Sunday, May 31, 2015

Getting ready to go part throttle the few b4 we put the pedal to the floor

Just part throttle tonight here on HazzardAyre Radio, only rolling out until 02:00 hours, mostly cuzz, need to be rose and shined in the AM much to do Monday.
Got two I think on board now one on air one PA(Production Assistant) then I got a IM from some other seat cover I think its a she, if it ain't its outta here, as males we don't need, its not discrimnation its filling a part of a show, we are EXEMPT. Now this gal says she has a wife. Never had that here, although I had this one bunch that had a Sister Wife, and she was from Lehi Utah. I'll let you draw your own interpretation on that. She was super hot, if I'd have played the right cards she could have been rescued and Bar-B-Qued, know what I mean? So I will say don't know how this 'll play out, but if it does it could be a me being the frosting between two cookies. All I can say if that is even a play, wear nylons and see what shakes there.
I'm not talking Little Red Riding hood , either.

Post Phootenotes

I had two more things to say, One came from a person who's wife the congrgational song director today, that was mad about me not standing and singing the Star Spangled Banner song, but did she take the time to talk to me about her anger, should she not forgive such, considering it is inside the house of Heavenly Father? No. Last but not least and this should have been in at least the announcements, not one thing mentioned about Elder Tom Perry of the top Apostles passing away, or funeral services or anything on the matter. A bit self centered don't you think? Naw if the Ward or the stake can't even honor the top brass of their own, do I need to be there? Maybe this church is the dreaded church that is spoken of in The Book Of Mormon in 1st Nephi. Maybe the denominations own ancestor leaders were trying to tell these people of today something. Practice what you preach or shut up about the few faults of others. Oh and in the D&C Part 89, that is leaned on so much, it does not say anything about smoking or chewing or brew. It does say use of tobacco is for sick livestock, and wyld animals. Further it says don't consume hot drink, it does not say one thing about coffee or tea, just not to drink it hot. Coffee is a veg plant a BEAN, its BEAN juice. Tea, is good for you as it warts off many illness's , and what revelation says, don't drink wine in sacrament, as the word was crossed out and replaced by water, and now not even in the new text. God said not to add, nor take away from scriptures. Something here is beginning to stink like a barn yard and it ain't me. Yes its very much a time to reignite the power and justice of the Amalgamated Church of Dixie. I'm being shown that same vision that Joseph Smith was shown in New York so many years ago, The LDS church has become corrupted. It needs a kick in its complacency.

Everywhere else except the Church or my Ward of the Church

I wont call this the last train to Clarksville, but I will say its going to be one long, very long time before I go back to Church again. Today just tipped the ice burg, but then perhaps that was many outside of our Bishop wanted to happen. While Bishop Hiatt and all were very good to me and assisted me in rescuing the radio gear and all, and outside of about two, others, you'd think I was wearing the horns of Lucifer there. Not for me. The ice tip, was they began the last hymn if you want to call it that, and I want to make myself perfectly clear here. I have both the globe and anchor from the USMC, but I also have my heart in Dixie. That being that and after what I have seen in public areas of how they treat military retirees any more, Vietnam, not well, WWII just being honored and the mid easter crews coming home, Instead of having agencies to help with job training, housing assistance, bill pay off services, to rectify the past bills of military called overseas, only to come home to find they can't get basic things like Internet or cable TV because somewhere before they left to serve they had a past due bill. Really? Where you going to pay that? AllWest or Comcast of Bagdad? CenturyLink of Iraq? no way, some said have somebody back home pay them for you. Really? What if there is no one back home to pay that for you? No body, but oh yes salute a nation that sent you in harms way, but keeps giving it to you in thr rear for being slightly in the arears. I used to be the most patriotic person in this nation, I strapped on a AV8 and flew into harms way, only in essence being vtold to go away. Heck the damn Canadians treat their returning military better. Now then the southern states make it priority number one. Plus they honor both sides of the war of northern invasion. At national events they'll sing the old Star Spangled Banner, but they'll also either before or right after will sing the Dixie National anthem as well. All I ask is for equal treatment. Equal honor. Yankees military have marked graves with known names on them, there's still too many graves of our southern brethren from a state of war, with Name Unknown if there is even a headstone. Or a grave. In most cases, Confederate brethren are walked over , and shopping malls now cover their remains. This is not right, and until its made right I will not stand up for the pledge, nor will I sing the Star Spangled Banner, hey I fought for the right to, or not to salute old glory, has any of them at church done that? But the bitterness does not sit there. No, No matter anything that has been needed I have not been asked. I'm a person that needs to be utilized and to serve, not just be a mere spectator. But no you have to be called. What if Jesus or Heavenly Father is calling, but the block is from some very short sighted, stubborn bullheaded so well to do's  so smug and so stuck up, that I've not even been asked to say an opening or closing prayer, be it for class's or services. I'm done. Time to relight the fire of the Amalgamated Church of Dixie in Evanston Wyoming. So yes I'll help clean the church in repayment of help for helpi9ng with rents, utility bills and rescuing the gear for HazzardAyre, but I'll be John Brown before I'll step inside that Church Ward again for services. I'm going to see the Bishop, to see if I can get a transfer into another Ward, like the YellowCreek Ward. I really liked them.

