Friday, January 8, 2016

Fly by the web and real hometown companies Hometown beats Web Fly By's anytime

There are companies that appear online that promise you the moon but can rarely if ever deliver. Most of these floozy companies like My Business Funding, Atlas Business Financing and so on, prey on those individuals, that are having a rough go of it. I call them Fly By Webs, they are loan brokers hired or contracted by sub market lenders that are usually in Metro, Urban areas, and they don't give a rats ass. In the same lane, if your own hometown bank wont give you a business loan even if it is to shore up your company so you can muddle through until a embezzlement case is concluded so you can still keep your wheels turning and earning, what makes anyone think that some outfit clean across the nation especially back east will do it, especially too if they are in Yankee country? They only want big companies that are knocking down $10k a month, or better. Now consider that if I'm looking to borrow $10k, and if I'm making $10k, a month, why the hell would I ask or go to them for working capital, worth $10k? This would make no sense at all. The National Association of Business or NAOB says, take a day and shop local, this goes for financing and banking. Your local banker of an established banking firm, like say Wells Fargo, knows you, your business, your area just as good as you do. Best borrow local if you borrow at all. My Dad & Mom ran our farm the same way, Dad & Mom never got into the farm production loan scene, if we didn't have the money for that new or whatever it was, we did with what we had. Or built it. Same idea as when the DC Occupiers borrow money from China and such, once they borrow that money we are in debt to China, and at the beggers cup of China. Even if that makes some people hurt a bit, better to pay off your bills, or get out of what is dragging you down. Now then, and I've even said this before. Once a company business loan or any other turns down a Knyte , they just robbed themselves of 49,999 other Knytes-of-Dixie members across the nation some of which owns multi million dollar companies, from ever dealing with that loan company or what have you. Too bad.
Now then too, and I've even complained about them as well, but I'll tell you this; AllWest Cable/Internet, is local, understanding and works with someone to make sure they are satisfied and that the customer or subscriber is satisfied. Local companies know better, know the market conditions that are local, and works with you. These are the people you go to church with, these are the people you see at the local brewery, and at city council meetings etc, These are the companies you want to do business with and trust your personal information to. Not some brokerage or what have you clean across the nation.
I want to say a special thank you to Mindy Broadhead of AllWest that has personally taken care of the account here at both HazzardAyre Radio, my personal account, and the account of Highway Hooker Toewing. Too bad she don't work in one of our offices. Expect us to be with AllWest a very long time in the future.