Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Uncle Jessie and Hazzard County were all about second chances, so I’m giving one

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I’m a creature comfort fan. Anything that takes away my creature comforts or luxuries what few I get, I ain’t about to loose it over some half drunk alky who would rather pass me over anyway as he did, but found that there was a person overseeing the money so he brought in this little tight butt, to get me pee-owed and leave. I did, nothing gained but fortunately nothing lost either.

Okay then.

Early this week I gave the boot to a near leach that was causing trouble. Fact is he is still on very, very thin ice. However that said, and remember there is a limit here but if he don’t perform , he’s out the door. One PMS like moment he’s 86’d for good.

So what got me to change my mind? I got an email from one of my associates who said remember when we were young and full of it. We had it lucky, but some today don’t. So why not give the little fartknocker a second roll in the dirt and see what he does. At least he could be a good gopher, you know go fer this, go fer that?

Then his I don’t know honey of whatever, asks if she could work for us. Thing is, for a organization that is NOT just a motorcycle club, but a organization out to sanctify and preserve old skool trucking including towing and tow trucks, which is the foundation of the Knytes-of-Anarchy, which all too many forget. We are NOT just a MC, more like a T-C, Truckers Club. Our subsidiaries , are of course the AyreWolvez, NOT an MC , the AyreWolvez restores to flying condition vintage military warbirds(aircraft), NOT and MC. The only part that is an MC, is our distant and I repeat DISTANT relation to SAMCRO MC. But the Knytes-of-Anarchy is not just and very distantly from being an MC, again more like a T-C.(Truckers Club).

Yet this TC is so bad that I hear from one or two that folks want the club to leave Burley. Okay, I’ll go, give me the green , darn I’ll bail out of this little crap hole so fast that you’d think that there was a tornado. Yet this same TC, is the one people who are down on their luck, who are needing a job, and some that need a hand out come to. Knowing that the Knytes are Christian and will help when we can. But think wee can even get one gal to stand with a tow truck of ours for a pic to put in a newspaper ad? Think we can get one gal to show up to work on the damn radio station? Think we can get one hot bod in front of a TV camera for a tv ad? Nope, might upset the religious majority. When I hear about all these bible and blue book thumpers, telling me I’m so bad, they hate it when I point out that in their very own D&C , Part 89 that deals with tobacco and brew consumption that while not giving my Skoal any room, it does say that, quote, “A drink made with grains, including barley and hops with very cold water is good for relaxation and digestion” , Now I may not be a scholar but, to me that combination means BEER. There’s several passages of Proverbs that deals with controlled but use of strong liquor etc. Saying its good for us. God Put those things here FOR US TO USE, we have Dominion over all the earth. Do you think our God would put something here for us not to use or consume? Do you think if he that knows everything would put things on earth and give man the ability to make use of it if had not wanted us to use things?

Sure abuse, over consumption , no he don’t want us to do, but in moderation, yes. Or if you point out that Genesis is not the beginning , that Adam had a wife BEFORE , Eve, and all you get scowled at. But hey, if you do some serious digging you find it.

If you explain, that the Sabbath day is in fact SATURDAY not SUNDAY, and that going to church on SUNDAY is sinning, want some more examples?

But we are so bad in the Knytes-of-Anarchy.

This organization has its roots which we retain and honor in that old TV show the Dukes-of-Hazzard. Sure we like leggy gals with hot rods like sweet Daisy, yes we have our roots buried deep in the confederacy of today and will honor and help the progression of the Southern Movement. But why would any community want to mess us up? What real BAD thing have we done except maybe make some here take a serious look at themselves and that we might have gave Mini Cassia a serious kick in its complacency? Or is it that We told someone that is of a big famdamnly here mainly one Scott Lynch to shove off? If so then if ya’ll want me and the club, gone, divvy up the cash and I’ll be gone fast.

I do not have any real love for this stinky one horse bassackwards village so stuck up on themselves.

But unless some have the cash for me to leave shut up, until I do. That means leaving trucks alone. Since no truck no can go.

Much to do today.

But As Uncle Jessie taught, I’m giving our hangaround one more chance. And maybe his lady friend if she shows for an interview.

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Quote of the Day:
WAIT! Nature calls!
(in the middle of a ping-pong game)
Psalm 119:114“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.”

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Saturday, July 28, 2012


LOOK AT THIS a NEW HazzardAyre blog hedder

Someone once said that a rose by any other name is still a rose. Froid said it best, sometimes a cake is just a cake. Whoever said it, could have easily meant this dump I’m living in.

Now to be fair, the dismal economy has left profit and thus improvement margins more scarce than meat on a turkey drumstick at thanksgiving. But couldn’t they try? The shower stall still looks like its about to cave in, plus the workers who have worked on it, never clean up for themselves so I have to clean out the mud and dog shit cakes they track in on their cleated boots. The roof although patched , I’ll bet my next FAA inspection that the damn thing will leak as bad the next heavy downpour rainstorm.

Free Internet? Only if you have a laptop computer. A desk top tower, without modifications that I have to pay for could I get Internet. Then it took damn near a month.