the little engine that could, did and still doing it

Say what you will, the Knytes and HazzardAyre Radio has survived 4 Presidents, socioeconomic problems, cultural barriers, and Obamanomics, but HazzardAyre Radio still is the one mini online streaming radio network that is still solvent, still running and still making money. 
Say what you will about the Knytes of Anarchy, but from our roots as a young adult to modern rebel gear head club, again still writing the book on how a rebel gearhead group is to be ran and is. Bucking LDS and other barriers, we still get the job done somehow. Maybe that's why so many dislike us so bad. Their disbelief, that causes green jealousy that creates some measure of hate, when they come back and ask us to take them in with open arms, and say, okay so what you cost us thousands of dollars. There's one pic that says it all in being a resident of Evanston Wyoming if your not a original native here, its this>
 but time they say heals wounds, but even bad wounds still scratch and leaves bitter scars, but we keep doing it. There's a thing that is and is fact, there's do or don't no in between. We never are in between. Any mile, have an entry that goes, Help from everywhere else, except where you want to have help from.
Church time, 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A new way a new day, HCC became reality today

Today marx a new day in the world of the Knytes and me. We finally signed a 5 year lease on a facility that moves HCC(Hazzard County Choppers) a few steps forward. But its finally moving forward. One move that is exciting me no end, finally I can do the fix it work on my rydes, the scoots, and build scoots. We are in go  mode.
Tonight just a few ago, a nice gal interviewed for the on air job and we now have a gal for a Production Assistants spot on the AyreWolf ATeam, so to say I'm stoked is an understatement. Little Red Ryding Hood wasn't spooked by the big bawd wolf when I spoke of the nylon thing, so can't be too bad.
Not yet counting the ducks before they hatch, but I think we're moving forward there as well. Just took a few to pull their heads out and see this marvelous world. HazzardAyre will be off tonight until Midnight Sunday to Monday, in remembering and honoring, Elder Tom Perry. Highway Hooker Radio will be on Sunday morning at the usual time of 06:00 to 11:00 hours.
But Hazzard County Choppers is rolling into reality, so like I said, I'm Stoked.

A matter of honor not being lazy

As a matter of honor, not just being lazy tonights edition will air at 03:00 hours. The reason is we're giving a few hours of silence in memory of Elder Tom Perry of the LDS Church who passed away today, due to illness. 
However we will air at 03:00 to 06:00 hours.

I hate being stood up, it pisses me off but I don't get mad I get even

I hate being stood up. I didn't dig it in High School, and I damn well don't like it now. In Hazzard , when I got stood up, it only cost me a lay in ye ole Gen Lee(yes I had one let it go for stupidity) in Evanston being stood up on auditioning or interviewing for a spot on the AyreWolf ATeam

cost's the club and in the long run, me. However the difference? When I was at Hazzard High, there was no LexiBelle
today there is, and usually as high and mighty some say they are, they all eventually end up on the back of LexiBelle, and that usually means their green goes in my jeans, and if its somebody who stood me up, well, the green, get's more from them, hey pay back is a real bitch. The question I have is simple, if you don't want the job, hey its easy , pick up the damn phone, use an email even a Facebook IM, but just say I thought about it, don't want it, good damn luck. Don't keep someone on the wait, if your not serious. Why bother me and all if your just tire kicking? It's easy to understand , I need a wyld ass'd biker babe that wants pay to be on radio. No more , certainly not less. It's that damn simple. In the words of an old TV ad, You can let ME pay you now, or YOU can pay ME a helluva lot later. Get the shop today, go get LexiBelle next weekend, then its bust some moves on the groove of a town that has had its ass up its head for way too long.
Keep it wheels turning
Good numbers to ya,'

