Saturday, June 30, 2012

At some point, one just needs to say Truck it.


There is a point I think that one just needs to say Truck It.

Seems as though as much as you try to give both a hand out and hand up to a given people or even an individual, you come to that headache reliever time and just say ,” I’ve done all I can”. There is no more. Then delve into a form of self preservation, and then move on.

Sure Knytes members, AyreWolvez crew and all, they yell and I’m there. Past that community involvement, bullshit. It don’t pay and it don’t help, and after you get kicked in the teeth enuff tymez, ya’ll just need to say Truck It.

I took a walk through our round about here, with a soon to be room mate, talking about this timid, stuck up area called Burley. I said ya’ll know it’s a purtty bad thing when I can get a sweetheart from over Buhl way, just getting out of High School, to work on our projects, yet these sluts in Burley, are too damn good or think they are to get involved here. I said that’s bad doings.

I also told him, crap needs to shake loose soon, as its got 4 months. If things get rolling fine, if not it’s a gig of Boise,, Pocatello, Salt Lake City , search , once a dwelling for a home is found then I’m out of here.

Give it 20 more years then look at Idaho again, see if the area has pulled its head out of its ass. If so the see what falls out of these trees. If not, stay the hell out..

The discovery of what has not yet came about in Idaho, I guess is no surprise.

Idaho is and will always be both a farm state and a recreation retirement state. Little of anything here is possible. Sure politicians, Chambers of Commerce and all will tell you that things are on the mend and that anything is possible. But try to open a bike shop, hot rod shop, TV station or anything else, just will not happen. In fact anyone trying these types of commerce, will be shunned and banned.

So the end of the day, one just needs to say, who cares? Let the state go belly up, turn to sage brush, tumble weeds and dust.

Again who cares? Just say Truck It.

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Quote of the Day:
Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
--Mark Twain
Romans 12:3“[Humble Service in the Body of Christ] For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.”

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I’m fearful of Americas future


When it comes to this nations future, I’m genually concerned.

From what I can see except on some rare and I mean rare exceptions, like this young darling I met over Buhl way on FaceBook, but the majority of our nations youth and many of the 25 to 45 year old demographic, are lazy, none creative, timid, people.

Justifiably so, in their lifetime they have seen the Twin Towers blown to bits in NYC in 2000, they have seen our nations Government leaders become so corrupt and corrupt in and of power that nobody believes what they say, we have seen our nations money supply all but dry up. So what is the future? Why should they believe? And is there an answer?

No I’m not going to get up on my pulpit and preach, and no its not only Kahless(GoD) that can save us, but there is that flag and what it represents that most Union schools do not teach about.

When it comes to the Civil War, the majority of the talk is of the Union Blue side, little is spoken of the gray Confederate side. But that is the answer. To put this short, from the day that, that lying bastard Abe Lincoln began corrupting America, we have went along with it. Now I think its time, that we try it Jefferson Davis’ way and try it the way of The United Confederate States Of America .

To make this interesting and more direct and get ya’ll pointed in the right direction, I urge ya’ll to , surf over to click on the link that says LISTEN NOW, then scroll down and Click on the tab.

More L8R, but if we don’t do something, it ain’t Europe that will need us, it’ll be us needing Europe, or something cuzz we will be hungry.

And how to get our youth directed in the right way?

That in my next report.

L8R Ya’ll

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Zechariah 14:9“The LORD will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one LORD, and his name the only name.”

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If a Wolf is a social Animal, then I’m the exception


If a Wolf is a social Animal, then I must be the exception.

I don’t work well in social living conditions.

Perhaps its because I have not found that proper living environment yet.

Seems as though about the only environment I’d live well in, would be a biker commune or complex. At least a place that had others of the same two wheeled mindset and thinking. While some think I am never satisfied, ya’ll might be right, and yes I’m living to regret moving from the house over yonder in Heyburn, extra money left over or not, this Powers Motel place ain’t no where near what its cracked up to be.

When a manager discloses private conversations to other residents, or thwarts off other residents from others. There’s a confidentiality problem. Of course  fix up of the property is lack luster at best if it gets done at all.

Sure keeping a place clean is my business and I do, what else would a Confederate Marine do? But when filth, bugs, etc creeps into my place from places next door, then it becomes the problem of the who that owns and rents the place.

