Monday, February 8, 2016

Sorry, no I'm not sorry that I'm not an NFL or Superbowl fan, just give me my NASCAR

Good Morning ya'll , for you northeners, ya'll is the definition of you'ns plus three. Okay, yesterday all too many including the billions of dollars spent watched the final gig of the NFL season, and the SuperBowl, as in Superbowl-50. Fine Denver won, like who cares? And one of the Manning's did his final battle, again who cares? I am not going to say that I'm sorry or apologize for not watching the damn thing. I am an American, from the land of Dixie, and as such I don't give a rats ass, about an Americanized version of Rugby, I don't care about Golf, or Baseball, but give me tires smokin, gas burning , 600 miles of uncontrolled stock car, and just try to keep me away from a TV. I love NASCAR, although over the last few years, even NASCAR has succumed to economic downturns, rain delays, over excessive rules, and sadly commercializm, but still 45 people going to the line for a checkered flag, at 200 mph, you have my undivided attention, about as much even maybe more than a fine looking lady in a pair of colored nylons and a mini skirt. Gotta have the nylons to get my attention, bare legs are not where its at for me. 
Yesterday I stopped by the shop, waiting for Rick, talked a bit with Jim a great friend and associate, as well as one I absorb knowledge from. Even at 56 I still respect and gain knowledge from those older than me. They have done things that I haven't nor have seen what they have. Too bad others can't or wont see that, being older means being a bit more experienced than them, and knowing things that they were not even born yet to know. Just like Rick my partner in the shop, hell 46 years ago, Rick was barely a toddler when I started towing, I had lived a longer career life than he had, and yet he seldom takes advice. Even Jim though agreed with me, that the way the shop has gone, is why its the way it is. You can't throw out customers and paying work to fart around with your own toys, nor ignore the rig that will make you money. 
Taking the day completely off today, just soaking in the tub, sleeping, and pampering myself, hey us Tarus's need our pampering, just like we require our creature comforts. Will be on the air at 18:00 tonite on as well as overnight on