Thursday, February 4, 2016

Maybe now we try it my way , lets get serious about things Hazzard County

Yesterday the power company here cut the flow of juice to the shop, for past due. Blaming anyone except myself , while I could , would not be proper. However that said lets look at the entire picture. 3 partners, since May 2015. None believed in calling it by its original name Hazzard County Choppers with the full flavor and spice to being a mini Hazzard County museum. Everybody there wanted to pursue their dream, dividing it up calling it multiple names and visions. Trouble is no sales, no increase in customer volume, nor toew calls. Likewise, a month ago, Rick says I ought to rename the toewing side from Highway Hooker Toewing to SpeedWrench Toewing. Which I did, results? Not even one toew call , no road service call, nothing. Reason? Highway Hooker Toewing added spice and a curiosity that trended to truckers wanting and needing toewing and road service. Next HazzardAyre Radio has the ability to generate money for the shop, through other business' buying advertising air time from HazzardAyre Radio, that goes into supporting the shop. From Hazzard County Choppers, to Highway Hooker Toewing it was all in continuity. When other things got piled on, everybody going in ten different directions and customers becoming confused as to just what is at that shop, who was running it, and if even the Knytes were still in command. The public is at many times not too tightly wrapped, and get confused and not knowing what is or isn't at the shop. With the loss of the electricity, and all that, with revenues decreasing if hardly there, under the current administration, maybe its time, to cut away all the other names, directions and well, foundation of why I rented that shop in the first place. It's time to unleash Hazzard County Choppers, Highway-Hooker/SpeedWrench Toewing, and get to a point of purchase of being everything Hazzard County, and southern culture in Wyoming. And the HQ shop in Wyoming of SAMCRO/Knytes-of-Dixie MC. Recruiting , train, and put to work people no matter gender, to selling advertising air time for HazzardAyre Radio, so that can generate the everyday daily income to the shop. Putting Highway Hooker Toewing back into play to generate toew calls and road service calls. And get LexiBelle, and Little Wolf, back in the game. Then we'll have the money each month to pay the rent, pay the power and gas bill, and all the rest of the bills. Which gets me back to something I said yesterday, and what I've been barking about for the last two or better weeks. Its time to get serious about a performance bike and custom truck shop, a toewing service, and not a big boys hobby tinker shop. 
My leg is still somewhat swollen, and I still have pain in the back of my calves from the double DVT attack, so still taking today both off the air and away from the shop, but have plans on heating things up Friday.
More in the afternoon edition.