Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What says, that a guy and a gal can't be friends? Does the fact she has breasts and a vagina mean he is just wanting in her panties?

There is a young lady and I say, truthfully that she is a lady from any view and definition, that works down yonder at Jody's Diner here in Evanston Wyoming. The first time I met her was just after I relocated here in November 2014. There was these peanut butter cluster candies covered with I think colored and heavily sugared corn flakes. The young lady here that I'm mentioning here was seeing I wanted a taste, and was not bashful about breaking of a piece and just feeding one to me. The gal had for lack of words here, balls. Over the year and a half, I have developed a great friendship in her, her name is Charli. Now there are those that look at the exchange of looks an brief chat that one of us would love to rip each others clothes off and do the wyld thang. Thing is I just think she's a neat people to hang around. I had at our initial introduction considered her as the main manager of, if the Reaper Club had happened, more on that in a second, but that's the beginning and ending of it. She's just a great human friend. She's happy with the guy she's with and me? Well even if I wanted, there's no room in my world right now or the foreseeable future. Then came Brittany, whom I considered as a helper in bringing the Reaper Club together, had the return on the investment leveled out, but it didn't. The poor local economy and all just wont allow a southern gearhead motornut club, to construct yet operate, a bar, with a outlay of $4k, a month, or $500k buy out without a booze license. Too much lay out, not enough pay back, but the concept is not dead. It's just that for me I'm stuck here for a year and all, getting a few rides including LexiBelle in a condition for a long move groove. In that time the two things I came here for in 2014 a radio station and a gearhead based bar/grill . Once secured, I'm going to need good people in there, moreover to take over and be me here, is going to take a Super woman. Both Brittany, Becky and especially Charli are of that caliber. Yet people see me at Jody's and have all the wrong ideas. With me & the Knytes, we want, hell we demand precision, dedication to task, and dependability. Not flimsey. And those gals I mentioned have that. One, will not even call or come by, the other hasn't came around since her guy pal Joey left HCC, which brings to light Charli. At least , even though its her job, but she goes over that, but she says hello and treats me as a human, and that's why I always leave a $5.00 tip, for her, no matter how much I spend to eat there. I call it Southern resilience , likewise rebel tenacity, and those qualities are rare, no matter where the woman lives. 
After today I'm in no condition to be on air, but I'll be up and online, on air starting at 13:00 hours, Wednesday. . On that we are assembling a crew of southern belles that we will call SpeedAngels. We are talking a model/talent contract of $150k and a heap of other things, if interested give me a jingle at 307-679-7209 or email