Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Crowd funding is a lark and made for others that aren't trying very much

While I have engaged this before and am praying as hard as I can to regain some of my electronic abilities to communicate, I also think of all these crowd funding things I see posted on social media pages, and I think I can try to do this or that. Yet I either am not making the request properly, or the cause I work for is not , the gifted pursuit, that I think it is. 
Now I'm not saying that all causes are wrong or that there are causes worth it, but dang it all to heck, when the Knytes put up a call to action, we get fully ignored. Of course we all as a club muddle through and get there ourselves, but I'd like to see once that cause of ours was at least honored and at least 10 people would kick in say $100.00 a piece, to help us as a group, fix a wrong. Or to raise awareness of a battle. 
HazzardAyre Radio and all its parts is something to fight for. Its core is of preservation of southern states heritage and history, but it goes much further than that. Any kind of misalignment of Federal , powers that engulf a nation from the gig in Oregon, or the invasion of the tow snatchers from Utah into Wyoming, HazzardAyre Radio is the ONLY true fight the system, anti establishment anti conformist radio station in the Union. Period. When there is a misalignment of of people who think they are above or should be excluded from the law or laws that we all must abide by, or when a big deep pocket enterprise, takes or is taking advantage of a small or unable to fight on their own the causes of that misalignment the Knytes are there, and HazzardAyre Radio is there as one of the tools, we use in that fight. Look it goes to a core of a old Star Trek Next Generation, episode of beings called the Borg, who wanted to make everybody just like everybody , take away their individuality , their reason of free minds and spirits, to assimilate or be assimilated, the Borg said resistance is futile. I don't buy that. Until some power makes it not so, this is still America, we are albeit with a anvil and a chain around our ankles, but we still are free, to be able to say for the most part , what we want to say, and the right to pursue happiness and make at least a living, living. Right now HazzardAyre Radio is fighting to save itself, we need to raise $1000.00 dollars before the end of the month. To keep operational, we need every American and especially that of those who wish to preserve Southern heritage and liberty to dig into their wallets, and donate at least $100.00 so we can stay on the air. 
So dig deep, don't go to the movies one weekend or take the kids to McDonalds for a Weekend, and take that $100.00 and send it to Knytes-of-Dixie 96 East Hayden #C202 Evanston Wyoming 82930, help us to help ya'll. 
Okay now lets settle some things that some that just don't dig far enough into history and a monument that is even outside the County courthouse here in Evanston Wyoming. That has a marker honoring The Confederate States of America. The war of northern aggression was not over slavery , although history books written by northerners would say otherwise. The war was over taxation, and the taking of property and tariffs . Not slavery. Slaves were brought over to this nation by the North, and resold to farmers in the south. The south never did get involved with transportation of slaves, yet the north say otherwise. Now I grant you, there has been many hate groups that have used our Flag of Dixie as a background, and a symbol, and I'm tired of it and them, with their pointed heads and swasticker tattoos. They have tarnished our Flag of Dixie. But you can't outlaw peoples feelings, you can't outlaw or legislate history and more importantly you cannot legislate LOVE, we who have our ancestors and family roots planted solid in and of the south, love our southern roots, and need to preserve those roots. Some have said that HazzardAyre is a method of taking away from or being in competition with Ray McBerry enterprises founder of Dixie which is not right to say. What HazzardAyre is, is taking that torch and baton and running further and taking the cause nationwide., Ray opened the door and I for one commend him for his efforts, I love the intros of things from Heidi one of his on air people, I love everything Ray has done, but he was unable due to too much work to continue to devote time and money to Dixie Broadcasting. What we are doing is elevating Ray's efforts and putting some Hazzard County style spice into it. Again help us, to continue the effort, please donate to the cause of HazzardAyre Radio, even $100.00 or half that to us now will be greatly appreciated. Again our mailing address is 96 East Hayden Avenue #C202 Evanston Wyoming 82930.