Sunday, January 10, 2016

whyshould the word have a c in it any how?

Oh my , would Mrs. Brailsford tell me if I would write something with the spelling wrong, more over my Mom. Everytime I think if typing speed or even ability, I swhould've spent more time doing the school work rather than lusting after Mrs. Brailsford, who was one of several teachers I had, that had the right stuff packages. I never saw myself as much of a writer. In fact any kind of writer, if I didn't have an aircraft's stick and yoke in my hand it was handlebars and/or a steering wheel. Not a pen and paper and nor ever a keyboard. Lets face it, in office occupations course it was because it was taught by Mrs. Brailsford, had Becky Tupper, Donna Ainsworth, and this hottie named Jodi Hemmingway, in it , which is why I was there. Hardly any male competition and whompum amount of available two legged heifers to thin from the herd and round up in MY corral. But as time and career drifted into broadcasting more although by the mid point of High School my ideas of broadcasting had weined a bunch since my head was in the clouds and the rest of me under a hood of a Chevy or a Mopar(Chrysler make vehicle). However it was such that being in FFA(Future Farmers of America) that our mineoot (as I spell it) class for all things agriculture. Heck I wasn't into that, but being in Ag gave me access to the school shop, and advanced equipment and while we were supposed to be wrenching on John Deere's I was building T-bucket frames. Then Mr Ills our teacher needed a sucker to be the Chapters FFA reporter on local radio station KART in Jerome, and since the task was to be closer to Susan Ainsworth what the hell, I'm game was in broadcasting in Utah, might as well. Plus it gave me the ability to give the school finger salute to two nerds named John Martin, Carl Upioano who thought they were the stiff necked jocks, so off I went.
Being the class reporter, a lot of copy writing was done, and I learned that spelling it proper, or better how it was to be said, was key. So I started writing things the way they sounded , rather than the old English spelling. Words like Buffet, I spelled Buffay, that's how you spoke it, why not write it that way? So that's what I did. 
Today I still do that, but I started wondering too, what about all those cuss words. Why do we spell them that way? The most famouse, is the word FUCK. which is derived from initials, that go, Fornication, Under, Charles, the King. But you say it that way, you really say it FUK. So why not just spell it that way? There is a ton and a half of words both cuss words and even mainstream words that go like that. The word cousin , should be spelled cuzzin, nylons should be spelled nighlawns and so on. And what about cuss words, what committee met at some point and time and said that certain words were dirty and should not be spoken. If you study biblical texts , the words themselves are never mentioned. The word Shit, which the Brittish say as shyt , and the word or werd Fag is not a homo, but the word for cigarette. 
Any myle, taking the rest of tonite off from, radio, to watch the final episode of Austin and Ally and tend to me, and all. But will be on air in the morning Munnday at 04:00 hours.