Friday, May 29, 2015

Beth Ann of CSC Talk Radio says it best educate and activate

Beth Ann says it best educate and activate. Most Southeners know the stories and rebel history on what really happened in the war of nothern invasion.  But few Northeners many who have southern roots like me, don't really know their southern heritage. Back in late 2007 when I was searching for a political party to belong to, when I caught the glimpse of some guy named Stephen Monk. Through many emails, and the reformation of the Knytes, the so called President which I found later was not the President of the SOCV, none the less a working organization to further the cause. Now our emplem remotely resembled ours here in the Knytes,> However it was not to duplicate SOCV's logo, as we had this one for over 20 years since 1981.    What we did do is form an active political Party ratified by the Idaho, Utah and Wyoming Legislatures to allow candidates for public offivce organize under the United Confederate States Party.  We elected a police chief although he got to sick to finish his term, but he was elected under the UCSA banner. But in 2012 I got a nasty letter from the SOCV that said cease and quit using the emblem, as it fringed on copyright so we did and redid ours like this
 Which is what we wear on our cuts, and wearables as well as all of our members display this logo on our rides. All the while we have been begging the SOCV to let us set a charter of the SOCV in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Of the two, many do not remember nor care too, that the towns of Dixie, Atalanta Idaho are from southern roots, More over and the Confederate Star Silver Mine just outsifde of Featherville Idaho. Yet when we have tried to build an SOCV Much more later friends I need sleep my eyes are all over the place.


After Show

After the show I cruised over to the mothership page and saw that guy named Beaver Dick there finding fault on my show. It had to do with again , the nylon thing. Now perhaps I'm in the wrong market for such things, but its along the lines of what Howard Stern might do, but a bit less octane. So what? Not everyone is going to dig what we do, and they'll be a few that will bark like a poodle when we begin airing Sue Rogers program, Sexty Hour talking about things in a clinical mode but talking explicit sexual concerns. No wonder that years ago, when Stern did his syndicated show and we offered to run it, that all too many at Sterns home 20, said a medium sized station like ours running Stern in the Mountain West(Mormon) Market couldn't buy the kind of publicity that such a show airing here would generate. Now I'm not saying one needs to be gross altogether about the carnal adventures of humans however if we want to do a comedy bit relating to such things, whether its sniffing a gals pantyed behind to see if there is a similar scent as would be of a female wolf say, or seeing how long a guy can kiss a woman's toes in nylon hose, then while a bit off plumb, I say , so what, grow the hell up, enjoy the comedy of such things and quit your bitching Beaver Dick, anyone who uses that as a screen name ought to remember the parable of Jesus when he spoke, saying let he that is without sin cast the first stone. But too, if your bitching about me its taking the pressure off of someone else. Copy? (that means do you understand?) If your not mature and open minded for such hi jinx then maybe your not open minded to be an employee on air of HazzardAyre, just sayin. Much work to do today, a full 5 hours of HazzardAyre Friday into Saturday morning, which will kick off a marathon of some of our older shows, that we have done in the past, as well as now. We will end the marathon, at 11:00 Hours Sunday morning and resume at 19:00 hours Sunday into Monday morning.
Until then TaTa.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Funny now that I'm not using Bloggr as much most of my other programs work better

Funny now that I was forced to move most of my blogs from Blogger to Word Press now that it seems that WLW, and I ain't talkin the radio station in Louisiana and Blogger aka Google are feuding that many of my other not Google dependent programs work better. Could it be embeded programs from Google under Blogger that when not using Blogger things run smooth. I find my upload times from WLW are faster with Word Press, I find my home page loads faster with Word Press, so my advice to the forelorn Blogger blogees do the migration to Word Press. 
More on air over night. As far as what I did today, absolutely nothing I am catching up on my sleep , I'm catching up on my TV, and I'm catching my trains of thought, that I was too tired to run after before. I usually take Thursdays off anyway, but haven't done. And now that the club is putting all the Heavy lifting on my shoulders now that I have attained Charter President of the Knytes my time is going to be precious at least personal time, so I take Thursday's off.
I have an idea though, after many thousands of Blogger users move off Blogger to Word Press, and cancell out their AD sense accounts and such around the globe, Google and Microsoft might want to come to the talking table again. Resolve this problem and get on with life.

Yes Autumn The job is still available, but only serious need apply

I think there are a few people realizing that its best not to doubt this old Wolf, but time is drawing near that decisions have to be made and those decisions are very serious. The events over this past week, of getting someone on air of the lady gender and even that of a Production Assistant, that said she'd be here on time, but that I had to can her even before she started, which she never did. Okay I dig having ANY lady show up at ones home is a bit spooky, considering the crimes against nature that only Yankees do, and from which us southern rebels would not think of, could be why some gals get skidish. I always say if their guy pal, wants to they can sit in the front room, read and all if they just shut up while she's on air. Many can't and are to distracted for that kind of thing, my thing is this, its a job, no its a career, you step in with us, we get full fight the establishment cred, then $50.00 an hour is more the normal of those who get paid here. Club members don't get paid since we usually have outside business' ourselves, mine is towing and building Harley's , the list goes on, but judging from an initial interview is not the way to judge what goes on here. For that, its show up while we are on air, watch and participate get the real vibe, then back out or stay, just don't think the first impression is the only impression. 
Guess Miss Jessica thought herself too good for us, plus she got a guy who now will support her so why does she need a job? That's my impression of that situation, but it would have been a courtesy if she would have called and said I'm not going to be there. As it was I had to wait around for 3 hours, past the time she was to report to duty here. She now has a black mark on the record for any business owned by one of the club members, that she's not dependable. What all too many don't understand and don't comprehend is this. Just on the west side of Wyoming, there are 500 members of the Knytes, in this Charter. All have business's besides being a Knyte. Thus if you don't show at a club job, why should a club member hire you for something else? 
Closing here. Guess that Blogger and/or Google and a few that use WLW Windows Live Writer to carve out blogs on their own, have ran into a big mess. The authentication program built into WLW, to GOOGLE's Blogger has went sour. No worries we have put things together to relaunch on Word Press, but it sure has people from around the world really upset. The only solution I can see is for someone to roll down to Mountain View California in San Fran's queer bay and have a face to face. My question to the club, Anyone up for a road ride to  Mountain View California? 
So to answer Autumn's question, yes the job is still open, but you need to come out to the house here at 96 East Hayden aka Wentworth Apartments # C202 and lets talk. You can call before hand 307-679-7209 but face to face is best.
See you all on TTYLY

