Thursday, February 11, 2016

Utopia ain't here and a bit of unfinished business

I don't think anyone would claim Evanston Wyoming as a Utopia. In fact any kind of serious destination. Most consider Evanston as a place, grab snacks, take a piss then hit the Interstate. For those that do reside here, the smart ones are those who figure out how to peel away the shell and get out of here. it's a once you get in here, it becomes difficult to strip away the financial hardships that make an escape trickey. Once you do, you can't think of any good reason to return. Unless you get conned and told hey there's a radio utopia here. But then they along with a few others get put in jail due to a serious fraud con, and the Knytes holding the bag. Mainly me. So you try to improve the groove here, only to find all too many who are willing to march to a different drummer, much less dance to a different band. Poking ones head out of a protective shell is really difficult for many here. It's a better to be safe, caution to error, mentality. No matter how much bait nor coaxing you do, they just wont give an inch. So you either keep trying to truck uphill in no go gear, or find a way outta here. Which is the procedure here at HazzardAyre, as well as HCC. 
Okay then, yesterday saw that the lights on our CenturyLink IP connection not functioning, so with two calls, got it back up, with the thing that CenturyLink would send me a online survey, ranking how they did. The second gal hung in there with me, but some call center tech guy left the phone and never did return. Guess it wasn't his day. Dig this still today, no survey. It's no big surprise, since CenturyLink knows how I feel about them. There was once a responsive innovative team that was part of the staff of what was Mountain Bell, in Twin Falls. It did not take years to excite MB subscribers in and near Hazzard to get direct dial phones, and perks, it took talking to those in that office in Twin Falls when Mountain Bell still listened. I have said for years, there needs to be one who buys, CenturyLink aka Mountain Bell or Qwest, and rebuilds an ancient communications system, plus staff it with people who live here, not in sunny warm Las Vegas or California somewhere., And also the ones you call to get help, are first American, and two really work for CenturyLink, not some farmed out call center. 
Now last but not least, woke up this morning in a rather bad mood, from all the goings on yesterday, with my former partner at our shop and all, however I want to finish out here, by saying a good job, involving three agencies and the professional way that Hutch, Linda at the Uinta County Sheriffs office and SGT Shillcox of the Evanston PD. who prevented something turning very bloody and ugly, and made a condition safe again. So my thanks to ya'll. 
Finalizing here this morning, HazzardAyre/SpeedWrench Radio will air today at 16:00 , as I need to go to see the Doctor, and need to catch some sleep, between now and then.