Monday, January 18, 2016

Them ain't Fritos corn chips your smelling

It's that time of the year again when both the Wolf-Pack aka the AyreWolvez and the Hazzard County Knytes start to recruit, audition and train the new candidates and/or applicants for our years promotional projects. Along with that goes the ad projects for Hazzard County Choppers/SpeedWrench Toewing. More so this year as we're going to do a media blitz for SpeedWrench Toewing and select a Miss SpeedWrench. That involves of course the infamous We Luv Toewz toe kiss. The other day a candidate showed up, and I suppose there was exceptional circumstances involving her footwear since it was snowing and wet out, thing is even with the nylons and all, when she took off her black dress boots, it smelled like a Mexican resturaunt in here. I thought to myself , Them ain't no Fritos Corn chips your smelling. Fortunately she came here to the roadhouse where there is a shower, and aftr and changing into clean hose, it wasn't all that bad, but I got to thinking about all the reality talent shows and musicals where there is combo of men and women talent, where they have to work in proximity to each other, where sweat and nerves create both  hormonally and pheremonally scents, who really smells the worst? Men always smell, as we somewhat sweat more, but is there a worse odor between women and men, or is it equal, just slightly off plumb due to PH levels and chemistry? I often think about these things, simply out of curiosity in having to interact with the female talent we work with here. Some both guys and gals say or ask, "don't her feet smell?" The thing is, and maybe I turned nose blind to it, but for some reason, women in nylons don't smell. Just a touch of a attractive musky scent. In the same lane, and it'd be cool if we could decipher and decode this, but canines especially smell everything, both us humans as well as food, and just things involved in the common practice of mating and determining on their part what is friendly or sinister. You will see a dog smell just about every part of the body, of say a human. From the anus to their feet to arm pits. Question do  these parts  produce odors that determine availability say for breeding, and or danger or pleasure? So does it then require additional reasearch? In deed. What scents do our canine counterparts smell? Likewise what do they smell for? Fear, they say there's a difference in that scent, that from standard or usual sweat, If the female canine is in heat, just as women are getting invaded by mother nature, is there the scent of blood like that of potent iron smell or iodine? Or is there another smell they're looking for? Did we do that in practice before the advent of social protocols? Did the human male corpuscle inch up to a woman and sniff her behind, or crotch or other areas? Or is this behavior exclusive to canines ? Cat's or felines while they smell, for things depend more on eye site, although research has shown that cats are color blind. 
The question remains, who smells the worst? Women or men, and what about those feet, do nylons make a difference?