Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Some people post a bunch of things on Facebook, at least ours are real, including pics

There are many people out there that post things on Facebook and other social media websites that are just copies of someone else's work. Whether that's a pic of some gal in hosiery from some porn or near porn site, to those of articles and such that are taken from either TV or a blog or such.
The fact is and the Stinky Truth is, we here at HazzardAyre, don't. Everything we publish, post and blog and air is done by our MC (motorcycle club) or the Wolf-Pack(The AyreWolvez) or by myself, usually one in the other. Never do we just pirate somebody's stuff and repost it as if it were our own creation. It's not just Facebook either,. Movies and TV do it as well. redoux's of old TV series' to movie remakes, to airing of a article on a blog as original news copy or at least the written part of another's blog entry. No wonder the copyright police are out in force. Damn it if your going to use somebody else's music, lyrics, etc at least be willing to pony up some cash and pay the people that you robbed from. I have seen postings from everything from some hot gal who put their image or images up on dating sites, like to runs on Star Trek. I saw a posting earlier this evening from some body trying to do a smooze on the original series of Star Trek, that now CBS Paramount Studios are going after them for violations of intellectual property and establishing a theatrical showing of their TV thing called Star Trek Universe. Really and their surprised. I have also started to see some decaying on some online radio stations as well as broadcast radio stations and those producing TV ads, for using music of an artist or music publishing company. If you don't pay, you don't play. HazzardAyre Radio, through our media subsidiary SouthernSteele Media, pays roughly $50k to $200K a year in play out rights. Its done just everything shy, of killing the streaming service Live365.  While I too think that TV stars, musicians and all make 300% more money and all off of royalties, from their works, but still it is THEIRS so if ya'll want to use it, pay for it. If you post it at least say its from somewhere else not post it as your own creation.
My Opinion I could be wrong.

Looks like shit has hit the fan and you know who has to clean it up

Looks like shit has hit the fan and you know who has to clean it up. Got a call this afternoon from Rocky Mountain Power , usually its not a big gig to fix the problem, but past power bill that has been past due is now very much due. Come Monday, lights off at the shop.  But this is just the tip of the poop pile. Last May, this old fart named Delbert through an associate of mine, said he'd go into business on a tow basis and do half the rent on a shop if it were in town. So it just so happened I found one , a bit pricey but since my domicile rent went down to $200.00 a month figured I could handle it. Come June though this Delbert says he wasn't interested any more. Then this hippy named Joey said he'd go half on the shop. See I knew at $1,000.00 a month and me making at take home pay a mere $800.00 a month I couldn't do the shop myself, so needed a partner, although I felt skiddish I did it anyway. Thinking that one of these jokers would honor their agreement, one that I should have had in writing. But hey Hazzard County trust I went in on well trusting, but in today's world trust is only of the MC, the Wolf-Pack and God, past that trust is not only earned but demonstrated.  By July, was in the thought bug out of this shop, tend to doing what it was I ventured here to Evansgone Wyoming to do, come after that move back into Idaho, and leave the radio gig, in the hands of two club members, one still here the other moved out long ago. But I was getting out of the shop. So I was in that mode, sold some old crap of Joey's but same guy who bought that crap of wood, said he wanted in the shop. Fine we try again. This went on for July and August, but besides the rent was the power bill Nathen's old lady said she'd take care of that, then the phone/internet bill, she says she'll take care of that since they were using that more than me, mostly as a hot spot, for their wifi toys. Add to that Rocky Mountain Power never did mail the bill to me at my residence like I asked them too but neither did CenturyLink. Thus if they had, could've paid the power and phone bills. But so came mid August, Rick steps in, we agree to push Nathen out, and we'd fire the shop ourselves. Thing was trying to catch up, became too much. And now here we sit on the verge of loosing it again, thing is just like Pappy Boyington, told me once, sometimes there are situations that you have your back against the wall, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Add to that, None of MY rigs have had a wrench turned on em, but fixing your own rides is not a course of action that generates income. For the shop, for the shop expenses, nor for me its just sucking the financial life out of both Rick and I, so how long this goes on is anyone's guess. The situation, is now there's 3 of mine in the shop, LexiBelle is still not functional, LiL Wolf still needs work, Subaru still needs fixed, and even the General JaXson, needs some wrenching. Which means outside of the Subaru, which I'm just going to put out in the impound yard strip it, sell the good parts off it, pull the plates and say good bye to it. LexiBelle, The General and LiL Wolf are going to have to go elsewhere to get repaired, so that come mid June as soon as the winter melts, and it warms up, I can gather myself up and get out of this place, before it sucks my completely dry. Got one guy living in the shop, can't pay a little rent, or something, but helps in the shop, why can't he help on LexiBelle, or LiL Wolf? Everything the lease says I'm violating but the landlord is being kind, but he ain't going to be kind much longer., Made arrangements with AllWest so radio station including but not limited to HazzardAyre Radio will still be running, but even that, why can't some of these people that Rick knows that visit the shop, and he pals around with work off Shop bills and what they owe us, by busting some shoe leather selling ad time for HazzardAyre? If they did we could be making enough out of HazzardAyre to finance the shop each month. Sure I'm still working with Dom, on getting some operating money but that's going to take time. Bottom line? This bullstuff needs to stop.
I can tell ya'll this too, come April, this old Wolf is heading to Lost Wages Nevada for the NAB(National Association of Broadcasters) Convention, since the only thing generating even a few dollars is HazzardAyre Radio. Any mile need to grab some sleep to be on air in the early morning.