Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Deception from within that few knew, eventually they do listen to me.

Things that second cousin Shari didn't know, and many didn't. Since 1991 when Cousin Bud took over the Montgomery Foundation's money from former keeper of the funds Skip Goddard, deceased from Boise. Still Bud and I started off wrong and it continued right up to his death. There were things bought and sold of Trust assets and mine that I never knew was there, forgetting about others, like the old General Lee, that would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars today, and several relationships that were torpedoed because of fund mismanagement, that would choke a mule. While deep down I think overall, Bud tried his best, and while honesty was preached it wasn't always practiced by Bud, and yet his daughters never knew one iota of anything going on. Not only financially but infidelity was rampant, the entire thing of it all if it could be written as a screenplay would rival the best motion pictures of our time. While Heavenly Father tells us to forgive, I don't think he wants us to forget. I think Heavenly Father makes us remember to learn from the causes of the bruises of our lives. Over time in such circumstances you learn as Bud said it, to work the angles, simply because if you didn't and went at it full charge Bud would just say no and I'd be there holding the bag in the getaway car. But and this is important if this was all for chump change, I'd not even bother, and just gobble it up once it got here, but we're talking some mediocure large $'s here, so I'm staying in the fight, as the end goal here is and I've made up my mind, pretty much, that its refurbish LexiBelle and LiL Wolf, get some minor problems on General JaXson, done then its go to Charlie hire A1 to haul LexiBelle and LiL Wolf back to western Idaho, and me follow in a Uhaul with a car trailer, and forget Evansgone is even here. There just is no future here. Maybe in time there might be, but by the time there is economic improvement here, I'll be too old if I'm still alive to utilize it. So the money coming from the remains of the Montgomery Foundation will be used to retransplant me back to Idaho and forget Utah and Wyoming even exists. I have no family here, only 3 real friends two of which are club members, one is my partner at the shop, but hell no chances of any kind or romantic breeding stock available, not even one that I can visually dream about to get a stiffy or a wet dream. And never even one female that I can say I have been tight with since I arrived. 10 Years ago I got laid on a regular basis, but that stock left years ago. But with some of the funds recovery money, I can fully pay off my bill to AllWest, which is high on my priority list, pay my side of shop rent, and the rest outside of utility bills, and vehicle repair bills, the rest is being set aside for vacating this place come May/June 2016. Maybe sooner. 
Any mile headed for bed, see ya'll here later today.