Monday, February 22, 2016

We sure live in a superficial world, even if it looks like hell, don't mean its used up

I truly hate assholes, and it seems as though there are more of them every day. For many , its the fact that it has to shine, like a chrome and glitter, but chrome and glitter is not always going to get you out of a snow bank, or up a 70 degree canyon. 
Today a friend of Rick's my partner at the shop,(more on that in a minute) but the bunch was unloading some firewood. There was a chrome wheel in the snow and frozen, they jerked it out, but not before it took out a chunk of Rick's friend's Ford. There was some talk back and forth. Much of it having to do with LexiBelle, not being able and all. I wanted to smack the guy, sure LexiBelle would never make it at a pride and polish show, but I'd like to see this friend's Ford do what LexiBelle has done, under the conditions LexiBelle has done them. Buried deep in mud and near quick sludge up to the door handles pullin a one and a half GI truck out of the river bottoms, near Hazzard. Up a 70 degree mountain side, a truck 3 times heavier than LexiBelle, A Subaru Brat out of the deep mud near 1000 springs resort just outside of Hazzard, or a 5 ton, plus Chevy spud truck loaded with 98 sacks of spuds in the back with a single dually flat inside. Or pulling trees over even with LexiBelle's nose in the air, but still pulled those old Russian Olive trees down, the list goes on and on, but thing is, even as bad as she looks, she's still up for the job, and ready to take on anything, her size and heavier. It's like when young folks bad mouth older people, just because there's snow on the roof don't mean there ain't no fire in the furnace, its not the size of the Wolf, in the fight, its how much fight there is in the wolf. LexiBelle has recovered Evil Knievels rocket motorcycle from the Snake River Canyon, and done jobs many ten times her size would haven't even tried. Yes there's a bunch of cosmetic and some mechanical work to do, but make no mistake, LexiBelle is ready for action, 
 Oh and to my friend Rick, remember partner on our way home, LexiBelle left your truck in the dust.  Don't judge since your judgement day may be nigh and who says old means over?

Some run from the light, I charge right to it, basking in its rays

Some run from the light, as for me I run , no, I charge right into it. Being on stage, acting, playing music or for that matter TV and especially radio, has always been a passion. Even as far back as age 6 when our air club that was supported in part by Cub Scout pack 303 of Layton Utah, we had this thing we did at Admiral Bernie's show on KSL 5, (many can't remember theat even Lori Prichard) but Bernie saw what I had and told my parents not to discourage my talent. Or at least encourage me getting into the business. By 6th grade I was already playing drums in a garage band, and doing bit commercials. At age 7, went to the Fireman Frank show at KCPX-4(now KTVX) met with the staff of then hit pop rock station KCPX's program director Wooly Waldron, and began in broadcasting. So there I was , doing radio weekends, playing music, and of course going through flight training. That was my chosen careers. The tow truck, and all that came way later. 
There was this play that Miss Egbert at then Central Davis Junior High in Layton Utah, I had to wear a dress and put on make up, especially lipstick, stockings and heels. Hey the lipstick tasted like I just ate a Crayon, the stockings kept slipping down and the heels made me feel like I was walking downhill all of the time, but I was on stage, in front of an audience and was loving the heck out of it. As a child I was a bit too shy, I'd hide from those that I didn't know, plus it'd me that had to warm up to other people, not the other way around like it is now. Back then, if strange people came to the house, I'd find the biggest chair or hiding place and there I'd remain until the stranger left. But when our air club the initial formation of the AyreWolvez long before the TV show Airwolf, but the wolf pack needed me, and I stepped up, and havent looked back. I love public speaking, public performing, I thirst after it, the more publicity the better. Not all are like that, but nothing cures fear like facing that what you fear head on. I have a friend who is of the same LDS Ward of mine, his name is Dave. A few weeks ago now, he came to me, asking could I help him in his Disc Jockey aspirations for a contest being put up , by Wal-Mart. I said sure. Then last week or so he wanted to dive into HazzardAyre Radio and what we are continually building, after all as its been said, he who does not grow dies. Haven't heard from Dave, nor Vern since. One on air, the other engineering. There is this fever growing here in the west, the old conservative attitudes and being stuck up as far as TV and radio, is eroding. What is taking place is the rising of what was once taboo, into more of a popular view. To give you an example, once Bozo the Clown and the Howdy Duddie Show was seen as too extreme. What is now HazzardAyre, broke those molds. The first in the region to openly air Dr. Ruth's Sexually Speaking, the first to air Dr. Demento, the first to be that not always LDS approved radio. Not always nasty, but pushing against and bursting through the envelope. Just like I did in the air I now do on the air. But I'm getting off topic. I love that spotlight, I thirst for it, and I take the chance to be in front of the camera and behind the mic as much as I can. 
For those looking for that spotlight, we have open doors and welcome chairs, but you have to want it, you have to hunger for it, not just the cash stash, but the art of the craft. 
L8R Aviators