While I like residing here, I ain’t beyond saying I’m already looking for new quarters.

More in the direction of the Pocatello, and Boise areas, of Idaho, since I determined that as much as I’d love to, Salt Lake City is just too expensive. No move until spring, but I’m shopping.

Even thinking on Buhl, going to look into that on Tuesday. Maybe there’s an unadvertised place over yonder there, that might fit the criteria, I need.

After all if I can’t be a social animal, might as well be a secluded animal.

Okay, then on club bizz. Gave the boot, by mutual agreement of the teen here that was looking at being a hang-around/prospect. The parents, too churchy, think Junior hanging around the Knytes is too creepy as they say, so who cares? Didn’t need him any way.

But I notice, even though many think me and us are so poor, they come strutting around when their cupboard is empty or the first of the month is on deck and no rent money.

MamaWolf once said, the byrd that flys too high ends up in a cow platter. In essence, these byrds have landed face first in cow dung, and want me to pull them out. Hey I dig recovering rydes, out of mud, but not idiotic insulting people who gave me and/or the club the cold soldier and now look to the club and/or me to get em out. I say, Bullsbreath.

Any mile sleep is required.

L8R Ya’ll

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Zechariah 14:9“The LORD will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one LORD, and his name the only name.”

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Did you see it? If not ya’ll didn’t miss anything.


If you missed this, you didn’t miss anything. After

many years, FoX 35 of Twin Falls and its Pocatello, sibling

concluded its rein of newscasts.

As what was Fox of our area is sent over to the guru’s of

KMVT and what or who picks up the ball in Pocatello , I do not yet


As soon as I do, you’ll know.

Why do I care about FoX? Simple, for 4 or so months each year

FoX is the home to NASCAR, and the Daytona 500.

Outside of that I do not really care, except to say, to the management

of these stations, maybe if ya’ll hadn’t been so stuck up last spring to me and

the club, Perhaps ya’ll would’ve had the money to keep FoX.

As I close on this, I saw that our friend that I remind lives in Soda Springs

Idaho and that entire area, was settled by most of my kin folk and my roots

run deep there, Brandi Erickson, seems to have filled out her uh , chest muscles

well. Guess having many babies does that.

So does that mean all of those segments on FoX news like, Time Out and

others are GONE? Does that mean Doug Iverson’ weather casts and weather

pics are gone?

Does this mean albeit not much, but the only outside news that we came to know

on FoX News at 9, is gone?

Seems so.

Again remember, those who always said WE at the club and our broadcast operations

were unstable, are the ones, giving up the ship. While we remain operational, making

money and serving the public.

Guess the Hazzard way ain’t so bad after all.

Next time,

the Cassia County Fair.


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More of a Hazzard County dayBreak

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What the Internet has no knowledge of and few put it up there. Case-n-point, was thinking of an old radio personality in Idaho Falls Idaho, that was working with us in 1976 to bring to boil an overnight trucker show on KUPI there. His name was Midnight Mike. So I did a Google search and of course no results. The same holds true for 411 on our organizational model of the Independent Truckers Association that became our elder parent organization in 1989 as the United American Independent Truckers Association. Of course too, little is up online of the older editions of Overdrive, the RoadMasters, after that what we assimilated in 1992 as the Road Commanders Association the name we ran as our big rig custom truck subsidiary. Of course again no point is on the map of the cyber highway of the I-80 Control CB Club, nor the JR-14. And absolutely nothing on the TeenAge Truckers Association. All of this means the wordsmiths of our organization needs to get busy. This is a ball buster year. Since it’s 39 years now that we all have been brothers of the highways and skyways.

