Sunday, May 31, 2015

Getting ready to go part throttle the few b4 we put the pedal to the floor

Just part throttle tonight here on HazzardAyre Radio, only rolling out until 02:00 hours, mostly cuzz, need to be rose and shined in the AM much to do Monday.
Got two I think on board now one on air one PA(Production Assistant) then I got a IM from some other seat cover I think its a she, if it ain't its outta here, as males we don't need, its not discrimnation its filling a part of a show, we are EXEMPT. Now this gal says she has a wife. Never had that here, although I had this one bunch that had a Sister Wife, and she was from Lehi Utah. I'll let you draw your own interpretation on that. She was super hot, if I'd have played the right cards she could have been rescued and Bar-B-Qued, know what I mean? So I will say don't know how this 'll play out, but if it does it could be a me being the frosting between two cookies. All I can say if that is even a play, wear nylons and see what shakes there.
I'm not talking Little Red Riding hood , either.