Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A new day a new way and my brain is finally draining

It's a beautiful day, had a full night of sleep, sorry was just too into snoozing to get on the air this morning, I'll make it up tonight. So had some great visionary dreams, and then the brick wall hit. Wake up, and see my former associate at the shop, insulting me up one side to another. My loyalty is not a long suit is it. So I'll try to define some of the manure that my former associate, spewed. First the thing at NGL, that's a wireless internet service here in Evansgone. I can't help it if some young filly gets her feathers all ruffled if someone gives her any kind of a kidding, or sarcastic humor. Sheesh, I am no different with her, than I am with many others , whose feelings are not on her sleeves. Nothing happened there, nothing was intended, but my , my , my, what a tender thing this was. Sorry, hell I even apologized 18 times. Heck it just must be the mindset here in Evansgone. Every one is so SENSE I TIVE more like IN-SENSE-I-TIVE there is no sense to it. Has this town had so much terror heaped on it that someone giving it a bit of ribbing makes everyone so nervous. Sheesh. I used to think Utah was im mature. Then came the comment from my former associate, on making it in a small town, word of mouth and all. Hazzard Idaho has now just a tad over 1500 people in it, when I lived and I mean LIVED there, a very rural small town, and while I wont say everybody there loved me, nor any of the Knytes, still they all gave me the benefit of the doubt, plus they also knew we as a club and my constant work on the towns behalf is why even today it is what it is. I have lived again I say LIVED in both small towns, big towns big cities and I have never , ever seen such a scared bunch of sheep in my life. If someone here says boo, all too many hide. It wasn't always that way here. I remember whence it was vibrant and ready to take on the world. When I first moved here to patch up things with my xyl Monkee Janice, there was the spirit of anything and everything here was possible. Bars poured until 02:30, three places served food until 03:00 and few even were spooked to visiting someones home to get in on a radio gig. Satellite radio was even possible then due to a satellite upload system that was near here in Fort Bridger. When I came up a few years later after being conned into a thing over in Cokeville, Tammy and I had an operation both broadcasting and all that rivaled just about anything in Metro Utah, but my impatience moved me back to Idaho. Which by the highway, Tammy and clan had to move there as well. Some realize that after they bad mouth and punish me long enough, and I leave, that having me around wasn't such a bad thing after all. 
When my former associate , joined up with me at the shop, forcing someone else out, I knew there might be a problem, Good, bad or tother, you don't tell someone your going into business with, that their ride or rides are clown cars, you don't call them Panty Clause, you don't constantly insult them, but its been continual. When we went to fetch LexiBelle, in November, which that in itself was a mistake, as it all has turned out, I was fully tempted to just stay put there in Twin Falls and tell Rick adios then, then come over December 1st, load up my stuff and say it was nice, now you deal with this damn town. Nope I trusted my former associate, but like Nate told me, never take on partners.
More on the next step next entry this afternoon, headed to the shop to start to clean up.