Friday, January 31, 2014

Yahoo sezz oops, best go reset your PW


Not to be an alarmist or anything, but it is reported that Yahoo, email accounts were hacked overnight. Millions of accounts, passwords and sensitive information compromised. If you have a Yahoo email account, best head over there and reset your password.

Yahoo says it will notify you if your account was hacked. Bullshit, don’t wait. My Hotmail account was hacked two years ago and Microshit has yet to remedy the situation.

While this can happen to anybody, to make sure your 411 on Yahoo is secure or at least as secure as possible, head over to your Yahoo account and change your PW.


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Quote of the Day:
No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.
--John Calvin Coolidge
Psalm 86:5“You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

The Award for the most compassionate and understanding community leader is:

a good hazzardayreA GENERAL GOOD MORNING

Every day or sometimes every other day, I hear from somebody, how can you be associated with Charlie, that he’s this or that, so let me clue in the mass’s and some that ought to be damn thankful he is who he is.

When I hear people cussing and complaining about how bad a boss, or how low the wages are or such at A1, I always, tell them be glad you have a damn job at all. I have seen Charlie help people , give them not only a second but a third, 4th and even 6th chance . I have seen him give housing, uniforms, bail em out of jail, and quite often turn lives around.

Granted it takes allot to get used to Charlie’s gruff, demeanor sometimes, but Charlie is running a very competitive business in an equally competitive and cut throat market. It only takes a fraction of a millisecond for a piece of the equipment to kill or mame someone, so yes his grilling may seem mean, but its to keep someone alive. But I have often seen seen Charlie throw a $20.00 here and there to keep his people happy and extremely well fed.

I met Charlie through a club member. I knew of A1 through news of a dispute Charlie had with the Idaho State Police, but I was still game to writing the book of towing solo. My company is known both bad as well as good throughout 3 mountain west states. Dixie Toewing soon to be Dixie Wolf Toewing has carved out most if not all the innovations in towing’s importance in trucking and motoring circles. That said, I knew little when it came to running a rollback. Outside of one crook I worked for in SLC , my experience in anything other than a tow truck, was lacking. But what did Charlie do? First day I went to the yard, Charlie needed someone to ferry scrap cars to a salvage yard , but Charlie throws me the keys and says have at it. Charlie and I have been friends ever since. Now yes Charlie’s ex decided to repo a favorite car of mine, and I was tiffed for a time, still am a little, so I struck out on my own, to Burley. Based on a lie of a certain motel taxi company owner in Burley, who got his in the end, but I resided in Burley. Even so Charlie treated me as his Cassia county contact. Everything east of the county line in Murtaugh I’d get, everything west A1 took, and there were times we worked together, such as a whole mess of cars and trucks about two acres worth near Burley. A full crew, and even I made $100.00 out of it.

On a humanitarian side, when I was having the damnest of a time getting anybody I mean ANYBODY to be a government required payee, after the little chickadee in Blackfoot failed to meet the challenge, she needs to stick to karaoke , any mile it was Charlie that stepped up, gave me a decent home, and while me and his other half have had our disagreements, mostly on the pin up girl stuff, still Charlie and I get along fine.

Which makes it hard to leave all of this in a month. But life evolves. The resources I need to make a success of life and get off the SSI payroll, are in Utah, not Idaho. The aviation company AyreWolf Aviation, the radio werx for the club, and ultimately raising Dixie Wolf Toewing to its proper level.

Just before Christmas this year the powers that be, met at O'Leary Junior High here in Twin Falls, to have a press briefing. City leaders said it was a city council meeting, naw it was a show and tell for those wanting to jump the canyon here again.

Many of the big TV outfits were here. I mentioned to this gal from CH-7 out of Boise a Stephanie Zeppelin that a story on Charlie would be good. See Stephanie had done this one bit on those who help others, Charlie really is one who steps up. Never heard from her since, but if there was ever an award for the ultimate Humanitarian, or Community Hero, it is Charlie Legg , of A1 Towing And Repair Twin Falls Idaho. Someone I’m proud to call my friend.



Quote of the Day:
No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.
--John Calvin Coolidge
Psalm 86:5“You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pride over brains perhaps, but it’s the Confederate way

a good hazzardayreSCROLL COVER HEDDER

Then there is Mountain Home and the web trolls. Of course there is that little bikini bar bouncer that looks like Rumplestilskin from Pocatello.