Sunday, February 21, 2016

By milliseconds Denny Hamlin wins the Daytona 500

By the end or near end of a 500 mile race, I'm about to sleep, today wasn't that day. Number 17 was predicted to win todays Daytona 500, yet withing a half mile from the flag, Denny Hamlin, pushes over and kazinga wins the 500 , but only by milliseconds. It was tight, and unfortunately our sweet heart got taken out through a bump, I did notice several things there and what is going on there. Danica is just not racking up wins, usually qualifies at near the rear of the pack, and does little to fight to get in the top 10 , let alone the top 5. I remember Chad Lyttle number 23 of when Deere and Company sponsored a Rousche Racing car. Chad always finished, but so far back that little if any mention was made of him throughtout a race, but I also noticed he was the talk of the arena, when he scored the 500 in 1996. Shortly after that Deere was about to back out of NASCAR until a long conversation between the Knytes/AyreWolvez and Deere, and Dixie Deere Racing/Motorsports was constructed to run the Truck series circuit. Number 69 is the number assigned by NASCAR to Dixie/Deere, and a ride is currently being put together along with a team, and a driver for 2017. 
Any mile, hitting the rack to be back at 23:00(11:00PM) for RodeWolf Radio, and of course at 07:00 Monday HazzardAyre Radio Early edition.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Due to circumstances beyond our control no RodeWolf Radio today until 18:00 Hours

Due to circumstances beyond our control no RodeWolf Trucker Radio this morning, but we will be on air at 18:00 Hours(6:00PM) However HazzardAyre Radio will be on at 15:00 Hours(3:00PM) at Join us then .

Saturday, February 13, 2016

StarFleet Log StarDate 93734.03

StarFleet E Brief Stardate: 93734.03 Sunshine can even illuminate the darkest night. A acquaitinence I have not seen in many star miles, intersected my dimension at Wal-Mart. Upon acquiring provisions at said mass market consumer retail facility we ventured back here to the RoadHouse, and have been enjoying each others togetherness for the last several hours. 
Future insections will be upcoming. As such the Knytes Pow Wow was rescheduled until next week here at the RoadHouse. Details on other matters in the mid morning. For Now I will bid you a pleasant excursion through Heavenly atmospheres.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Utopia ain't here and a bit of unfinished business