Then I decided to see what KUPI’s site looked like. No independence there, some big outfit swallowed em up. Which brings me to one of the biggest things about us at least as an organization and our organization in Broadcasting. From that first day we all sat around on that loop knit rug in Mrs. Jacobsen’ house as she was our Cub scout Den Mother, to the hours in the shop in Hazzard, we have all stuck together, no matter the pain, discourse and hurdles we have united when the call went out and did the impossible. Likewise , when we fyred up that old RCA 100 tubed transmitter at the house near West-Point Idaho, in 1974 to date, from Heavy Hooker Radio, to Dixie Diesel Radio, to everything in between , and since to right today. Nobody, no big media giant, no media group, NOBODY has ever been successful in buying us. We haven’t lost a bunch of money are financially sound and still after all these years our shows snag awards , praises, and all. We are still us on that radio. Its still us on our TV shows, and its still us, printing and publishing. From the time the Hazzard Knytes was created of 10 people knee deep at the Polish Palace, eating burgers & fries and me trying to snag a butt feel from Vanessa Wood, who became club sexatary, to our illustrious officers of today, with just a tad over $130,million in the bank, The Knytes-of-Anarchy, and Confederate Star Radio/Southern-Steele Media, remains the rebel voice of America.

Through it all when our members(you) or a prospective member looks us up, the person they talk to is one of us. We can be contacted directly. The club is virtually transparent.

So as you do your duty today, remember as a Knyte, you have lots to be proud of.



Psalm 138:8“The LORD will vindicate me; your love, LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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Early Morning Hazzard County DayBreak

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As I head to bed again , immediately after I write this, since I been working all night I begin to ponder if all that we go through in attempting to achieve more is truly worth it? The fact is even the most original idea, is no longer original.. Example, we all know that Hazzard County Choppers is MY and the Knytes-of-Anarchy’ bike shop. It’s also known or should be that Hazzard County Choppers is the name the then Hazzard County Knytes now Knytes-of-Anarchy gave to its custom big bike sibling. Yet I see on numerous sites the images, and all being copied for somebody else’s financial gain. I think the remedy is a legal one, so it’ll be handed over to the legal Eagle’s , but it’s a simple example of how fast that somebody out there wants YOUR thing, and that original thought is truly absent in today’s population and it ain’t just the Union Yankees of the so Called USA. I can remember years ago, I was sipping tea with my better half Monkee, and I came up with an idea of hammering two pieces of wood together, putting some sort of tread material on it so that our pregnant daughter could excersize. Guess what a year or so later, some broad on TV started touting it as the Stair Stepper. This was MY idea. Should have patented it. Seems any more if you ain’t paying some near stuffed shirted attorney to register and copyrighting every damn thing some asshole is going to copy the damn thing.

The old adage of Uncle Jessie Duke, still applies, “ If ya’ll got a good idea, shut up.” I love sharing the news with ya’ll our members and supporters of the club sometimes several times a day, but I’m beginning to think, we need two things, a website of our own, and a place on it for real PAID and registered members of the Knytes. That is secure that NO-ONE can invade except us the club members.

Any mile body drained need sleep.

Stay Tuned

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Quote of the Day:
Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.
--Dr. George Washington Carver
Psalm 138:8“The LORD will vindicate me; your love, LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.”

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Once upon a Time the Internet was groovy

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Once upon a time climbing on the cyber highway was groovy. One could chat, write and so on, with more people than you ever met in rural Idaho.

I can remember as a kountry bumpkin , the first time I went online. This was during the time when ISDN was the tcp protocol, and Yahoo was a toddler. There was no Google, or FaceBook , MSN or Microsoft had the majority of web-sters and I thought I was going to snag a funny, from some gal in California that I chatted with on Yahoo. Come to find out she was a 30 dollar Sherry, just teasing me. But what the hell did I know.

It was about this time I knew if HCC, and the Knytes were to ever be the grand club we are to continue the need for at least an address if not a major stopping point on that Cyber highway was a must. But what the hell do I know? Computers to me are a tool, and in most cases unless something burns gas , av fuel, or diesel and has pistons attached on rubber at least, I have no idea how to fix it, if it jumps the curb.

Let alone how to build a website. At first it was just that a website, then came the idea of a streaming webcast, Internet Radio station. Few and its not that big now , but back then NOBODY in our area knew how to build such a thing, much less tell me how to build it, or what I would need to really do it. Yes I needed and still need someone to hold my hand to build it. The best gall darn Internet Radio station that darn near mirrored what I wanted to was Wolf-FM. ( I thought this is a way to get it out there pending FCC okay on our CP and OTA License. But problem is NOBODY knows how to build it. At least here. The tragic thing is and I have thought on it allot is to take a trip to the place where the thing will pour from. The next site that is kin to the clubs website is Warbird Radio. Both do what we want to do, but alas nobody knows how to build it. If they do, its upwards of several thousands of dollars. Which trying to do that and build an OTA station is just not financially able for us to do. But stepping aside of that.