Of those and that is the filthy 10 , that would like to see me and the club, split entirely, that have no idea that their back biting is what’s holding the deal up. When new landlords do a web search they find these individuals bullshit and all it does is hinder the relocate. But too I’m getting my hair on end. Of those and a few others that would love to see us fail, why not dig in and make it a success? Success is after all the best form of revenge and just validation of the fact that their pitty assed infantile mudslinging is just that. They can’t help it, and if do start ascending to new altitudes all they want to do is tear it down. Now just as then, my big question is why? None of them have ever , ever ,ever been able to step up like grown ups and say why. Who did we thump that caused all of this bitterness? I’d truly like to know. If memory serves me well, I don’t remember beating anybody up in Glenn’s Ferry. In fact if I do remember I spent a hellova lit of money there, a certain tire store, Over $5,000.00 on tires I spent there> Anybody want to dispute that I have the invoices and cleared checks to prove it. A, fuel stop that easily saw $500.00 a month from me and the club, that accused me of retail theft in the end there, can you imagine that, me? The lady that ran the main food store there knew all too well there was money behind me, as she knew from the phone on many occasions as she talked with my cuzzin Bud, but again why.

Of course there was the incident with Wolf-Pup, that by the highway was bought in Glenn’s Ferry, they quickly found out my claims on a cash stash wasn’t BS. There was the young gal on the fucking pogo stick, that would not shut up balling and crying over no school supplies. Instead of help, should have just said fuck you , shut the fuck up I’m trying to sleep. Oh yes the Glenn's Ferry Airport. True we pitched to fix it up at our expense, but because a certain city council member got tiffed after the lady who leased us the shop there found the city council member storing equipment without paying for it. Who was the freeloader? Then there were the challenges of up front get in the face rumble. Nobody ever showed up, neither in Glenn’s Ferry, nor Mountain Home. Who was the ones who really chickened out? Its like we used to see on ye old CB, behind a mic in some secluded place they are mighty. Faced up front, close and personal, its some little dog turd nerd somewhere that couldn’t blow his nose without instructions.

My talk this weekend at the table is going to go something like this. Sure I want to leave here as much as many want us to go. But , why not show these people up. Succeed , put up the station in full power mode, after all we have the tower and so on, why not? Do up the Reaper Club, finish with Eli’s help the website, get that going flowing. And finally since we own the old analog channel 35 on TV , let’s build the station. In other words do what we set out to do, not chicken out and run like a scared poodle but show teeth like the Wolvez we are. If that don’t fix the ratchetjaws from MHI and that whackadoodle in Pocatello, just remember the motel owner in Burley, that ran a taxi service, he poked the Wolf, a few times too many. We’ll let it go at that.

More after 21:00


AYREHEAD SIG1much better patch

Quote of the Day:
When it is a question of money, everyone is of the same religion.
--Francois Marie Arouet de Voltaire, 18th-century French author, wit and philosopher
Ephesians 4:2“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
946734_10200757185752132_1261886901_n  FAN TAIL

Clean up going to take longer than expected

a good hazzardayreNEW GREETINGS

Sometimes the idea and the destination gets more complicated. Its usually greed , but I’m sure there’s more to it than that. Here’s the thing, on some record somewhere the Knytes-of-Anarchy, namely and me being district commander thereof, is carved out as the owning body of the Reaper Club, here in Twin Falls. Which we are, and oh yes we are finding new places for that to still unfold. But I keep getting phone calls from vendors looking at our bar when we flat

lost the bid for the original location down on Park Avenue. So here the low down, The Knytes-of-Anarchy owns the name Reaper Club, we are not moving into the old Hot Rocks , and we are still looking for a location. But it would seem that’s not the only thing. There is the Sheep’s Pen Bar/Café we are building at the Gooding County Airport, Gooding Idaho, where our only Idaho base camp for the AyreWolvez will be. A full on repair, restoration, avionics facility at roughly $100,000.00 just for that facility, and about $25k less on the Sheep’s Pen. The Sheep’s Pen will honor the BlackSheep as well as Idaho’s native Greg (Pappy) Boyington>images (3) who formed the infamous squadron of which my Dad was privileged to serve in and its more modern version where I served in the UCSMC VMA214 .

Of course there is the situation that bends around the old location of the radio werx, remember there’s a 1,000 foot tower sitting at Sailor Creek that lays between Magic Springs and Bell Rapids. Which remains the skeleton to a backbone that we still plan not to loose.