I don't think anyone would claim Evanston Wyoming as a Utopia. In fact any kind of serious destination. Most consider Evanston as a place, grab snacks, take a piss then hit the Interstate. For those that do reside here, the smart ones are those who figure out how to peel away the shell and get out of here. it's a once you get in here, it becomes difficult to strip away the financial hardships that make an escape trickey. Once you do, you can't think of any good reason to return. Unless you get conned and told hey there's a radio utopia here. But then they along with a few others get put in jail due to a serious fraud con, and the Knytes holding the bag. Mainly me. So you try to improve the groove here, only to find all too many who are willing to march to a different drummer, much less dance to a different band. Poking ones head out of a protective shell is really difficult for many here. It's a better to be safe, caution to error, mentality. No matter how much bait nor coaxing you do, they just wont give an inch. So you either keep trying to truck uphill in no go gear, or find a way outta here. Which is the procedure here at HazzardAyre, as well as HCC. 
Okay then, yesterday saw that the lights on our CenturyLink IP connection not functioning, so with two calls, got it back up, with the thing that CenturyLink would send me a online survey, ranking how they did. The second gal hung in there with me, but some call center tech guy left the phone and never did return. Guess it wasn't his day. Dig this still today, no survey. It's no big surprise, since CenturyLink knows how I feel about them. There was once a responsive innovative team that was part of the staff of what was Mountain Bell, in Twin Falls. It did not take years to excite MB subscribers in and near Hazzard to get direct dial phones, and perks, it took talking to those in that office in Twin Falls when Mountain Bell still listened. I have said for years, there needs to be one who buys, CenturyLink aka Mountain Bell or Qwest, and rebuilds an ancient communications system, plus staff it with people who live here, not in sunny warm Las Vegas or California somewhere., And also the ones you call to get help, are first American, and two really work for CenturyLink, not some farmed out call center. 
Now last but not least, woke up this morning in a rather bad mood, from all the goings on yesterday, with my former partner at our shop and all, however I want to finish out here, by saying a good job, involving three agencies and the professional way that Hutch, Linda at the Uinta County Sheriffs office and SGT Shillcox of the Evanston PD. who prevented something turning very bloody and ugly, and made a condition safe again. So my thanks to ya'll. 
Finalizing here this morning, HazzardAyre/SpeedWrench Radio will air today at 16:00 , as I need to go to see the Doctor, and need to catch some sleep, between now and then.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A new day a new way and my brain is finally draining

It's a beautiful day, had a full night of sleep, sorry was just too into snoozing to get on the air this morning, I'll make it up tonight. So had some great visionary dreams, and then the brick wall hit. Wake up, and see my former associate at the shop, insulting me up one side to another. My loyalty is not a long suit is it. So I'll try to define some of the manure that my former associate, spewed. First the thing at NGL, that's a wireless internet service here in Evansgone. I can't help it if some young filly gets her feathers all ruffled if someone gives her any kind of a kidding, or sarcastic humor. Sheesh, I am no different with her, than I am with many others , whose feelings are not on her sleeves. Nothing happened there, nothing was intended, but my , my , my, what a tender thing this was. Sorry, hell I even apologized 18 times. Heck it just must be the mindset here in Evansgone. Every one is so SENSE I TIVE more like IN-SENSE-I-TIVE there is no sense to it. Has this town had so much terror heaped on it that someone giving it a bit of ribbing makes everyone so nervous. Sheesh. I used to think Utah was im mature. Then came the comment from my former associate, on making it in a small town, word of mouth and all. Hazzard Idaho has now just a tad over 1500 people in it, when I lived and I mean LIVED there, a very rural small town, and while I wont say everybody there loved me, nor any of the Knytes, still they all gave me the benefit of the doubt, plus they also knew we as a club and my constant work on the towns behalf is why even today it is what it is. I have lived again I say LIVED in both small towns, big towns big cities and I have never , ever seen such a scared bunch of sheep in my life. If someone here says boo, all too many hide. It wasn't always that way here. I remember whence it was vibrant and ready to take on the world. When I first moved here to patch up things with my xyl Monkee Janice, there was the spirit of anything and everything here was possible. Bars poured until 02:30, three places served food until 03:00 and few even were spooked to visiting someones home to get in on a radio gig. Satellite radio was even possible then due to a satellite upload system that was near here in Fort Bridger. When I came up a few years later after being conned into a thing over in Cokeville, Tammy and I had an operation both broadcasting and all that rivaled just about anything in Metro Utah, but my impatience moved me back to Idaho. Which by the highway, Tammy and clan had to move there as well. Some realize that after they bad mouth and punish me long enough, and I leave, that having me around wasn't such a bad thing after all. 
When my former associate , joined up with me at the shop, forcing someone else out, I knew there might be a problem, Good, bad or tother, you don't tell someone your going into business with, that their ride or rides are clown cars, you don't call them Panty Clause, you don't constantly insult them, but its been continual. When we went to fetch LexiBelle, in November, which that in itself was a mistake, as it all has turned out, I was fully tempted to just stay put there in Twin Falls and tell Rick adios then, then come over December 1st, load up my stuff and say it was nice, now you deal with this damn town. Nope I trusted my former associate, but like Nate told me, never take on partners.
More on the next step next entry this afternoon, headed to the shop to start to clean up.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sorry, no I'm not sorry that I'm not an NFL or Superbowl fan, just give me my NASCAR

