Monday, February 22, 2016

We sure live in a superficial world, even if it looks like hell, don't mean its used up

I truly hate assholes, and it seems as though there are more of them every day. For many , its the fact that it has to shine, like a chrome and glitter, but chrome and glitter is not always going to get you out of a snow bank, or up a 70 degree canyon. 
Today a friend of Rick's my partner at the shop,(more on that in a minute) but the bunch was unloading some firewood. There was a chrome wheel in the snow and frozen, they jerked it out, but not before it took out a chunk of Rick's friend's Ford. There was some talk back and forth. Much of it having to do with LexiBelle, not being able and all. I wanted to smack the guy, sure LexiBelle would never make it at a pride and polish show, but I'd like to see this friend's Ford do what LexiBelle has done, under the conditions LexiBelle has done them. Buried deep in mud and near quick sludge up to the door handles pullin a one and a half GI truck out of the river bottoms, near Hazzard. Up a 70 degree mountain side, a truck 3 times heavier than LexiBelle, A Subaru Brat out of the deep mud near 1000 springs resort just outside of Hazzard, or a 5 ton, plus Chevy spud truck loaded with 98 sacks of spuds in the back with a single dually flat inside. Or pulling trees over even with LexiBelle's nose in the air, but still pulled those old Russian Olive trees down, the list goes on and on, but thing is, even as bad as she looks, she's still up for the job, and ready to take on anything, her size and heavier. It's like when young folks bad mouth older people, just because there's snow on the roof don't mean there ain't no fire in the furnace, its not the size of the Wolf, in the fight, its how much fight there is in the wolf. LexiBelle has recovered Evil Knievels rocket motorcycle from the Snake River Canyon, and done jobs many ten times her size would haven't even tried. Yes there's a bunch of cosmetic and some mechanical work to do, but make no mistake, LexiBelle is ready for action, 
 Oh and to my friend Rick, remember partner on our way home, LexiBelle left your truck in the dust.  Don't judge since your judgement day may be nigh and who says old means over?