When the Web was new, I enjoyed getting online. Back then the only method was dial-up. Followed by something near to what is called high speed, DSL. Of course came cable internet and all but one service based out of Kamas Utah is even close to both the bandwidth and speed that I need to effectively make HazzardAyre and AyreWolf FM work, to the Xtreme Xcellence that both deserve. So what do you do?

There is the belief that speed is the ultimate in Internet, in reality, its not just speed , but bandwidth. Its like pouring water into a pipe. If the pipe is just so big in diameter then just so much water can flow through it. Speedy Internet is , like putting a funnel into a smaller pipe. At first more can flow but still the pipe is just so big. Unless you make the pipe bigger, your only going to get just so much through that pipe. Now if your in a condition situation like I am now and you share that Internet Connection with other people especially going wifi, its like taking a water hose and poking holes in it. Sure you’ll get a trickle to the other end, but unless you plug the rest of those holes, again only a trickle flows. And a trickle is all I get.

Now I have used wifi b4. The first was the kindness of a gal named Miranda, who let me pirate the Internet from her house. The distance was only about 500 feet, but only her and her family used that connection except me. So nights were out until early morning and days up to afternoon were a gamble but still usable. The other was a tap I siphoned from in Bliss from the truck stop there, but streaming from YouTube was a crap shoot at best.

Of course there is the option of your own pipeline.

My experience with internet providers is not the best. For some damn ass’d reason, no matter how I try to explain to them what I need , the ignore button is all I get. Although , I’m going to try once again to work with Cable One, but that will happen, once I determine if its Burley or American Falls as to where that first seed of HazzardAyre Radio is planted. I’d rather hold off another year, than start something up that’s half ass’d. Of course there is the social networks, Google, FaceBook, Tumblr. On Tumblr, never heard of them b4 earlier Thursday night. But caught it on a segment of Charlie Sheen’ new show Anger Management. So I looked it up. tried Tumblr, guess what? Not going back.

FaceBook always makes me do those captchas to post anything. Sure I know the idea is to keep the spammers, and hackers out but trust me there’s more drive by malware flowing over FaceBook, than anything I’ll ever post, and the malware folks pay FaceBook for ad space to put it there.

Then there is the case of digital , versus old skool. Old skool, was music on a album via vinyl or cassette. Of the two, the cassette is still my choice. Why? Simple, once you get done grooving on a cassette album, you can put sticky tape over the two holes on top and put something new on to cruise on. With a CD, once its been burned, that’s it. And home burning is sort of still in its toddler stage.

As I close I must restate this. My favorite choice for music and all is still the radio. OTA radio. Why? Its free, its portable and its simple.

I like the Internet, but I’m getting cybered out.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
If you aren't living on the edge, then you are taking up too much space.
Psalm 138:8“The LORD will vindicate me; your love, LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.”

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Sunday, June 24, 2012



Today I wrote the last article for the Magic Valley Tribune. The club voted Saturday night to drop the project. In fact if it was up to SAMCRO MC and the KOA completely, neither would be in Idaho. Their feelings are much like mine. Even though the club started here, the economic progress of Idaho has became none existent. As such the major focus is to gather what we can to save face and get the Wolf-Pack and the rest of the club outta here.

I have said since the re-entry of me to Idaho, that it was a waste of time, mine and the clubs, not to mention AyreWolf Aviation/Hazzard Choppers. As such to us the signs are


But hey we tried.

There are projects on the HUD that will be finished first, move the Idaho broadcast operations to Boise, Stage the final Hazzard Nationals / DukesFest West , next fall, and do the expose of the club and corresponding radio network amongst other things, but that’s it. Once done and all, The trucks are loaded , shop closed and its Utah/Wyoming and no more of this whore called Idaho.

So what are the best signs in Idaho?



Any questions?

Better yet

This is your brain on Meth


This is your brain sober


Again any questions?

L8R Ya’ll


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Quote of the Day:
No human investigation can be called real science if it cannot be demonstrated mathematically.
--Leonardo da Vinci
2 Thessalonians 3:3“But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.”

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