Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why not do my own operation?


There’s certain times one scratches your brain and thinks, why am I being so loyal or trusting? When in fact your gut tells you, this ain’t right.

While I’ll be friend and all to Big C, I am at a point of thought of, hey why not build up my own toew service again? Either Dixie as original, or do something exotic like Highway Hooker, Toewing as I started with and retaining , Hazzard County Choppers as my personal vocational link between me and Hazzard County and the Knytes.

I was fearful of a bunch of this, and looking back on things, when Big c, said move or come get your stuff, the smart move would have been to go fetch my stuff already here and move it back. Can’t unfix, but prior attitudes and practices reoccur.

So I thought bullshit, why should I go down to Big C’s shop, and clean shitters, just for gas? Be treated less than human and be treated like a third world citizen? Sorry, I served this nation in the Marines and I’ll be damned if I’m stooping low. No way.

So the procedure is A, find new payee, find new housing, move truck and me, go from there. In amongst look at doing my own gig, in a toew rig.

Then there is this PSR guy I got. From the get go, I said leave me alone in Bliss. What happens, I move from there to Buhl, and everything collapsed from there. Not all at once but degraded over time. Course of action, lets get back to me in Bliss, radio gig in Buhl, and try to slowly reverse this. By air school, time keep the radio station of course, put Lexi in storage and me and LiL Lexi goes to Utah, to air school time, use an office for a place to crash. Look over the territory then engage full relocal, then, but not until.

In the intrum its new bean counter, new residence, radio station, revive Highway Hooker Toewing, then HCC then air school, then go from there.

Between chemicals that shut off my air, to other elements, like 08:00 on site time, nope not this fly guy. Give me 10:00 , followed by my own schedule. Sure air school will be regulated but hey that’s different. But a can of chew, and two tanks of gas, is not enough to kill myself for.

Okay then two pressures off my brain and drained. Now to radio full bore.

That in my next entry.

L8R ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
Life is not an exact science, it is an art.
--Samuel Butler, the younger
Psalm 86:5“You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If I flat didn’t and just did it


Here it is another Tuesday headed into, Wednesday morning, one pin up says she’s in, another who I was depending on, is silently saying unless I read it wrong is leaving the Pack. Guess some can’t wait forever, but it was her that was getting the main spot in the pack, instead of a beta, she was pegged for an Alpha, oh well.

By now many of you have gathered my eyes are on exiting Idaho, but there’s a helluvalot of stuff that needs done long before I exit.

First there’s taking command of KDXB FM, then there all the already contracted photo sessions. On a personal level there is fixing up LexiBelle, getting LiL Lexi in shape for the move. Beyond that its pay bills, find a place to live down there then move not until. I’ll have to get in touch with Upper Limit to see about a later enrolment date and departure date.

On the radio gig, with all the yes I’ll do it, then the I don’t know’s I got to thinking, hey just shut up here , do it anyway, then let em find it on their own and step back in. Make them show us they really want it, not us beg for it. It’s just plain stupid. I always see those on TV model searches, that’s on Bravo, and E. Guess what? They ain’t coming to Idaho, if they are ain’t Twin Falls. If they do send out a talent scout it’s a chick doing the scouting or one tremendous queer guy.

Steve one of my crew said something at dinner Tuesday, he asked me, “ would you even know if a gal is hitting on you?” Answer? Probably not. Hell its been so damn long that someone showed any sincere feeling for me that unless she really threw herself at me, I’d have no clue. I can cast talent radio, pin-up’s but make a date or a get to know someone on a personal level, I’m still looking for the operational handbook.

But in closing I wondered, if I in fact went ahead with the radio gig and just kept quiet about it, then after a month or two after its running, and the same applicants who were all so iffy, came back around? Could be interested.

Like I said one Pin up says she’s in(we see), Sylver sounds shaky and me I’m just now getting over this damn flu.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
A court is a place where what was confused before becomes more unsettled than ever.
--Henry Waldorf Francis
Ephesians 4:2“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Content, information and models


As old as the web itself most who build a web page or site know that the information on that site had better be current, to the point as possible, but incite some sort reaction to engage the mind. Beyond that there had best be some serious eye candy or your reader is going elsewhere.

Granted religious orders and simple news sites have drifted away from the eye candy thing, if you’re a site that is aimed at guys who love something with an engine and knows what to do with it, forgetting the eye candy is like forgetting the crankshaft, yes its there, but it ain’t going anywhere.

If your looking to putting up a website that folks might stare at for many hours such as the the cover to a streaming radio station’s site like HazzardAyre’ you had better do a bunch of art work, and harvest as much feminine eye candy as you can.

