Sunday, February 21, 2016

By milliseconds Denny Hamlin wins the Daytona 500

By the end or near end of a 500 mile race, I'm about to sleep, today wasn't that day. Number 17 was predicted to win todays Daytona 500, yet withing a half mile from the flag, Denny Hamlin, pushes over and kazinga wins the 500 , but only by milliseconds. It was tight, and unfortunately our sweet heart got taken out through a bump, I did notice several things there and what is going on there. Danica is just not racking up wins, usually qualifies at near the rear of the pack, and does little to fight to get in the top 10 , let alone the top 5. I remember Chad Lyttle number 23 of when Deere and Company sponsored a Rousche Racing car. Chad always finished, but so far back that little if any mention was made of him throughtout a race, but I also noticed he was the talk of the arena, when he scored the 500 in 1996. Shortly after that Deere was about to back out of NASCAR until a long conversation between the Knytes/AyreWolvez and Deere, and Dixie Deere Racing/Motorsports was constructed to run the Truck series circuit. Number 69 is the number assigned by NASCAR to Dixie/Deere, and a ride is currently being put together along with a team, and a driver for 2017. 
Any mile, hitting the rack to be back at 23:00(11:00PM) for RodeWolf Radio, and of course at 07:00 Monday HazzardAyre Radio Early edition.