I caught some bittersweet comments overnight and into morning. For as many including those web trolls over in MHI, that feel it was a black day in Idaho when we resurfaced here both the club, and just me looking for more fruitful fields to plant the seed and bring some new highlights to Dixie Toewing, now going to be Dixie Wolf Towing which brings together us from Hazzard County Choppers and all, together with the aviation firm, of my Dad’s that I’m keeping alive that has in truth kept me alive, for the last 25 years. If you think it’s the pension I get from the UCSMC, or Social Insecurity, I have news for you. It’s been and is AyreWolf Aviation keeping me fed, and housed. That all said I’ll say this, its not the state of Idaho completely that I dislike, its just some of the people that get under my skin and are like a child's diaper, full of shit and always on my ass.

When it comes to western Idaho, much COULD be done here, in harmony with the natural resources that are here. It can be done. Its being done, and mostly by the Knytes. With every 10 people giving us the boot out of Idaho, there is 6 trying to keep us here. Since they know if we go the last true fighters for the Spud State goes with us, and Idaho will be even worse off than Detroit.

If one takes a drive down Twin Falls’ downtown area you’d think that the town had dried up.

While some stores are opening down there, there is a bunch that ain’t. Then there are simple things. The radio werx is still poised for Utah that has not changed, but my helicopter and two hours puts me there, There is no dang reason for say 8 months I can’t stay put here, and grind this out. The business partners that I have made friendships that can’t be replaced.

One of the things a Marine never does is not quit. If it can be done we’ git-r-donegitrdone hedder So in closing since I have been at this one entry for 3 hours now, between phone calls, We are not opening in the old Hot Rocks location, but have eyes in both Buhl and Kimberly for the Reaper Club.  HazzardAyre's parent and HazzardAyre itself is moving to Ogden Utah, I am not for at least 6 months.

It’s time for us to get busy.

Will report back after 21:00 Hours,


AYREHEAD SIG1 946734_10200757185752132_1261886901_n

Quote of the Day:
When it is a question of money, everyone is of the same religion.
--Francois Marie Arouet de Voltaire, 18th-century French author, wit and philosopher
Ephesians 4:2“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

7 days and counting

hazzardayre overknyte

I just finished watching a good movie and realized, that today, marx 7 days until the 5th of February, when I will get my stipend from Charlie, and then its adios move my ass outta here time. It means finding a suitable stable for Lexi and wolf-Pup, but it also means I see the exit sign and I love what it looks like.

Now before anyone says anything, its nothing personal involving Charlie and I. I think Charlie is the most understanding and compassionate guy I have ever met. If Charlie had been involved from day 1 me here in this half of Idaho, things that have delayed progress mainly mine, might be a helluva lot different. True moving from Burley to Twin Falls, my life pretty much stopped. I gave up shop, and free cable, plus started piling on weight. Shy of that, most of my existence is equal, and that’s just the point. There are certain things you do in some places that are more receptive to your efforts. Example; wanna be a rock singer, you go to LA, want to sing country, you go to Nashville. Want to launch a TV show, you go to NYC, Hollywierd, or Chicago. If you want to drive a race car you go to Indianapolis or Daytona, or South Carolina. Utah is an exception, since Utah has just about everything tucked inside its mountain ranges, and Hollywierd does visit Utah often, this month they are there because of Sundance, Film Festival, something we tried to light a fire about here in Idaho, but got burned in the process.

In 1971 my Mom & Dad, retired from duty at Hill Air Force Base doing joint services command duty. We moved from busy, progressive and just plain populated Utah to isolated, behind the rest of the world, closed minded Yankee filled, Idaho. Even though Idaho does have two towns and a silver mine named in honor of the confederacy and south but that’s where that stops. Ever since I have tried in every possible way, risked life and my liberty to turn around this state. In some way I was successful since the Knytes of Anarchy and all that goes with that was founded here. But we are talking when Idaho had a slight and I do mean slight and slim, growth spurt. People didn’t want to throw you in jail just because you came up with a good idea. Today quite the opposite. Just mention your thinking of doing something besides planting spuds, or milking cows and shit your ass is fried.

After last year, I was in gear to move in December, circumstances occurred that dictated I, ROS, for a month, in 7 days, no more ROS’n, its time for movin.

