Friday, January 15, 2016

I've asked this before, many times, but is Stupid or diminished intelligence epidemic?

I know that I'm not perfect, and the fact that I now reside in Evanston Wyoming and have been entrapped here for a year despite all the evils and all, but I wonder is this era of diminished intelligence is it epidemic? Or a wave that's creeping up on us faster than a panther on a hare? Is this lack of brain power due to birth defects, pollution , or narcotics or is it just there? The idea of the fact that us rural kountry folks are not too swift, is just wrong. Since we operate on things of common sense. Just because the numbers say it isn't so, or shouldn't be does not mean someone shouldn't try. 
I remember when I was younger, there were these Public Service Announcements,(PSA's) that showed an egg being fried , with just the graphic of a human brain, they would say, " This is your brain, This is your brain on drugs, any questions?" Thing is it wasn't just the damn drugs. They warn mothers expecting, to rest and not drink, smoke or being around things that are of a chemical nature. Nor to work. Now dig this; My mom, drove 18 wheels, did farm work, including milking cows, pitched hay, drove hay truck, tractor, and hand irrigated with plastic dams and a shovel, 300 acres of farm ground. Yet carried me around in her pouch for all 9 months, smoked, drank, and worked, and hey I turned out okay. While I'll be the first to say I have my limitations, can't manage money well, ain't book smart, nor can I bust a move on the dance floor. I can't make a successful pancake, nor upload videos on YouTube, but I can repair nearly any aircraft engine ever made, including turbines and jets, I can drive better than most, I can fly, and I can be in the media better than many even more experienced but not more knowledgeable . I'm not successful with women, mostly because I'm not the GQ model that many women are looking for, but Hazzard County Choppers and all parts thereof, have weathered more storms, both economically as well as endurance and political, yet I have phone company people that can't get directions straight that the big service is at the shop, the small version as a backup here at the Wolf's Den aka HazzardAyre Radio's HQ, or owners of rides, who cut big holes in truck beds just to get at the filler neck, to change the in tank fuel filter. Or people that remove you from their FB friends list, when your busting ass to help them. Then and only then you need to look at the floor or the Heavens and ask , this is what you created? Do I as only a mere man need to hold your hand and walk you through to the task, then be there as you complete the task? Must I think of the Federation's Prime Directive not to interfere in the lives and times of primitive cultures or retarded intelligence? Or at least pre light speed technology. 
It's like TV network and TV news network executives, the idea that a rerun of last nights GOP debate, during mid morning on at least one of the cable news networks, beit, CNN or FoX News. Understand that some people work overnight, but would appreciate seeing the debate so we know how to select our nations CEO? Could computer or Technology publications like Digital Trends, write about why telecoms are slow to advance web intelligence and build advanced communications infrastructure? Or the fact that small town USA or CSA if you want, is the foundation of the major metro areas like NYC or Los Angeles? Of course there's those that ask the question does anyone proof read what they write? Granted run on sentences and basic grammar aside, using words, like pleaded? Really? It's Plead or Pled, Not Pleaded, or awesome, or more awesome, not awesomer. And then they claim, that us one room or three room school kountry(Kountry mis-spelled on purpose), students are slow, yet we can use a pencil and paper, to figure out how much change to give back to a customer. 
To sum, is stupid or diminished intelligence epidemic? Or is it just starting to become that way. More research at Hazzard County University needs to be done. See you this evening on the radio.