Yes free cable TV, but limited channels. How about the Military Channel, or say SpeedTV? Nope , not unless I buy it on my own.

Free utilities? Bullshit, your paying for it here, just in the rent, but your still paying for it.

The day that I first got turned away, I should have taken it as an omen, waited a bit, but hey it is what it is. It took this place to give me the extra green for two months now to get not only one but two shops up and going, as well as albeit inexperienced workers, but a crew none the less.

Darksides%20logoHHN NEWS

Well it’s now official, to be on Idaho police toew truck call out lists, you have to go through the Idaho State Police. The last Idaho legislature passed a bill , that now requires all toewing services that desire to be on a rotation list to be certified by the Idaho State Police. Watch this one get farted around with. Any mile its no longer in the hands of the County Sheriffs offices.

Which means if you don’t meet those standards ya’ll need to go after getting preference toewing. Which means when asked by law enforcement if the person has any toew service in mind, we need to be on our A game so that YOU can at least have that person call YOU and YOUR toew truck.

For us at BlackSheep/Dixie Toewing, we are gearing up to get our name in front of every driver in Idaho, Northern Utah and Western Wyoming. So that they will call us.

If ya’ll thought this business was cut throat b4, ya’ll ain’t seen nothing.

Consider that there is roughly 50,000 people in the Mini Cassia area, covering the towns in both Minidoka and Cassia County, which includes Burley.

Consider there are roughly 20 different toewing services, 15 of which are running out of the same facility, under 15 different names, in Cassia County, and 4 in Minidoka County of only one is still independently owned.

Except for the fact that Dixie Toewing is still owned by me, ran by me, and still one of if not the only toew service in the lower southwestern area of Idaho, oldest, single/same owned toewing service. Which means I can adjust my rates depending on the customer and customers attitude, not by auto club, or group ownership, like others.

My rates have remained lower and affordable for nearly 30 years.

I have yet to have any sort of damage claim, not one. Outside of once and eventually determined not my fault, even one accident.

However with these new regs, because I don’t roll with a fancy dancey carrier, or side stepping grand stallion of a toew rig, I’ll have to work 4 times as hard to get business, as I ever have.

Which is why I am moving from the Powers, Motel. In with a friend, using the leftover money to build my toewing service, to the level it once was. If I can’t, then come about this time next year I’m in Boise.

00:48 Hours, time for sleep, nyte all.

But remember, a Dump by any other name is a Dump, and the Powers Motel, Burley Idaho is a dump. Wonder why the state of Idaho hasn’t sent down inspectors for this place. Certainly one would think that a semi-public facility that is a multi user tenant living place that is really a motel, not Apartment complex, should have regs that make them as responsible as those that make sure our toew trucks are safe to toew that same public.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.
--Dr. Laurence J. Peter
Psalm 119:93“I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.”

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Wish I could have been in the Ayre today


Today as many of you know was the big airshow in Twinky Flatts. As much as I love a lot of the two wheel action, things with wings is my thing. But sadly financial restrictions and the fact that I’m broke as anyone can be, meant I stayed at the shop, tending to duties of a grounded nature.

I also thought too, if that airshow in Twinky Flatts is tax supported, and if ours was the same we could throw an even bigger jigger here in Mini Crasha . if we could use tax payer dollars to throw our AyreShow. Unfortunately or maybe just as well, the AyreWolvez’ AyreShow is funded completely by our organization, our clubs sponsors and financial backers.

But I wish’d I could have been there in the Ayre today.

FYI, we are getting it together. Currently I have one guy out of a collection of wanna bees that have no clue as to what’s shaking. One asked the other day what the AyreWolvez is and are.

Simply, the AyreWolvez are simply bikers with wings, essentially guys who would rather fly than ride, but still live by a biker style lifestyle.

That’s putting it mildly but its putting it equally simple, and direct to what its all about.

More Sunday.

L8R ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Passions are vices or virtues to their highest powers.
--Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Psalm 119:93“I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.”

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Too broke for Sturgis and Oshkosh rally kicks off next Saturday at HCC

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It’s been a shitty year for many in the club, this year, and even some of our two wheeled and winged friends, so the Knytes-of-Anarchy, AyreWolvez in partnership with Hazzard County Choppers, is having a Too Broke for Sturgis & Oshkosh, Rally, next Saturday at the shop, at 1939 West Highway 30 in Burley, starting at 17:00 Hours(5:00PM ).

Food, music, fun.

If ya’ll couldn’t make it to Sturgis or Oshkosh or just want a place to put the kickstand down and blow off steam, this is the place.

The shop is next to the old KBAR radio tower, on west 30 Burley, ya’ll can figure it out from there.

See ya’ll there.


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It was one of those weeks at HCC, and of course the Hangarounds and I decided to split the costs of throwing a wing-ding. We did. Of course some food might have been needed for me b4 I tanked down a quart glass of JD & Dew , but what the hay?

Mid point we got hot dogs and some mini pizzas. After beer 18 and two more quart glass’ of straight JD, it was about mid point as I started missing LiL Sis, as this would have been a great send off for her to sunny California. I knew that flower would not bloom. LiL Sis has all the skills and brains to be excellent in whatever she does. Just wish’d she’d have stayed in the mix with us, but the club’ main heads hit it right on, when they said she’d never take it seriously enuff to take the project on, so as usual out of state and out of area we go for the talent.