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We thought we had a Jessica, Do or Don't , no try

There's a line from oda to young Skywalker in the Star Wars Trilogy that goes Do or Don't no try or maybe. I thought we had a gal, who was perfect for much of what we needed for the radio werx here, but no show. If someone doesn't want the job, thinks its too off center or whatever it is that turned em off, a simple phone call, facebook post or email covers it, just say I don't want to do this.
Finally got a call from the Office people, for the kinds of money we're talking here, if I can't get enough on air's as well as Production Assistants, to fill jobs we need done, and I have to do it myself, then might as well do just that, do it myself, scrub the office keep the radio gig here in the Kat House, and save the money.
I feel really let down by this Jessica, as well as a few others, but we will keep going. Too much hardship bringing this to boil now to just throw up the hands and say take me out Sarge. 
These same people, will be back, once they see the ad's on TV, for the radio net, once they see and hear the buzz, they'll come running, but it by then may be too late. 
Beth Ann said it best, the next gen youth to be adults have one kind of job, not careers, her thought is simply a society where the career of choice, is one that the employees just say, " Want Fries with that?" 

Remember its Highway Hooker Radio tonight at 23:45 Hours at 

From the WTF files

WTF is wrong with the town of Evanston? Let me count them, but too its location is great for a otr truckers radio station. Which is why we're here. At least one of the reasons. Forces beyond my control though make the decision one that I would not do again, but since I'm here plan is to build some things together to kick some serious butt. After all why let a few detractors and people too stuck up to see their feet to spite their nose, So should we give up? No, just give em the middle finger and keep building this media company. Along the way running in the back ground we'll keep rebuilding Hazzard County Choppers, Highway Hooker Toewing and maybe eventually AyreWolf Aviation into HazzardAyre Aviation. How do we do this? Hire outside the area for things like models for the site, and ads in magazines etc. The building blocks are here, we just need to assemble the parts. So what that a few arrogant and ignorant people bumped me off a free classified ad page on Facebook, more over who really cares if someone walked in my door here at the Kat House, where your Cat diesel is massaged to its energetic self, but if someone to show up and was fully trained, hot looking and able to jump on air, I'd most likely fall over dead with a corinary. The thing is that ain't going to happen, so why try? The thing is once a few here see a few outside the area talent filming a TV ad here and air in Metro Utah, on their TV's, bet your next tank of diesel the ones that gave us the thumb, will be ripping my doors off the hinges just to get a sniff of an employment opening here. Any mile more this afternoon, see ya'll on the radio, on 

It gets to you after awhile

It's all about the money, noticed my ads on that free classified ads page that some nut from Evanston here, put up. Got a couple of leeds from it for new hires, but right now I really don't care. I'm just in the mode of get my rides good, and get my wolf-pack and myself to where there isn't as many closed stubborn minds as here. We see. Since the fartknocker who said he was going to rent us office space and all for HazzardAyre Radio decided to back out and wont even call, I say what the hell, just get at going toewing here, as far as HazzardAyre do it right from the house here, why go to the expense of the deal with CenturyLink, and all the rest? Hire some pro models from Urban take some pics for the print ads, and piss on the rest, who cares? 
I have had it, they'll be back and eventually on the back of LexiBelle then the tune will change.

btw; the formal blog is now at 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blogger took a dump so back to doing it the hard way, until its fixed

Looks as though I'm not the only one. Some say it is the case of missery loves company, however in this case, many of Bloggers users are having troubles using the connection from such publisher programs as LiveWriter to write the entries. no big, since I can keep you informed this way. Things looking up here, one in but still need 4 on air's women mainly so still looking there. Got an email and call from Urban, think they want us as clients again.
More overnight, but now that a few others at Google owners of Blogger knows there's a problem, maybe now they fix it?