Good Morning ya'll , for you northeners, ya'll is the definition of you'ns plus three. Okay, yesterday all too many including the billions of dollars spent watched the final gig of the NFL season, and the SuperBowl, as in Superbowl-50. Fine Denver won, like who cares? And one of the Manning's did his final battle, again who cares? I am not going to say that I'm sorry or apologize for not watching the damn thing. I am an American, from the land of Dixie, and as such I don't give a rats ass, about an Americanized version of Rugby, I don't care about Golf, or Baseball, but give me tires smokin, gas burning , 600 miles of uncontrolled stock car, and just try to keep me away from a TV. I love NASCAR, although over the last few years, even NASCAR has succumed to economic downturns, rain delays, over excessive rules, and sadly commercializm, but still 45 people going to the line for a checkered flag, at 200 mph, you have my undivided attention, about as much even maybe more than a fine looking lady in a pair of colored nylons and a mini skirt. Gotta have the nylons to get my attention, bare legs are not where its at for me. 
Yesterday I stopped by the shop, waiting for Rick, talked a bit with Jim a great friend and associate, as well as one I absorb knowledge from. Even at 56 I still respect and gain knowledge from those older than me. They have done things that I haven't nor have seen what they have. Too bad others can't or wont see that, being older means being a bit more experienced than them, and knowing things that they were not even born yet to know. Just like Rick my partner in the shop, hell 46 years ago, Rick was barely a toddler when I started towing, I had lived a longer career life than he had, and yet he seldom takes advice. Even Jim though agreed with me, that the way the shop has gone, is why its the way it is. You can't throw out customers and paying work to fart around with your own toys, nor ignore the rig that will make you money. 
Taking the day completely off today, just soaking in the tub, sleeping, and pampering myself, hey us Tarus's need our pampering, just like we require our creature comforts. Will be on the air at 18:00 tonite on as well as overnight on 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I truly am blessed and gifted I have one of if not the best gig on Earth

If one were to consider how unimportant my cares are , you have to agree that I have one of the best gigs of life that anyone on Earth could have, a mildly successful hot rod hobby shop, a good place to live , and of course a online radio station network, about to go into overdrive based out of western Utah. As it is my work day is getting out of bed when I want to, getting on air and since its on radio, I can even do it ,in my underwear. My commute is from bedroom, to the dining room where my in home studio is currently located. I have also within a 250 mile or 500 mile drive by highway one of 6 aircraft that I fly, I'm very blessed and lucky, so why am I none content, While LexiBelle my tow truck and all is sweet the inability to have a warm body sleeping next to me, no real outside of 3 here friends and no one to vent to, means its time to gather up the Wolf-Pack and transplant me back to where I belong, Evanston isn't that place, Twin Falls Idaho area is. I have tried everything that one could to light a fire under the idiotic rear ends of a rather stubborn population here, and while there is a ongoing turf war in Idaho between the club and some stiffnecked people in Mountain Home, at least when I placed ads for on air help, when there was needs of visual aids like models for club ads and such, and when I got blue I had Erin to have coffee with or Ricky to go truckin with so I could vent. That's just not here. Brittney Spears has about the same problem, fame, money and all, but no one that really cares. I'm just done. So as much effort as I have put into trying to light the commerce fire in Evanston as I have done, I'm putting into getting my ass back to western Idaho.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Maybe now we try it my way , lets get serious about things Hazzard County

