Monday, January 4, 2016

Blood Sugar inversions, pills and towing in Wyoming

Today was a Monday all the way. Going around collecting for road service jobs and all, I stopped by the shop, chatted with the crew, and all intended to do some work on LexiBelle, when I got Dizzy as hell. So decided to roll home and check my sugar level, hitting near 400 took my Metformin , some Goody's headache powders and fell asleep. So woke up tried to prep for the radio show this evening, but , and its getting worse on that front, but body said no even though the mind was yelling yes. I don't like taking medication for anything, and I mean anything. Primary even basic healthcare in Wyoming is more miss than hit. There aren't many Doctors here, and the few that are , are reluctant to take on VA or Medicaid patients. So you muddle through. The results are always some that wonder why don't I just unplug, fly summer, quit towing and winter do nothing but radio. Thing is to take my butt out of a tow truck and stop being active in the industry, would flat kill me. Its not for being in the air, or on the air that I wake up for every morning its the idea of having my butt in a tow truck that I live for. Found out that the fuel tank repairs I paid Magic Valley Transmissions of Twin Falls Idaho that I shelled out near $500.00 for is sub standard. While few want to do low cost repairs, still if you take it on for damn sake do it, for the price you quoted and do it with pride and precision. Or don't take on the job at all. Honesty goes a helluva long way. Fortunately I found a pair of tanks over in Green River at Toew Bro Prospect member Shawn's so will be out of service for the week, but hey gotta fix what needs fixed. Then there's the feud going on with a large company out of Utah invading areas of Wyoming. There's too few regulations on one side of going towing in Wyoming and yet too many elsewhere. One of the things that the Toew Bro's Club is working on legislatively is to get uniform regulations in all three Mountain West states of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming,. The least of which is overhead light coloring. Having to cover your overhead lights to go into one state from another is a real pain. While Wyoming pretty much mandates red and blue lenses, amber is the main color in Utah, Idaho and Nevada. This is just the top of the tow snow pile. To spotlight these issues and promote a better image in towing in our region, the Toew Bro's Club, is working with two screenwriters and a production company to create a movie of us going towing, which is why Highway Hooker was changed to SpeedWrench Toewing, as Highway Hooker Toewing will be the in movie tow company. 
See you on the radio in the morning, my eyes are heavy and need to go back to bed.
Oh and ya'll say a prayer to my associate Rick at the shop, Rick hurt his back cutting fire wood, and is in deep pain, so put him in your prayers.