Las Vegas or even Salt Lake City, sitting back barking like hounds drinking cocktails and taking all too much credit, yet will not do anything, or get people off their butts to do anything. That's why there is the United Confederate States of America organization, the Knytes-of-Dixie, and especially true, HazzardAyre Radio and soon to be HazzardAyre TV, simply we are not rude, we just have the balls to say what no one else dares to say. 
See you on the radio this afternoon.