Yesterday the power company here cut the flow of juice to the shop, for past due. Blaming anyone except myself , while I could , would not be proper. However that said lets look at the entire picture. 3 partners, since May 2015. None believed in calling it by its original name Hazzard County Choppers with the full flavor and spice to being a mini Hazzard County museum. Everybody there wanted to pursue their dream, dividing it up calling it multiple names and visions. Trouble is no sales, no increase in customer volume, nor toew calls. Likewise, a month ago, Rick says I ought to rename the toewing side from Highway Hooker Toewing to SpeedWrench Toewing. Which I did, results? Not even one toew call , no road service call, nothing. Reason? Highway Hooker Toewing added spice and a curiosity that trended to truckers wanting and needing toewing and road service. Next HazzardAyre Radio has the ability to generate money for the shop, through other business' buying advertising air time from HazzardAyre Radio, that goes into supporting the shop. From Hazzard County Choppers, to Highway Hooker Toewing it was all in continuity. When other things got piled on, everybody going in ten different directions and customers becoming confused as to just what is at that shop, who was running it, and if even the Knytes were still in command. The public is at many times not too tightly wrapped, and get confused and not knowing what is or isn't at the shop. With the loss of the electricity, and all that, with revenues decreasing if hardly there, under the current administration, maybe its time, to cut away all the other names, directions and well, foundation of why I rented that shop in the first place. It's time to unleash Hazzard County Choppers, Highway-Hooker/SpeedWrench Toewing, and get to a point of purchase of being everything Hazzard County, and southern culture in Wyoming. And the HQ shop in Wyoming of SAMCRO/Knytes-of-Dixie MC. Recruiting , train, and put to work people no matter gender, to selling advertising air time for HazzardAyre Radio, so that can generate the everyday daily income to the shop. Putting Highway Hooker Toewing back into play to generate toew calls and road service calls. And get LexiBelle, and Little Wolf, back in the game. Then we'll have the money each month to pay the rent, pay the power and gas bill, and all the rest of the bills. Which gets me back to something I said yesterday, and what I've been barking about for the last two or better weeks. Its time to get serious about a performance bike and custom truck shop, a toewing service, and not a big boys hobby tinker shop. 
My leg is still somewhat swollen, and I still have pain in the back of my calves from the double DVT attack, so still taking today both off the air and away from the shop, but have plans on heating things up Friday.
More in the afternoon edition. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

EagleWolf Journal StarDate 93690.51

Before ya'll think I've went all geeky and Treky remove the thought from your thoughts. But there is a foundation to the terms used herein and that date back to mid 1999 earth solar year. Long before that in 1994 a quilt was constructed for me called the Eagle-Star Quilt. Its name comes from an ancient tribal native American quilt by the same name. Now as this relates at the time there was a need to merge StarWest Oil, and Iron Eagle Xpress together under a new company as Iron Eagle Xpress had been sold. Under the direction of the Montgomery Foundation board Trustee Bud Sant had directed that a new company be created. The quilt had the name so EagleStar Xpress, along with EagleStar air service . In 1999 earth solar year AyreWolf Aviation had replaced EagleStar Air Service, so at the time the company was renamed EagleWolf Inc. Retaining EagleStar Xpress. A 25 truck 18 trailer LTL trucking company and flying company. SpeedWrench and Highway Hooker Toewing was created in the beginning as  fleet support priority units of EagleWolf Inc. With the death of Trustee Bud Sant in 2013 a new company was born called SouthernEagle Xpress, and blended with AyreWolf Aviation and so it is EagleWolf Inc. is today. In this section of HazzardAyre Gazzette, I will report the news of the company EagleWolf Inc. 
How Starfleet is mixed in, in my next entry.