More in the day , but the clock is ticking.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
Work keeps us from three great evils, boredom, vice and need.
--François Marie Arouet Voltaire
Ephesians 4:2“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

Depths of perception are sometimes not easy to see

KNYTES SCROLL HEDDERarebel coffee break

Here it is and as you swig down the swag before you grind to your domicile for the evening I thought I’d let out some of the howls I have been holding in all day.

Many do not see the forests for trees or what’s in front, just what is biting their butts .

Last year when we started sniffing around for an engineer, we were hoping that we’d find someone who might be working elsewhere but might have some extra time on their hands. We were not big yet and we knew a certified BROADCAST engineer with IT (Information Technology) skills would be the ticket. We got one kid who came over rectified my computer but hasn’t been back since. He was last I heard working for the salvation Army ringing bells at those buckets during Christmas. After numerous phone calls, and all I gave up. Then we got Eli, who I’m holding onto, thing is I still need someone HERE on SITE. It’s like telling me how to do something online or the phone, but old gear hook ups even with what I know, without someone being here is frustrating. Maybe we can find one of my old friends at KSOP in SLC that’ll wire things together, let Eli be our supervisory engineer, but find someone at $50k a year to be the onsite.

What always happens is I always get people who show up here at the Lair, we talk, they might show up again and don’t return, if they do not long enough to see the bigger picture. With 5 radio stations and three TV stations being purchased by the club in 2014, its not just good old HazzardAyre KDXB FM, it’s a much bigger deal. The supporting website for just HazzardAyre is one thing, but it’s the show me what you can do project for the webmaster, to measure skills and abilities. Then we can feel as a 50,000 member consortium, turning loose for the rest of the broadcast, and print sites to name a few. Plus the sites of those in support of the media werx, they’re going to need sites. Plus banner ads etc. So doing a few or one free bee is worth the effort. It’s like me, I’d rather go out and pull the daughter or son, of a car dealer here in my town, knowing that when that car dealer needs a customers or car towed he’s going to remember who did the free tow for his kid. Same thing, do a favor gain a customer. Or if a farmer needs a package from Utah immediately but is low on cash, I have no problem running a chopper to SLC to fetch or retrieve that package free, since that farmer is going to be paying me several thousand dollars come May or so for fertilizing his fields. This is how you gain or not customers. Smug or ignore your future customers they go elsewhere. Make em happy they become loyal, and do spend money.

Yes the Government caught us short last September/October, and it has taken until now for it just to start to flow again and its still not completed, but I’m not bitching, That BLM USDA Forest Service Contract is worth right at $20,million a year. You plan, sometimes you get the whole bird sometimes you just get the tail , but eventually you do get the whole bird and the stuffing. Remember the Wolf always has his day, and we usually succeed. We’ve got people on staff and working for us here at AyreWolf Aviation that have been here 45 years, back to when Dad owned this thing as Eagle Starr Flying Service. It’s because these people have seen what happens, when you stick with us even if its seems sometimes unorthodox.

Any way that’s my last for now, see you on overnight.


AYREHEAD SIG1 hazzardayre business card

Quote of the Day:
The real trap of fame is its irresistibility.
--Ingrid Bengis
Mark 9:35“Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.””

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

The life of going Towing oh sorry as we spell it Toewing


It’s just now that its finally slowing down here after a disastrous freezing drizzle storm blanketed most of Idaho. The morning drives and commutes were hectic enough. All three of our operations were busy, A1 working south, Dixie Toewing working as far north a Picabo (pee-ca-boo) Idaho, and Highway Hooker Toewing working from Arco east to Rigby and all of U.S. 20/25 into Blackfoot.

8 tractor trailer turnovers, 5 slide into big rigs, and multiple slideoffs. Its been a toewers dream, if you want to call it that. Now if the auto clubs, trucking companies and insurance companies pay on time we’re going to be tasting some well deserved deserts.

Got a phone call, from DirecTV, on satellite TV. Apparently you don’t need credit if your signing up as a business you don’t need credit or a credit card to sign up for DirecTV. Only those in a consumer residence situation. Really? Since when.

Here’s my observation, the location, that we were looking at for the Reaper Club is now being renovated by another buyer. Thing is on record the Knytes and mainly me are owners/operators of that facility, more over owns the liquor license to the place. Hope they have brains to do some phone calling and changing things. But their screw ups, are either going to cost us where we end up owning the damn place or end up suing, then owning. Because of that and a few other slight ugly things that reared its head, there’s going to be a skeleton crew left in Buhl, to do whatever clean up needs to be done here as well as ride herd on the studio and transmission gear in Buhl. At least until those towers and all get sold, As well as the licenses that go with them. Meaning just over $410,000.00 in the cash stash of the Knytes, but at least my sweet tail will be in Utah, but we did figure to assemble a small team here for 6 months or so.

