Sunday, February 7, 2016

I truly am blessed and gifted I have one of if not the best gig on Earth

If one were to consider how unimportant my cares are , you have to agree that I have one of the best gigs of life that anyone on Earth could have, a mildly successful hot rod hobby shop, a good place to live , and of course a online radio station network, about to go into overdrive based out of western Utah. As it is my work day is getting out of bed when I want to, getting on air and since its on radio, I can even do it ,in my underwear. My commute is from bedroom, to the dining room where my in home studio is currently located. I have also within a 250 mile or 500 mile drive by highway one of 6 aircraft that I fly, I'm very blessed and lucky, so why am I none content, While LexiBelle my tow truck and all is sweet the inability to have a warm body sleeping next to me, no real outside of 3 here friends and no one to vent to, means its time to gather up the Wolf-Pack and transplant me back to where I belong, Evanston isn't that place, Twin Falls Idaho area is. I have tried everything that one could to light a fire under the idiotic rear ends of a rather stubborn population here, and while there is a ongoing turf war in Idaho between the club and some stiffnecked people in Mountain Home, at least when I placed ads for on air help, when there was needs of visual aids like models for club ads and such, and when I got blue I had Erin to have coffee with or Ricky to go truckin with so I could vent. That's just not here. Brittney Spears has about the same problem, fame, money and all, but no one that really cares. I'm just done. So as much effort as I have put into trying to light the commerce fire in Evanston as I have done, I'm putting into getting my ass back to western Idaho.