Depending on your location that’s both easy and difficult. Big city with modeling and talent agencies where your eye candy is as easy to get as ordering a pizza, is easy. You set up time with a truck, aircraft etc, call the agency, and you have the gig in the can, printed ready to be put on the website. However if your in rural Idaho, like I am, finding that feminine eye candy, comes with more trouble than a centipede trying to walk through a muddy garden in tennis shoes. It is a chore.

First you get your name hammered like a 10 pound spike going into a railroad track joint. Then if you somehow make it past that, and that’s a big if, you get the cops called, where it’s a 80 question session, then after that completely frustrated, you end up calling an agency from Utah or Boise or elsewhere, pay $1,000.00 travel, per on camera wages and all, then you have something you can put on the website.

But once ya’ll get past that the site better deliver daily. Something I try hard as hell, to do. I blog and write every single day sometimes 3 or 5 times a day.

Now the reason I send copies of the blogs to the potential talent like I do, is not to piss them off or get em tyred of us, ,its to educate and inform them of just who it is they are working for, and our expectations of them.

Much of the time we don’t just have our talent pose and do stills, what we also have em do, is do voice overs, and attempt to act so they can tell folks on TV how damn great we are and why they ought to go to our website to see us and tune into the radio shows. Its called a TV ad.

I saw an article in Overdrive , overnight about how music makes driving better. Great something with some grit to it, went there, not much more than a paragraph. Made me wonder why I went there.

Guess one has to be a paid subscriber to read the whole damn thing.

I hate bait & switch.

As I close, saw that the Sam Jones was in fact real, okay , but I’m still being very guarded here. To which I say to her, want to impress? Deliver the resume and portfolio to the house. Kind of a show albeit limited , but trust. I sent her a IM from Facebook with the address, if nothing else she could put it in the mailbox.

Now as I close, I understand that the big spook of any female coming into the strange lair of a lone wolf like myself, might be enhanced by requests, like asking someone to show me her toes in nylon hose, or the feature bit of smooching those toes to get a point across using a strong play on the words toe and tow and things from phoote(foot) notes etc, okay that might tend to make a gal nervous, but shyt, in my thoughts if I can stand the stench they should be willing to offer up a foot. But then I think like a guy.

Nobody asked someone to go to bed with them, nobody asked to get hinky or kinky, but yea I might could see where that kind of thing might get someone nervous, but I’ve seen much worse at studio and film auditions, and a hell of a lot worse on Americas Next Top Model. Its still a standard, but I’m usually waiting until I know some talent better to deploy or make such a request.

Guess , these days, Prince Charming would have to have the ring on Cinderella’s finger before he  to see if the glass slipper fit her foot.

Like I said, much has to happen between now and April 1st , or May 1st, me, and much of what is here that is connected to the club, is outta here, with a gift, of the sale of our license for the radio station in Buhl, and I head to Utah, with Idaho being at that point, nothing but a nightmare. And I can tell you this, once I go, this time. I don’t care, ain’t never ever coming back.

Any way, heavy head, need sleep, hope I feel good enough to go to work in the morning.

L8R ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a good discussion.
--G.K. Chesterton
Mark 9:35“Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.””

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Test day at the hospital


Well it started, all day at the hospital. First blood tests, followed by making me drink some stuff that’s like a cup of chalk and MaaLox , that makes you shyt like a goose before Christmas. So after that they stick this stick with a camera up your butt and inflate this bladder thing, then you go back to pooping.

By 15:45 they figured I was okay, and Sgt Kuhn drove me home and here I sit with a raw butt.

Next thing they’re going to do is a colonoscopy . Yea fun.

Guess the Samantha Jones was real, sorry about that but with what the clubs been through one can understand us being jumpy. Hey its our turn to be suspicious.

Someone to good to be true , usually is.

Hope to see the package and meet the gal soon. Sam, drop by the house and say hi any time.

Watched Crook And Chase on TV , or at least a very long ago version of that show. Why doesn’t RFDTV Family Net run a more modern version or produce a new show. Oh could it be your hurting RFDTV? With CoX Cable yanking you from their line up, oops. Might be willing to talk to us at Confederate Star now huh?

If Confederate Star owned RFDTV, first thing that’d go, is Crook And Chase, didn’t like em on TNN , don’t like em now. Then I’d dump, that Mollie B. Not that Mollie B is not hot, looking and all, just need to give her some different music and music style, not Polka. That Lawrence Welk stuff, for old people to drink Geritol over, no give Mollie B some hot kountry band as a back up and watch a hot fresh voice come to Nashville.

