Wednesday, January 27, 2016

From the WTF Files

By now you've heard or seen this, if you haven't well that's okay. The preacher that was in Iranian custody who had ties in Idaho, comes home to find his xyl, wants a divorce. Really? Nothing new there though, how many times have you seen that? Guy gets out of jail or custody and finds his old lady gave him the boot? Happens all the time. Fidelity is not guarenteed , when hubby away, xyl's love to play then shit hits the skid, she loves all the new attention then leaves the guy. Wonder if in fact if its her that gets locked up if he goes out and shows off his manhood and lusts, then gives her the boot? I don't think so, since most guys I know are loyal, but then what would you expect from the WolfPack? 
As you may know or have seen, the stand off in Oregon near Burns, has taken a turn for the worst. Reports are that two got shot, even after the two perps showed they were not armed. Seems as though a few law keepers including a couple of FBI guys are going to have to answer to that. Noticed that Kim Fields was there doing field reporting as well as recently getting bumped up to an anchors seat. Too bad we don't have someone here at HazzardAyre Radio that dedicated. Maybe we need to have our HQ in Boise? Male or female, we'd welcome that kind of media person here.
Want to make nutrition bars? Well Twin Falls is gaining a plant to make them. The company is going to hire an estimated 200 full time workers, and a few part timers. Meaning jobs and scratch cash. And then people wonder why I'm sniffing around thinking of moving back there. You go where the money is.
Finally, HazzardAyre's show SpeedWrench Radio will air at 20:00 hours, maybe by then Livestream can correct the problem with archiving the show, last nights didn't. Watch and see if that's not upgraded soon.