But I thought ain’t it funny DirecTV. Is this somebody sending a gift or that someone says here’s a reason to stay. I think that for every 5 or so people that want the Knytes to hit the trail, including the club itself, there are 2 out of that 5 that want us to ROS. They know the money we bring into the community, as well as the publicity we bring here. That being what it is, For those reading this that think me staying put and the club staying put , here’s the few things that would change this, First a great looking babe that moves in , lives here takes care of the washing, and cleaning, and pleasing this old high octane canine. Second a full sized shop, with all new tools and equipment for no rent for at least 2 years, third cable/satellite, and internet that has upload speed of 40 mbps, and download of 100 mbps, and a full office studio. Other condiments that would make this work here and give me something to go to the rest of you as members to stay here in Tweaker Flatts, is : availability of on air personalities that are not scared of the loss of their something although that was lost a long time ago by most of them,  If those things were offered I might be inclined to get infront of the club and slow down our departure, but thing is they’d have to do it within 7 days since next Wednesday, My bags are packed, car loaded, truck hooked up and we is outta here.

Any way made enough this morning to eat so grabbing some grub , keep it between the ditches.



Quote of the Day:
It takes a steady hand to carry a full cup.
Mark 9:35“Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.””

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Knyte Skool 101 part three


I caught the slight misgivings of one of our website construction crew about registering the site with the Knytes’ name as the main site. Thing is all too many none members do not understand is the Knytes have been together long before there was a TV show based on our club as well as two others.

For me to get in front of 50,000 members of the Knytes and say something like someone is skiddish about the clubs sacred name, the club would come back and say , are you fucking kidding, we are the Knytes-of-Anarchy and there is no reason to change us. Period. With a thought of giving the one skiddish the boot. However that said I understand about a bunch of things, but my loyalty to the club is and will be number 1 until I die.

Now then the reason for the site, and leading reason for the radio gig, and all is to educate those who do not know that the Knytes’ are much more than a MC. More over educate those who do not know that there is a real difference, between the TV show SOA, and us the KOA, WARNING SHOT 1 By educating the none member and unknowing we can show who we are, why we are, and why those with real grit should belong to the club.

Just because some guy made a TV show, whose story line has really drifted away from what an MC really is, does not mean the Knytes are going to change names . We have came all too far to do that.

Now to another subject , that of elections. The Governors race for Idaho is coming up on us. One candidate has contacted me, and while Its all well and good, first the guy stands a small chance of winning. In the state of Idaho, its not what you know but who you blow. Or at least line pockets of. Second, by the time the elections rolls around, I’m going to be well away from Idaho. At least Southwestern Idaho. Now in my last entry I said I’d tell you what of Idaho’s sub-charter. Don’t know about Kevin, but killing all of Idaho’s sub charter would be suicide for the club. First Idaho was where we were founded. That said, while the SouthWestern half of the sub charter will be history, I still am in line with keeping us alive in Eastern Idaho, mainly Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Southeastern Idaho namely Grace, Soda Springs Montpelier, as well as the Treasure Valley namely Boise, Nampa area. Likewise Sun Valley and Shoshone. But I don’t see us elsewhere and Shoshone is a big maybe. There are many reasons keeping us in Idaho, but not the greater Twin Falls area, including Burley or Rupert.

The politician that wrote me was chiming in on the reason he’s running for office, is he thinks my story is too common, moving away because of low wages. It’s not low wages we are leaving because of. It’s the fact that area media, including newspapers, TV stations and so on have gave us the big finger. It’s because of a very weak communication infrastructure, its because of a stubborn as a mule pig headed bigoted, racist attitude that is why we are leaving. I and 750 members of the club say we’re tired of fighting, for what we get in return. It’s like I told that politician, when someone , ANYONE comes to me with about $2,000.00 so we can regain the bandwidth for the radio station, build a talent agency for the eye candy department, and all of that I might be inclined to ROS. Since that is not going to happen, its pack up the pack and the trucks and go where those things are already in place.

So for the people that want to see us do something name etc wise of the club, not going to happen.


AYREHEAD SIG1club save

Quote of the Day:
You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.
--Liz Smith
John 4:24“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.””