Any way , I took a bunch of medicine, that’s got me rung out like a wash rag, so I’m headed for the rack.

See ya’ll L8R,

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Quote of the Day:
Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others.
--Robert Louis Stevenson
John 4:24“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.””

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

I may be crazy , but I ain’t dumb

HAZZARD AYRE WINGShh toew tymez hedder

Dig this fellow Knytes and friends.

This gal saying she is interested in being a candidate for one of the pin ups, sends me this email.

Again the pin up ad has only the clubs email addy, not mine.

So it says she’s Samantha Jones. Really? Does who ever again is trying hard to mess me up or set me up, think I’m that stupid.

For those not in the know, Samantha Jones is the fast hot blonde on Sex And The City portrayed by Kim Catral, but never mind that, questions from so many corners of my mind, like why the hell does anyone want to put the skids to a talent search, two, why thwart progress? Just because it’s a Hazzard County hillbilly, doing the casting? Hasn’t these gals had sisters or kin folk that could tell them that the club, has always hired or tried to, hire local talent, for such projects, that ALL GET PAID, and that no harm has ever came to them?

Is the memories of our local people, forgot the Knytes, how much we have done for this ungrateful valley, like saving the Twitchel family of Hagerman a few years ago from being homeless, by doing a benefit concert in their honor? How about the frigging Hagerman QRU , who the hell do you think got that started? How about the Montgomery foundations gift to build that damn new firehouse down there? Need I go on? The Knytes, myself and all are getting tired of being thought of as the Jack the Ripper or worse. Bull shit. Name me a time or even one single person who has EVER been hurt, abused, used, or assaulted by a Knyte, or myself, especially a model talent, or a pin up/poster girl talent ever. You can’t because we don’t and I don’t, in fact I have no plans on ever getting involved with a talent. The only one that did and that was back in 85, and he married her. Me never have, never will. Models are for promotion of the club, and members byrds and rides. Not for dating and fooling around.

If ya’ll don’t want to get serious about being one of our pin up girls fine, but don’t bother me or the club, if ya’ll ain’t. Maybe the fact that a current member of the Knytes is an FBI agent, or that a sitting County Sheriff is a member in good standing of the Knytes, or the fact that the former Police Chief of Hagerman is a member of the Knytes.

So like us, or don’t like us, but quit messing around if your not serious, cause we ain’t got time for it, nor I patience for it, 7 months from now I’ll just be a memory, and Idaho everything will be my nightmare as I’ll be long gone, somewhere Utah.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
To cease smoking is the easiest thing. I ought to know. I've done it a thousand times.
--Mark Twain
John 4:24“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.””

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Once again a Sunday is over and a new week begins


Another Sunday over, a new week begins. Thank goodness this months over.

After the last two months its been a big quandry if me ROS’ing is valuable or should I just surrender to the forces that seem to be, and say load em up get the hell out of here? Surly being back albeit still limited, but being back in a metro area would make sense, since I so harrowingly on the border of quiting going towing in exchange for just flying, and nesting during the winter.

Situations of vehicle limitations and prior commitments being I am forced to ROS, but will tell you come May looking at being in Utah, if I put all the paper work and all to being at Upper Limit by the 20th of May. Rent on housing there is high , but there might be room mates and such that I can retain what I need money wise to at least remove myself from a place of being at a real dead end, or at least near a dead end area.

Not saying Twin Falls is broke but while Twin Falls in fact the entire area has reached the 20th Century, it will take until the 23rd century, for Twin Falls to reach the 21st Century. Shed fears of a Victorian mind frame, and a constant religious and simple paranoia that prevents thawing of ice of mental incompetence , and arrogant and ignorant fear.

Face it if it has little to do with or just borders on helping production agriculture, it whatever IT is, will not flourish here. Technology, industrial expansion and none farm enterprises are just not able to operate, and are silenced and snuffed out long before one can gain any traction. If you keep at it, your threatened with everything from being a pervert to living in a paradoxial dimension. Even though the idea might have merit, unless the IT that’s being created is being done by a person of a chosen family, or person of a particular click, or clan, forget moving forward. Your best course is exactly doing what I am, do what’s needed, build up financial resources, then as soon as possible, pack up and get the Pack out of Twin. Which is what’s going on. Maybe occasionally throw out a bit of bait to see if there is anyone that might participate , but knowingly not expectantly that the response will be less than 1 or 2% of the possible desired outcome.

I’m hoping our search for pin up gals for the Winged Warrior Calendar, video and so on will bring at minimum of 12 for each month of the year. I’d like to see enough of a response to be able to gain at least 1 or two other member of the female gender besides Sylver to be on air here. And I’d like Sylver to take it much more seriously and at least stop for a quick pow wow cup of java. But that ain’t happening.