So the guys left, except for OJ, who stayed. We chatted about engines, old rides we have both built and it occurred to me that OJ would have been the one to have hired to begin with. At least he knows which end of the wrench to use.

Not that my crew isn’t good, but they are not true gearheads. More like gearheads in training, but like me everyone has to start to begin with.

Found out Ricky, our Idaho Vee-Pee, is down with a hell of a upper lung infection. As usual Ricky is running full bore for Charlie, even as he holds his head doing it.

Got to get over there to see if I can help somehow.

Four days to pay day, then its move to the groove, get cell back on, and get it on.

Going to be off line most likely until mid month to September 1st, but will be online there after.

Holding my head ready for bed.

Just wish LiL Sis would have been there.


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Quote of the Day:
The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations.
--Benjamin Disraeli
Philippians 3:14“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

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Thursday, July 26, 2012


hazzardayre blog coverCOFFEE STOP HEDDER

US & THEMUpon a time there was albeit the slightest, but there was equality in the valley.

Somewhere between the mid to late 1990’s and 2000, the evil tyrants from areas that we’ll remain nameless invaded Burley Idaho. All of a sudden the haves were up in the face of the have nots.

There is a severe separation albeit not too obvious, but a separation of trashy-sexy and beautyful sensuality. In the brains of the Knytes-of-Anarchy, a gal posing with a truck, in a cute dress, or tight Wrangler cowgirl jeans  or as the AyreWolvez , a gal posing in say a form fitting flight suit with a Corsair, is hotter than the always, blonde in pink lip gloss in a G-string bikini.

Looking up images for a ad slick, on just truck stop girls and/or waitress’ I saw some of the cruddiest pics that I would ever photograph , much less use.

Maybe its seasoning, due to age. But naked, or near naked women do nothing for me but make me hurl. Where as a classy looking gal in a prom style dress standing with a cleaned up Peterbilt truck, at dusk, looks classy without being trashy. imagesCAXHZIKE In essence imagesCAHN6QOInot this>>imagesCAO31AC7

I used to marvel in the images from the old Overdrive and Owner/Operator magazine ads for trucks on both the cover imagesCAN2G9LIThat I began doing abstract freelance photography on big rig trucks with , when I could find them, and years ago it was easier to locate talent since most gals were not spooked by the notion of taking a snap shot with a truck did not mean a good or bad sexual encounter, it was what it was.

Oh sure I can understand that thisIJUSTLOVETOEWSmight be over the top for some, but that is just a teaser playing on the words toe and tow for>>KTOW SCRIPT and yet no matter the inquiry of prospective talent, the first notion is some gal naked or damn near naked by the truck.

There is EasyRiders and then there is both HazzardAyre/WyldAyre.

But when working with young, your not working with maturity.

Next entry, how about gals over 30 being in our optical projects?

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Quote of the Day:
If you want to be miserable, think about yourself, about what you want, what you like, what respect people ought to pay you and what people think of you.
--Charles Kingsley
Hebrews 11:1“[Faith in Action] Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

End of another day and minuscule chapter

hazzardayre blog coverHAZZARDAYRE  KNYTE HAUL HEDDER

Intelligence scares the crap out of people.

The old adage of acting dumb as a fox, which means that a fox or in this case a Alpha Wolf is far from being dumb, or stupid. Wyld, slightly off center, maybe a bit crazy but certainly not dumb.

I suppose as then still today I take for granted that few can accept the fact , because their own dang life is so terrible, that a lone wolf as myself, had the gift from Kahless(Klingon for God) of parents that had the means and love for me to enable me to experience and learn things that many even today will never experience.

From hanging around a military air base as a kid getting the affection of flight, to finding radio broadcasting, to spinning a wrench and rolling out going toewing, I have lived a life and continue to do so, knowing that those who do not like me or the Wolf Pack, and/or Knytes-of-Anarchy, to the affection and all shown to me over the years and the direction of all that made the Dukes-of-Hazzard the legend and legacy that it is, will be forever appreciated and blessed to be part of it. Whether its Be or wife Alma, Gy Waldron, my cousin Richie Montgomery who played the radio DJ on that staple of American television and foundation of my life that unity of all of us, the hug Alma gave me at the 2005 Salt Lake City AutoRama, my life is great and blessed.

From the Dukes I studied my ancestral roots, finding that 70% of my roots on my Fathers side were in fact from Georgia, Arkansas , and of course Alabama. My mom and her roots are from Texas, in fact my mom was born in Texas. Gilmer Texas to be exact.

Yet so many here in this ridiculous area of Idaho, I scratch my head and wonder, just what it takes to kick this mule, in gear. How does one in Burley give a boot in the complacency of Mini Cassia Idaho?

All I know is I have done everything I can, and this old wolf needs some sleep, so for me its lights out.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Recommend to your children virtue; that alone can make them happy, not gold.
--Ludwig van Beethoven
Hebrews 11:1“[Faith in Action] Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

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