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

State of the Pack

new blog coverWOLFS HOWL HEDDER

It’s again that time for the review of the past year, and the goals for this year and the path to get there.

For the Knytes it’s a job for Kevin Pollock our newly elected President. He will be on elsewhere on the blog. For the AyreWolvez that also supervises the Knytes its my job.

Okay then, A year ago we had just about gotten out of one of many scrapes with eye candy. You’d think and it does play a hand in the relocation that hiring eye candy for breathtaking artful pics with aircraft and bikes wouldn’t be that difficult. But this is the 21st Century. Years ago the posting of an ad for such, was no big deal, today, its best not to do that. Here in Twin falls unless your well oiled money wise or of the established system, don’t even try. Of course there is the smooch on the toe that got a bunch of em pissed , but hey it’s a bit meant to be comedy, its called grown the hell up.

By March after a go round with CenturyLink again promising us what they could not deliver, we signed up with SpeedConnect. Which overall as far as service complaints, help with billing and all is better than most here. But technology wise, they just can’t deliver to us what we need to make this function. We muddled through 2013, first thinking the Reaper Club was a go, started to interview bar help. But when it came to putting ink on the paper to get something going the old heifer in Burley who owned the structure said no. Guess renting it to the doomfuss that ran the place in the ground was better. But too it left us with more than egg on our face.

Then came the shop, rent price goes from $350.00 a month to $750.00 a month, but we still paid the power bill. Still looking for a refund there. Again egg on face. July saw hundreds of thousands of acres burning up near Sun Valley and that immediate area, where BLM and Forest service choppers were not fighting the blaze , AyreWolf Aviation was. Taking crop dusting choppers refitting to spray retardant and deploying. We thought we had money so we signed up with great old Cable-One, but then Obama and Bohner started feuding and all government money froze. So by the time our money started flowing, Cable-One had turned us off, Internet wise and a day after SOA’s run clipped the TV. Thing is I never heard one person, at Cable-One in their business department call up and say, look you had a mess with the government money you got behind due to no fault on your own, lets work out a payment schedule, to resolve the matter. No they wanted it all upfront now. Which both as a company and the AyreWolvez we just couldn’t do. We had our payments on supplies and aircraft to pay first. We’re still paying that off which is why I’m short money wise.

The liftoff of the tarmac for us now is simple, move to Utah where through both Comcast, and our facilities there will be reduced, which means more in the cash stash. More over with HazzardAyre on air full time means much money flowing in from ad revenue and subscription revenue. As for AyreWolf Aviation, the reduction of hangar space rentals from just over $2,500.00 a month, to just at $600.00 a month, plus the reduced logistics challenges will increase our(MY) revenue.

Having human resources through 14 that I can count on one hand for our need for lady eye candy for the magazine, the video’s and TV show, with no more CraigsList people, but real gals with real brains that are trained , more over to where we pay the agency, sign the paperwork, and the gal shows up, boom its done, and out the door. This has been one of those things that has cost us over the last year. Gal gets on CraigsList, calls and emails, says she's interested, I take time out of my day to meet with her. Every hour I’m not towing or flying is $75.00 wasted. Except being on air on HazzardAyre, but even then we are billing $50.00 an hour there. Sometimes more but on average $50.00 an hour. If I’m not on air, in the air or on the road, I starve, and delays are created.

With a one call that’s all source for the talent from Urban Talent, and others its done and done. No more CraigsList searches.

Then it’s the same for on air personalities. Both genders. I have yet seen one gal, walk in the home bilt studio, slide in the rocking chair and go on air. Even with a bit of instruction. Sure years ago, our Robin in 1993 did it in 2 weeks working in a broom closet sized studio, but you need to know, Robin’s elevator really got off the ground. The right chemistry was there we melded. Have never found anyone like her since.

While Utah doesn’t have any radio schools persay,all 4 of Utah’s higher education institutions have communications and media degree programs, not to mention many college radio stations. Take them bring em in as interns, weed out the good from the bad in 6 months or less we’ll have on air honey. Add to that the plan of creating a radio/tv broadcast basics program/school, should make a difference.

In closing, for this year the entire organization moves to Utah in new HQ, reduce output, increase income and work with great people like Laura at Comcast and build a media empire.

What’s left for Idaho? That in my next entry.



Quote of the Day:
Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.
--Napoleon Hill
John 4:24“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.””

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.