So by April, I’ll have to make the decision, do we keep the radio gig running in the Tragic Valley of Idaho? Or do I sell the license and all, to a major buyer whose offered $200k for it, move my licensing over to American Falls or even western Utah, and forget Idaho all together? Depends on the current response of Sylver and whomever is out there that might stumble in and want to be part.

What I can say is, I made it through another Month and Big C is expecting me early, and outside of that, taking a few weeks off, from club duties including Blogging, radio, and administration duties. Its go to work, come home, sleep, eat, go back to the shop with Big C.

We’ll be moving more gear to Buhl this week, for the radio operation. So by Wednesday, don’t expect any blogs.

See ya’ll around the valley and the galaxy.


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Quote of the Day:
To create you must quiet your mind. You need a quiet mind so that ideas will have a chance of connecting.
--Eric Maisil
John 4:24“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.””

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

New supporter of the Knytes-of-Anarchy


Wanted to pass this along to ya’ll as I go bed down for awhile.

Got news there is a new supporter associate for the Knytes here in our area.

Place is called the Snuff Can , and as you figure, it’s a place with all your favorite smokeless tobacco.

All U.S. Tobacco products, Skoal, Copenhagen, and that. Plus older brands like Spark Plug, Days Work, Beechnut, and best of all its always kept fresh, and cooled.

The Snuff Can has all those chewing accessories, from spitters to golden spittoons, to custom jeweled and logoed can lids. Snuff pouches belt carriers the werx.

If you chew like I do and want the best at good old boy prices, stop by the Snuff Can, Just off Poleline in Twin and on west state street in Hazzard.

More overnight tonight on HazzardAyre radio, starting at 23:00 .

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
--Kahlil Gibran
James 4:10“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

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545150_385042184920699_1453407584_nhht business card

Can you believe it? 34 years ago, on Jan 29th 1979 The Dukes premiered on CBS

HAZZARDAYRE TAG 1HazzardAyre Welcome Header

Can you believe it, 34 years have passed since we first saw ye old General Lee, jump that dried up ditch. But it has.

I didn’t find Hazzard until December of 79, and wasn’t fully involved until 1981 but it has been one hulluva ride and a journey I’m glad I and the 50,000 member of the Knytes-of-Anarchy, took as well.

The memories, of both good and bad, the learning of my own confederate and southern Heritage, my reasons for doing radio, the shop, the reason I’m still sane today, all of it caused thankfully and happily by the Dukes-of-Hazzard.

A TV show cast that cared about its viewers, a show cast that traveled 2500 miles from Burbank CA, to Hagerman Idaho to attend the funeral of a fans mother(mine) and be there when the rest of the ungrateful town wasn’t there to comfort the son(me).

But again one helluva ride and one the club and I are glad we took.


Can you dig this shyt?

JJ Abrams and Disney are joining forces to reinvigorate the FORCE. Yes Star Wars will again be reborn, from Star Trek to Star Wars, may they both Live long and Prosper, now if we could just get a new good Dukes movie made. I got it, do the gig we been thinking about for years HazzardAyre, the movie. Only if we do it, lets not cast anyone from the Tragic Valley of Idaho, they are to damn stuck up and arrogant and self righteous, to be in our movie.

Best make it all in Utah, where many film projects are done. Funny, Idaho needs jobs and money yet has a spoon up its nose to the arts.

Try to cast something here, first you get called everything but a white man, then get the cops called on you for being some sort of wyld predator , then people can’t pull their heads out of their ass long enough to show up at a meeting of the club so the talent could meet em, even though the meeting is at the Wolf’s Lair.

None of that happened in metro SLC, I did the gigs there fast, sweet and painless. Which is why the economy is better in Utah. Sure the LDS thing is there in fact headquartered there, in SLC, but seems Utah LDS, are more open minded than Idaho LDS. At least Tragic Valley LDS. Which might be a reason, Utah's film commission is much more active, than Idaho’s Film Commission, that is all, but none existent. Makes one wonder why Mary Ann{Dawn Wells} of Gilligan’s Island fame resides and has a actors camp in Driggs Idaho, rather than say, somewhere Utah. But answers my question of a couple years ago of why there’s a Sundance Film festival in Park City Utah and no such thing in Sun Valley Idaho. Or even Idaho anywhere.

Some Hazzard words of wizzdum, passed on to ya’ll.

Keeping it all Hazzard ya’ll,


Quote of the Day:
Show me someone content with mediocrity and I'll show you someone destined for failure.
--Johnetta Cole
James 4:10“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

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