Friday, May 15, 2015

Here’s one that will stump Google search

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It must be said that having a sandwich will cure just about anything. Two pieces of Cheese ham Oscar Meyer style between two Wonder Bread slices of bread and a heaping amount of Mayonnaise will cure the hungers. Goes to show Oscar Meyer meats will last several months in the fridgideezer and not mold. Now dig this, today our complex manager and one of the so called corporate heads were here. Of course I complimented our complex manger so much that I was waiting for the violins and cellos to start playing. Of course this corporate head got into a discussion on church things, of whether God and Jesus are two separate entities or one. Of course I know there is a separation between the two, as I have seen all three of the God Head. But I kept trying to explain to this little guy from the Wentworth's mothership that all of what was in the bible was added onto by the Book Of Mormon. Yet I had trouble at that point navigating between the need to just visit with Janet, and making it look and seam that I was there on business. Yea I know Janet is all hitched up and all, however I can just about explore different subjects with her thinking from a woman’s point of view when I’m writing things to use on air or here in HazzardAyre.

So then came up here to the Eagle’s Nest, and sat in the control room here, and tried to get right the exact color of taupe colored nylon stockings, so decided to try to locate a way to make that color on my bitmap color tray. Know what, no matter how I tried I never could get that mixed just right. There must be a way to make taupe color>MPC00004631-2in my bitmap color tray, but ain’t quite yet figured it out. Someone ought to create a new computer game, stump Google search. Cuzz I got many of questions that can stump Google Search, like entering the term Pussy Pink ain’t there, enter the term vagina color not there. Reason I bring that up? Several years ago I went to a body and paint supply store in Pocatello, to match that color as I wanted to paint LexiBelle part that color. The only way we really matched that, and it took some doing, but the only way to match that exact color was to get a gal I knew to go over there, get aroused and show her vagina to the clerk there at the body and paint store so she could mix the exact color. Reason I’m going there? The new paint color of our trucks will be Taupe and Pussy pink, as we transition from Cooter’s A1 to Highway Hooker Toewing. Now then there is the subject of that Sunday Church handshake. It does not matter what denomination you go to there’s always some church person, mostly male there to shake your hands, I always wonder what goes through his mind, does he secretly think, (“ howdy there fellow congregation member let me shake your hand, even though I just came out of the restroom after holding my shaft, or wiping my ass”) No wonder one of my XYL’s(Ex-Young Ladies”) had a mini bottle of germinator in one hand and a sterile cloth in the other.

Need to get that back on air, but thought I’d pass that along to you. Call in if you want to be on tonight’s edition of SAMCRO RADIO heard online at .


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Ecclesiastes 11:5“As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.”

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