Tuesday, January 5, 2016

don't know a title for this but here is the problem

I don't know how to put this, but for a condition that I wish I could reverse, I'm in Wyoming and about to loose much that I have worked for, most of my life. It all started in mid 2013, through a future employee met this gal, who as it turned out was willing to sell to me a used broadcast control console. It was inexpensive enough, and then got a blip from an old school friend in Utah move the radio side of the club's radio network to Utah. So I put my tow truck in storage and moved to Utah. All I did was media. Got all too many promises from all too many people who never Did what they promised. Through other associates found an office that was inexpensive enough in Woods Cross Utah. So moved the radio gig there, tried to reside in Ogden. trouble is my personal company was in suspension. So I was living on simple Social Security and a mild stipend from the club. Then in 2014 in November to be exact, got a clip from a news guy that said that the AM radio station in Evanston had gone dead. So Hey a Over the Air station available the winds under the wings from the club through HazzardAyre Radio here I came. After looking at the area, and really needing a place to hang my head with a shower at the low end and needing to boost my income through the radio gear, moved to Evanston. Resided in an old trailer that should be condemned and through many blessings from on high gained an apartment here and started to climb out of a very bad situation. Then through an associate and all got together with a guy who said he'd go into partnership with me in a shop here. Well thought was go tow. Once I listed the company on Yelp amongst others we started getting calls, trouble was no truck, LexiBelle was in Twin Falls. Couldn't find one person to go over and haul LexiBelle here to Evanston, just for the cost of fuel. Remember LexiBelle had been in storage for near two and a half years, hoses decay, tires get flat spots, belts weaken, but by early December LexiBelle was here in Evanston. Then I started hearing about a major company in Utah invading Wyoming, infringing on the incomes of not only myself but that of others in Green River, Rock Springs, and Afton. So I joined into the fight after all the business I was protecting was in part my own. With all of that and a few media contacts I have a way to run up some ads, promos and yes the upcoming movie. Trouble is in two and a half months, cable/internet bill got behind, rent on the shop rent got behind and that's the short list. I have been poking at both Shawn and Sheridon of Green River for a bit of money to help me right the boat here, but like me they are tapped too. I heard about a cat from California that did business loans so I poked Dom, and he said he could maybe get me $10k in a business loan. Thing is just got the paper work, and with my credit rating at the bottom of a buckey of a fico score of 530, I don't see that as anything although I made out the paper work. But here's the thing. In towing I have see the good, the bad and the fugdugly since I started, in 1974. I did well until my Mom passed away in 1983. However at the time the trustee's of mom estate urged me to move to Boise. Where I found the rules for going towing were a bit more strict. Even then the California influence had started in Idaho. All for the big companies with multiple trucks and us with one or two, trucks were going to have trouble. The condition came where a roll over happened right on west State Street between Boise and then the tiny town of Eagle, Idaho. Road blockage and all yet here I was in my drive way, but the city needed to wait for a tow truck from mid city an hour away, to clear the wreckage. So I went to the city council, after I read in the list of requirements to get on rotation, that you had to have at least 3 trucks to get on rotation. But I fought. Then Mayor eventually Governor Dirk Kempthorne Vaghn Kileen Sheriff, I set up a Vicinity list where if there was an urgent need , the truck closest to a accident scene could be called. By doing that I was taking in $1,000.00 a day and that was before lunch. I mention that because I can fight and I can win, but I couldn't have then except I had the financial support of a heavy hand of Tommy N Thompson of TNT Towing of Boise. I can't fight without financial help, and I can't fight without being online and on the air on radio, and that's why again, I'm pleading on bended knees to Shawn and all for a short loan of $500.00 or so, and I need it by Friday. I'll get into this further this evening, but I'm begging and while I'm usually not begging, I need the help out of pocket money to keep my radio operation of the club, as well as staying on line that $500.00 is needed in 3 days. 
Hope ya'll will help.